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The Next Food Network Star: Brad Sorenson Elimination Interview

August 03, 2010 05:57 AM by Lisa Princ


Fan favorite Brad Sorenson was the latest contestant sent packing on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. This personable chef sat down and shared his thoughts on the show as well as what his future holds and we quickly learned how he won the hearts of so many! Keep reading to hear what Brad had to say!

While his fans may have been devastated to watch him go home on Sunday, no need to worry because Brad Sorenson says he is content with the way things worked out and proud of himself for how hard he worked on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. Here is what else Brad wanted to share with his fans.

Question: Was it intimidating for you cooking for Eva?

Brad Sorenson: Actually it was more intimidating cooking for Todd, but it was more intimidating to present my dish to Eva.

Question: How do you think your dish stacked up in the Star challenge compared to the others?

Brad Sorenson: I thought my dish was middle of the road. I had a chance to taste Herb and Tom’s dish and they were spectacular, so much better than mine. But against the rest I thought I was a pretty even match.

Question: Was it a good boost to see your brother this week?

Brad Sorenson: It was amazing, he is my best friend and a big part of my life. It was a huge boost to have him there during the competition.

Question: What was going through your mind when you chose surprise for the challenge?

Brad Sorenson: The concept I came up with was pretty solid, but it just didn’t come together as well as I wanted. It didn’t execute or present well.

Question: What would you do differently if given another chance?

Brad Sorenson: The first thing that comes to mind when asked this is that I would have shown I had hair a little more, and worn that hat less [laughing]. In reality I am pretty happy with everything I did…maybe I would have tried to be a bit more comfortable in front of the camera, but I can’t choose one thing that I would have changed completely.

Question: Did you start to get a sense as the weeks passed on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network of who would be joining you in the final five?

Brad Sorenson: Because I had the opportunity to watch the other contestants presenting or amongst the challenges, you could definitely tell a few that were going to be there because they were just really good. I knew that Aarti and Aria were going to be there because they both have a presence that just draws you in. And Tom, you just can’t help but love him, so I knew he would be there.

Question: What did you learn about yourself from your experience on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network?

Brad Sorenson: The biggest thing that I got was that it really humbled my view of myself in a very positive way. I had been working on becoming that professional chef. I went in being me and that’s who I was, the show and cooking in that environment as well as the chefs we cook for is extremely humbling. I appreciate the experience
and I am having a little but more fun with food now.

Question: What was it like working with Giada?

Brad Sorenson: It was great, she was wonderful. You know she is this huge star on television everyday and she truly just wanted to see each of succeed.

Question: What was your favorite challenge on The Next Food Network Star?

Brad Sorenson: Definitely the Frank Sinatra House challenge. It was so cool to be there as I grew up listening to him with my grandfather. I also did really well during that challenge [chuckles].

Question: Will you keep in touch with any of the other contestants?

Brad Sorenson: I actually just saw Tom, Aarti, Aria, Herb and Serena at a wine fest. Tom and I call and text alot…the same with Paul and I. I’ve met some great people on the show.

Question: What’s next for you?

Brad Sorenson: Right now I am cooking in Austin Texas and working on a few projects so I get the opportunity to keep connecting with people and sharing my love of food. Eventually I would like to start doing cooking classes online and stay interactive with everyone.

Thank you and best of luck to Brad Sorenson! Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network Sunday!

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