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Real Housewives of DC: Michaele Salahi Is “Not Anorexic”

August 07, 2010 08:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Michaele Salahi, star of The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, has certainly been garnering attention this week. On Wednesday, she allegedly got into a heated feud with The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, backstage after an interview and on Thursday night’s premiere of Real Housewives, several of the cast members were suspicious she may have an eating disorder. Keep reading for more details on what Michaele Salahi has to say about others thinking she’s anorexic…

In typical Real Housewives fashion, the cast of The Real Housewives of DC is already stirring up plenty of drama. Michaele Salahi, who infamously crashed a White House state dinner last year, was at the center of much of the controversy on this week’s  premiere. Her tall, waifish frame garnered a lot of attention from the other housewives who questioned whether or not she might have an eating disorder. Fellows housewife Lynda Erkiletian even went so far as to call Michaele Salahi “anorexic.”

Michaele Salahi dismissed the claims and concerns altogether. ”One person might think I’m anorexic or skinny; another person might have another thought,” she told Us Weekly. ”Everyone is different. There are bigger things going on in the world than my weight.”

One thing that is for sure: Michaele Salahi is definitely accustomed to being at the center of other people’s discussions. She and her husband, Tareq, were at the center of public debate for weeks last year when they crashed President Obama’s first state dinner at the White House. All the attention has taught Michaele Salahi to stop worrying about what other people think. ”The only way to win is to rise above it,” she said. ”If someone hates me or spins hate, the way I win is by rising above it.”

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