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Big Brother 12: One Showmance Split, New Saboteur Revealed

August 05, 2010 08:27 PM by Ryan Haidet


Day 34 in the Big Brother house came with Hayden and Kristen — one of the two showmances this season — facing elimination.  Hayden felt like he was secure in the house because of his alliance with the Brigade, but he was disappointed to be up on the chopping block against his crush.  But Kristen has a tiny secret of her own — a boyfriend back home.

Laughing At Rachel

As Brendon and Rachel were sitting outside, Britney and Matt went up to her Head Of Household bedroom and put Rachel’s hair extensions on their head while prancing around the room.  As they mocked her, Rachel eventually came upstairs and walked inside the room.  Instead of freaking out and screaming at them, Rachel took it very well and laughed as Britney was constantly making fun of her.


Fighting To Stay Alive

Kristen started campaigning for votes to keep herself in the house.  Kristen used her suspicion that Hayden is in an alliance with Lane, Enzo and Matt to try and influence Ragan to keep her in the house.  Ragan thought she might be right and told her to go start spilling her strategy onto other players.  So Kristen went to Britney and asked for her vote as she tried to warn her that Hayden was tight with the other alpha males.

Ragan’s, Ummm…  Farts

During a live segment of the show, Julie Chen asked the houseguests random questions.  But it was Britney who was given the most difficult question to answer.  Julie asked her who is the toughest person to live with.  Britney said it was a hard answer, but revealed that the hardest person to live with is Ragan.  Why?  Because of his flatulence troubles.  She said Ragan has a major gas issue that makes the house stink.  Ragan quickly replied with a grin on his face, “I would say that every fart has come from Britney’s legs.”

Weighing In On The Love

As the budding romance between Hayden and Kristen continued to blossom, their loved ones outside of the house offered up their opinions.  Hayden’s mom said she was shocked to see her son falling in love.  She said Kristen seems to be crazy, and is the reason Hayden’s game has been derailed.

As far as Kristen’s friends are concerned, they are looking at everything much differently — with disappointment.  What Kristen hasn’t told Hayden is that she actually has a boyfriend outside of the house.  Yep.  What a sneaky turd.  Her boyfriend of two months seemed truly hurt.  “I don’t think much of Hayden,” Kristen’s boyfriend said.  He said he considers their relationship officially over.  “She’s got quite a mess to clean up when she comes back,” he said.

Out In Style

Just moments before everybody voted, the nominees had their chance to speak.  Hayden stood and thanked everybody while saying he wouldn’t be throwing anybody in the bus.  Kristen spoke of her loyalty and strong will while defending her personality.  Moments later, the live voting started.  Everybody except for Kathy voted to evict Kristen.  As the eviction was announced, Kristen stood and offered up hugs before grabbing her bag and leaving the house in her colorful Hippie-tard.  After a short exit interview with Julie, her goodbye messages aired.  Rachel’s of course addressed that “nobody comes between me and my man.”  Barf.  She then went on to call Kristen a bitch and a ho.  Wow.


Julie then asked Kristen about her boyfriend outside of the house.  Kristen said she has to take time alone to think about the whole experience before deciding if she wants to stick with Hayden or the guy back home.  What a jerk.  Seriously.  She’s playing both guys.  Neither should take her back.  Serves her right.  Hayden’s going to be stuck in the house with strong feelings for Kristen not knowing for months until he gets to watch the season that he was betrayed.

Our New Saboteur

Oh great, a journalist’s nightmare — the dreaded word (and twist) of the summer is back.  America has been voting for the last week regarding which contestant they want to play the role of the next saboteur.  Whew.  Spelled it right.  Anyway, by a narrow margin, Ragan was revealed as the person who will take the role next if he accepts the offer.  But before he can start unleashing insanity on the house, the next HOH winner first has to be tempted by Pandora’s Box.  Just as Kevin was tempted last season, if the new HOH accepts the power of Pandora’s Box, he or she will unknowingly unleash the new saboteur.

With the twist waiting in the wings, the houseguests started another endurance challenge while battling for the power of HOH.  Standing on a large rotating platform shaped like a paint can, the houseguests were randomly splattered with brightly colored water.  A simple concept once again — the first person to fall off will become the one and only Have-Not for the week while the last person standing will claim the power of HOH.

As the credits rolled, we are left without a new HOH.  But by presstime, several spoiler sites reported who won.  If you don’t want to know, stop reading right here.  SPOILER ALERT!!!


Multiple spoiler sites are currently reporting that Matt was the last person standing and has won HOH.  Uh oh.

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