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Top Chef: Ethiopian Challenge With Guest Judge Marcus Samuellson!

August 04, 2010 07:48 PM by Jennifer


After last week’s incident with the missing pea puree on Top Chef on Bravo, everyone is stepping up their game and keeping their eyes wide open, but they also must impress guest judge Marcus Samuellson! Keep reading to find out what’s cooking!

As the contestants walk into the kitchen for their Quickfire Challenge, Padma introduces them to Marcus Samuellson, the winner of Top Chef Masters. She points out how there is an absence of Ethiopian restaurants in DC. The contestants must create a dish that is inspired by Ethiopian cuisine, and the winner receives immunity in the elimination challenge. As they scramble in the kitchen to start the challenge, Alex decides to create a dish using lamb’s tongue. The chef’s wonder why Alex is even still there because of how he acts so uncoordinated in the kitchen, aside from the fact that they think he stole Ed’s pea puree last week.Top Chef on Bravo, time runs out and Padma walks back in with Marcus Samuellson to taste each dish.

First they sample Kevin’s braised chicken dish with chick peas, Stephen creted lamb meatballs with a yogurt sauce. I don’t know what it is butit just doesn’t sound appetizing to me. Alex made a stew with beef and lamb tongue (okay, I take back what I said about the yogurt sauce sounding gross).Kelly prepared a leg of lamb with cauliflower, and Amanda made a dish of stewed goat. Kenny made a really neat looking do of lamb dish with alot of spices. Angelo made a berbere-spiced doro dish which was so good they asked him if he was sure he wasn’t born in Ethiopia. Ed’s dish of stewed lamb and beef tripe, while Tiffany did a beef goulash, and they were clearly impressed with it.


When Padma asks Marcus for his least favorites on Top Chef on Bravo, he chooses Kevin’s dish for not being bold enough with his spices, and Stephen for his lamb meat being dry, and so was Alex’s stew. Amanda, Angelo and Tiffany all had hearty, flavorful dishes that were the most creative and Ethiopian inspired. He ends up choosing Tiffany to win her first Quickfire Challenge. She impressed the other contestants because she beat Angelo, and he cooks this type of food alot!

For the elimination challenge, Padma and Marcus walk in with a giant chalkboard with a map that has different countries on it. Each chef must create 100 portions of a dish from the country they choose to serve to diplomats from those countries. The challenge is they will not have access to the kitchen, only using sternos to heat. As the chefs draw knives to see the order in which they can choose countries, After they all choose, they head out to the market to get their ingredients.

When they return, they get 2 hours to prep and cook. Stephen marinated a flank steak and added a rice dish represent Brazil. Tiffany made chicken tamales inspired by Mexico. Angelo does a Japanese inspired sushimi with wasabi. Yum! Amanda made a beef bouguignon with a horseradish mousse inspired by France. Alex picked Spain, so he did a braised veal with a red wine sauce and an olive salad. He ends up falling on his face when walking in the kitchen. Kelly drew Italy so she made a beef carpaccio. Since Kevin picked India, he made a stewed chicken with curry and a parsnip and leek puree (keep an eye on that puree, Kevin, it may walk away). Kenny drew Thailand, and made a tamarino-braised pork dish with a rice noodle salad.

As they finish preparing their dishes on tonight’s Top Chef on Bravo, Alex asks if anyone has room in their hot box for some of his things, and not surprisingly they all say no. When it is time to set up, they only have 30 minutes to prepare 100 portions using sternos only. They scramble to get prepared up until the very last second. As time is up, the diplomats roll in. so do Padma and the other judges. But Alex didn’t know that famous chef Jose Andres, from Spain, would be joining them as judge.


As they patiently wait to hear their fate, Padma walks in and asks to see Kelly, Kevin and Tiffany. and they are thrilled to hear tht they had the three best dishes. They loved Tiffany’s tamales. This was Kevin’s first time making Indian food, and he nailed it. Kelly’s dish was not only beautiful, but Jose Andres told Kelly that he went to Italy and her carpaccio was great, if not better. ut there can only be one winner, and Tiffany had the best dish. Not only did she win the challenge, she also won $10,000, plus she still had immunity anyway!

The three return and call Alex, Stephen and Ed to the judge’s table, with the dishes they liked the least. Ed rolls his eyes when Alex tries to explain why his spanish inspired dish did not come out great. They enjoyed the sauce on Ed’s dish, but it was not sweet and sour like he told them it was. As they leave, you can tell none of them are sure who will be going home tonight on Top Chef on Bravo.

As the three return to hear the judges decision, Padma asks Stephen to pack his knives and go. He is disappointed because he was being sent home for his technique and not necessarily the quality of his food. Alex flew under the radar this week, but will he be able to do it again next week and stay in the running to be Top Chef on Bravo

Tune in next Wednesday at 9 to find out! See you after the show!!

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