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Big Brother 12: Feeling Alone

August 04, 2010 07:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


After the Nomination Ceremony on Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 12, Brendon was upset with the aggressive way Rachel was acting.  He lectured her for saying, “Bring it on” to Hayden and Kristen after she nominated them both for eviction.  Brendon urged that she go apologize for her nasty remarks.  Although Rachel didn’t really want to offer an apology, she took Brendon’s advice.  She told Hayden and Kristen it wasn’t anything personal, but Hayden argued that it seemed that way.

Pinball For The Power

After holding the random drawing to determine the players for the Power Of Veto competition, the six selected players — Rachel, Hayden, Kristen, Britney, Enzo and Ragan — went to the backyard where there were numerous pinball machines along the side with one huge pinball table.  All they had to do was shoot one large pinball up the table and land it in a scoring position.  The person with the lowest score at the end of each round was eliminated, but would win a prize as a parting gift.  As we’ve seen in past seasons, those eliminated in later rounds had the opportunity to trade their prize for that of anybody else’s.

After round one, Kristen was out of the competition.  Her prize was the Power Of Veto.  Naturally.  At the end of round two, Ragan was eliminated with the lowest score and was awarded with a Veto ticket.  Enzo was the third person ousted and won a 3D flat screen television.  Rachel had the lowest score next and won a second chance.  That gave her the opportunity to take any eliminated players’ prize, but her decision sent them back into the competition.  She took Ragan’s Veto ticket and he went back into the game.  But his return to the competition didn’t last long since he got the lowest score and was eliminated again in the next round.  This time Ragan was given $5,000, but he didn’t want to keep it and traded the cash for Rachel’s Veto ticket — the first prize he won.  He was concerned about having the cash as a target on his back.  Hard to believe, but Rachel didn’t want the money either.

In the final round, Hayden was eliminated next and won a Hippie-tard.  But he decided to trade his prize for Kristen’s Power Of Veto.  Britney was the last person standing in the competition after having nailed multiple perfect pinball shots.  She was awarded with 24 hours of solitary confinement, but didn’t think twice about keeping it.  Instead she traded her prize with Hayden and took home the Power Of Veto.


Sitting In Solitary

When they got back in the house, Hayden went into solitary confinement, which kept him locked inside the Have-Nots bedroom for 24 hours with nothing but breadsticks and slop.  His showmance partner, Kristen was stuck in the Hippie-tard.  Feeling alone, Kristen went over to the door of Hayden’s solitary confinement and cried as she talked to him about the situation.  They each stuck their fingers under the door to make contact.  It was so extremely stupid.  They are truly embarrassing.

Hayden said he was insanely bored sitting in the room by himself.  But at the 24-hour mark he was finally let out of the room and excited to see Kristen in the Hippie-tard.  He thought she looked good.

A Final Plea

Hayden and Kristen went and made their desperate pleas — even telling Rachel that trusting them would be a great scenario that might take her to the final four.  To try and prove his trust, Hayden concocted a plan to target Kathy for eviction if they could convince Britney to use the POV.  Rachel seemed on board — at least for a little while until Britney went up and talked to Rachel about the plan.  Suddenly Rachel wanted to target Lane for eviction if Britney would use the POV.  Rachel feels he’s a dangerous player with no clear strategy.

At the POV Ceremony, Britney chose not to save anybody and kept both Hayden and Kristen on the chopping block.  With that, one of the showmances in the house this season is guaranteed to be broken up.


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