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Real World: As Jemmye’s Mom Visits, Ryan Calls The Police On Preston!

August 04, 2010 08:34 PM by Jennifer


Things take a turn for the worse in the friendship between Ryan and Preston on tonight’s Real World on MTV, and it involves the police! What a bad time for it to happen too, because Jemmye’s mom is in town! Keep reading to hear what happened!

Just when we thought Preston and Ryan had settled their differences, Ryan cannot get over the fact that Preston stuck his toothbrush into the toilet. So he decides to take Preston’s favorite hat and rip it to shreds with a knife. As Preston searches all over for his hat, Ryan laughs about it. Did he forget that he stuck Preston’s cigarettes in his rear end? What makes it worse is that Knight tells him on tonight’s Real World on MTVthat Preston also peed on it. Well that sends Ryan over the edge. Not only does Ryan chase Preston into the street and screamed at him in front of their neighbors, but the next day Ryan called the police. He actually called the police to complain that Preston peed on his toothbrush. Is this guy serious? He actually called the police and told them what Preston had done, and can you believe they actually send police to the house? When they get there, Ryan tells them what Preston did, and that they have been arguing back and forth, leaving out what he did to Preston’s cigarettes or to his hat. Funny huh? They actually take a statement from Ryan, and when they want to take Preston to the station, he refuses to go, since he is not under arrest, and he stays in the house. Then the police come back in and tell Preston that they better not be called about this nonsense ever again. The other roommates are hysterical listening from another room! I thin Ryan really is the drama queen this season! No doubt!

As all of this chaos is going on, Jemmye gets a visit from her mom, and Knight is just as excited that her mom is coming, as he has been speaking to her on the phone. She knows about Knight and Jemmye’s relationship, and seems to like him, and she thinks he is good for Jemmye. Jemmye said Knight came into her life for a reason, and so far she seems to be right. Jemmmye also accompanies Sahar to a local club with McKenzie to see a singer, because it turns out that Sahar has an amazing voice. She actually talks to the singer after the show, and she gets invited to the woman’s apartment to practice her vocals.


Back to the Preston Ryan thing on this episode of Real World on MTV , Preston is cooking breakfast the next day and Ryan comes in and starts talking nicely to Preston, which freaks him out a bit. Understandable that Preston has his guard up, and he is waiting for the crazy side of Ryan to come out. He actually hugged Preston! Now he is freaking out all of the roommates by his behavior, saying they should all lock their doors! Something is definitely going on with this kid!

The roommates volunteer to help at a soup kitchen in New Orleans cooking dinner for two hundred and fifty people. As they are preparing the food, they are all getting along, probably because being there makes them realize how good they have it and that all of the petty things and arguments are not worth it. When they get back home, Ryan and Preston are out on the porch, and Preston apologizes to Ryan for peeing on his toothbrush. Ryan was happy to hear his apology, and the two shake hands. They agree that the war between them is over… until Preston is looking for his debit card. Little does he know that Ryan has thrown it out the window!! He has this deranged look on his face when he is on the phone telling his brother what he had done!! And Preston has no idea!

How long will this so called truce last, and will Ryan’s crazy behavior continue on Real World on MTV ? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out!!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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