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Hell’s Kitchen: Autumn Lewis And Benjamin Knack Exclusive Interview

August 05, 2010 09:27 AM by Lisa Princ


Surprising as it may seem, both Autumn Lewis and Benjamin Knack were the latest victims of Gordon Ramsay‘s chopping block on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as they were eliminated from the competition on Tuesday. While they may be disappointed that they did not make it into the finale, neither one regrets a thing. We had a chance to sit down and chat with these two about their time on the show as well as what we can expect to see from them in the future. Keep reading for all the details!

Autumn and Benjamin sat down and gave me the scoop on their experience on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX and in case you got the wrong impression of them while on the show, you couldn’t me more wrong as these two were so sweet and down to earth. Autumn even informed us that Reality TV Magazine is her favorite site for catching up all on the latest reality news and gossip! Autumn, if you happen to read this, you got cut off from us yesterday and I did not have a chance to get your contact information to pass along to your fans! Drop us a line if you want us to add it for you and thank you for speaking with us! Now onto what these talented chefs wanted to share with us.

RTVM: Were you surprised that you were sent home and did you think you would make it into the finale next week?

Benjamin Knack: I was disappointed, but I am glad I got to go so far. All four of us did a great job and deserved it.

Autumn Lewis: I think we both had hoped it would have turned out differently. We would have liked to see the two of us going head to head. I am extremely proud of what I accomplished though.

RTVM: Ben, were you really just going quit and walk away?

Benjamin Knack: You know, I had back problems from the 5th or 6th episode so it was not new. I was in so much pain and I was really worried about being able to cook and perform to my full capacity.

Autumn Lewis: We have all had to work through problems while there, whether it be a burn or a cut, some of which is not shown. Although I do think they are starting to show more and more with all the new cooking shows coming out so people realize what a hard job it really is to work like that.

RTVM: So Ben, was it the words of wisdom from Gordon Ramsay that convinced you to stay?

Benjamin Knack: It was, absolutely. To hear from someone who is your idol, because he is my idol, just made me want to move on and keep going.

RTVM: How is Hell’s Kitchen different from what you do everyday?

Benjamin Knack: I work at a French restaurant where we do about three to four hundred dishes a day, but there is no drama, everyone is a cook and we are like a family. We all come together because we have a job to do. I mean, on Hell’s Kitchen the focus is on us, the contestants, while trying to give the diners a good experience. In my restaurant we are focused on the customers only.

RTVM: So how is it working under Gordon Ramsay?

Autumn Lewis: It’s a lot of pressure but we know that he is only trying to make us better and keep us from making the same mistakes. It’s ironic because people watching may think why are we making these silly mistakes, but you don’t realize the amount of pressure and how it gets to you. Things that you would normally not make a mistake on, you start making mistakes with due to that pressure.

Benjamin Knack: I agree and it is intense with him screaming at you, but it’s part of what we are used to. It’s a lot of pressure you experience from the rush of dinner service but I love it and a lot of chefs are adrenaline junkies when it comes to that rush. We are fueled by that intensity and it pays off when we put out great food.


RTVM: Do you both think you were portrayed properly while on the show or is something that you would us to know about you that they didn’t show us?

Benjamin Knack: I know a lot of people thought I was cocky, but I was not cocky just confident in what I do. Anything that they showed me saying on the show, I would say to your face as well. I’m just confident in my skills and I am in fact very approachable and certainly would not cross lines with someone I don’t know.

Autumn Lewis: [chuckles] But what about Siobhan, Ben?

Benjamin Knack: With Siobhan, I was straight up about her food, I was not going to sugar coat it.

RTVM: I think Fran thought you had it in for her as well Ben?

Autumn Lewis: Fran hated everyone and she took everything personally. Have you noticed that the people who took everything personally were eliminated one by one? You need to above all that and just focus on the food and great work.

Benjamin Knack: I agree, but there were also some great cooks there. Ed and Jason for example were both great cooks. I talk with Jason all the time, we visit each other’s restaurants. But it is also the drama that makes the show, people crave that drama and without it, it would be just an ordinary cooking show.

RTVM: So what is next for you both?

Benjamin Knack: I am a chef in Boston and will continue that. I am always looking for new opportunities. One thing people don’t know about me is that I cook with children, teaching families how to involve their children in cooking. I love when they come together as a family through cooking. You can all keep up with me at chefbenknack.com.

Autumn got disconnected at this point so we were unable to hear her future plans or get her contact information for her fans. Again, Autumn if you happen to read this, please let us know if you have a website or fan page where we can keep up with you!
Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX Remember to watch Gordon Ramsay‘s new show MasterChef at 9 pm EST! Be sure to catch them both!

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