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So You Think You Can Dance 08/05/10: The Top Three Dancers Are Revealed!

August 05, 2010 07:22 PM by Nancy Floyd


It’s an important night on So You Think You Can Dance for the four remaining finalists, Kent, Robert, AdeChike, and Lauren. America’s votes from last night‘s episode determine which dancer will be eliminated and which three will compete in next week’s season finale. Plus, a sneak peek at Adam Shankman’s new movie, Step Up 3D, and performances from Janell Monae and Flo Rida…

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance begins with an eccentric and powerful group routine choreographed by Dee Caspary featuring the All-Stars. Strangely enough, none of the top four finalists are a part of the performance. Cat Deeley takes the stage, looking adorable as always, and introduces judges, Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Adam Shankman joined by the always dramatic Tyce Diorio. They waste a little time showing highlights from the recently celebrated National Dance Day. Yawn. By the way, August 8th is National S’Mores Day. Grab some marshmallows and make a plan. Together, we can make it even more successful than National Dance Day.

Before the results are revealed, there’s a performance by Janell Monae. These are my thoughts on Janell Moane: 1. She looks just like the twin dancers who compete for a spot on D-TV in the movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 2. She sorta reminds me of the female version of Outkast. 3. For a girl in a tuxedo, she can move. She doesn’t even have to rely on the All-Star dancers to back her up like most performers on this show do. Well done, Janell.


In an effort to fill more of this hour-long episode, we’re given a lengthy reminder of Lauren‘s two performances last night. In case you missed it, she killed the Argentine tango and a jazz routine and, in the words of Mia Michaels, she became a woman last night. Awkward! I must’ve missed that part. After the recap, Lauren takes the stage for a solo performance. It’s a strong routine, but the solos are not nearly as entertaining when there’s not the added drama of them dancing….for….their….lives.

Since Gatorade has now partnered with So You Think You Can Dance to show the world that dancers are athletes too gosh darn it, the top four finalists and a couple All-Stars visit the Gatorade training center to endure a serious of rigorous tests. The results? Dancers are strong! Thanks for the clarity, Gatorade. Their ripped, muscly bodies and the fact that they can toss one another in the air like it’s nothing didn’t give that away.


Next up, more fluff in the form of a reminder of how Kent did last night. In case you missed it, he’s not going to be playing the lead in any Saturday Night Fever remakes anytime soon based on his disco routine, but he redeemed himself with a moving contemporary piece choreographed by Travis Wall. Can I take this moment to say I freaking love Travis Wall?! The dude is crazy talented. Following the video recap, Kent takes the stage for a high-energy solo.

After Kent’s solo, the top four dancers join Cat Deeley on the stage to find out the first dancer who will compete in next week’s finale. Ladies first. Lauren is in the top three and will be be vying for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer next week. The judges go crazy and Lauren is moved to tears.


Next, we have a chance to relive AdeChike and Robert‘s performances from last night. AdeChike had a rough night, earning major criticism from the judges for both his Afro-jazz and contemporary routines. AdeChike takes the stage for a unique, solid solo. Robert, on the other hand, delivered perhaps his best performances of the competition last night. His Viennese Waltz won rave reviews from the judges as did his mind-blowing Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine. Once Robert performs his solo, it’s time to find out the next dancer joining Lauren in the finale.

Cat Deeley delivers the results and to the surprise of no one, Kent is moving on to the finale. He’s thrilled, surprised, and adorable. Nigel Lythgoe kinda puts a damper on the moment though when he uses it to offer Kent criticism and advice rather than congratulating him.


Dance legend Desmond Richardson takes the stage next for a solo performance. I’m sure his dancing is amazing but all I can concentrate on is his outfit. If pants and underwear got married and procreated, the result would be Desmond’s costume. The left leg is covered in pant, the right leg is bare to the world. Bizarre.

Before the final dancer competing next week is revealed, we see a shameless promotion for Adam Shankman’s new movie, Step Up 3D (which the final four saw this week at the premiere) and a performance from Flo Rida who coincidentally enough has a single featured in the Adam Shankman-produced dance extravaganza, Step Up 3D. What are the chances?! In all seriousness, my inner 12-year old girl is counting down the hours until the movie is released and I can don a disguise to go see it.

Finally it’s time to reveal the final dancer who made it through to the finale (or the dancer that is being kicked to the curb; however you want to look at it). Between AdeChike and Robert, the dancer who is joining Kent and Lauren in the top three is….Robert! AdeChike says some stuff about how this isn’t the end and his journey’s just begun and blah, blah, blah. Bring on the finale!

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance next Wednesday night at 8pm EST on FOX for the season finale! Who will be voted America’s Favorite Dancer??

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