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MasterChef: Auditions Continue

August 03, 2010 08:14 PM by Lisa Princ


The search for the top thirty contestants continues tonight on a brand new episode of Masterchef on FOX. With Gordon Ramsay‘s tough critique, a few errors and a lot of bad cooking, will we see any good meals or have any aprons given out this week during auditions? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

First up for the second round of auditions on Masterchef on FOX was Tamar from Jamaica, looking to impress with her lobster curry but is immediately struck down when Gordon tells her how messy her dish looks as he feels she overworked it but he gives her a yes anyway. Graham and Joe both say no, but quickly rethink that decision as Gordon tells them they made their first mistake on the show, and after tasting the curry again, Graham goes out to get her back and give her an apron.

Next up the three meet Whitney, a 22 year old student who cooks for her family and has a passion for food…but it will be enough? When she cooks a blackened catfish taco with mango salsa, she definitely impresses, but Gordon Ramsay is unsure about her age and wonders if she will be able to handle the competition. After speaking with her family and getting their support, they decide to give her an apron!

Following Whitney, comes Jake, and oversized and tattooed construction worker who knows his food, or at least he thinks he does. Immediately Graham loves him, probably because they could be twins, but his food does not go over that well. Joe calls him over and asks him why he should say yes after Gordon says no and Graham says yes. Graham stands up and says he will vouch for him and make him better which gets to Joe who then gives him a yes and an apron!


Masterchef on FOX continues auditions with Tom, who greets the judges with carved apple faces for them and then serves them his pasta fagioli which ultimately does not go over well with them, leaving him with three no’s. Following the apple man is Jennifer, a stay at home mom with special needs children in which she has to cook healthy dishes. Jennifer impresses the judges with her colorful chicken florentine salad but they are worried about her restrictions from home. After she reassures them that she has no restrictions, Joe and Gordon give her a yes and she gets an apron!

Adeliz is up next and she cooks stuffed plantains for the judges, but they nor I could barely understand all the ingredients she listed. Gordon doesn’t want her to cook this and wants her to be more of herself so he sends her away to come back and cook again to her strength. While she is away, we meet a few more hopefuls, including Darrell who only has three fingers on each hand and comes in sporting baby back ribs for the judges…wow, talk about talent. Gordon sees his passion and Joe gives him a yes, but Graham once again goes with a no. Gordon however comes back impressed with his barbecue sauce and gives him an apron and sends him through to the next round.


Finally on Masterchef on FOX the auditions wrap up as Adeliz comes back with what she feels is a passionate dish close to her heart. She comes back with New Mexico Chiles Relleno, or what looked like chiles fried with cheese. It was well worth it for Adeliz, because her authentic cooking got her three yes’s and an apron to move onto the next round!

Now we have thirty contenders and the competition will really start to heat up from here on out! Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 9 pm EST for an all new fun filled episode of Masterchef on FOX.

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