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Big Brother 12: The Diamond Power Of Veto

August 08, 2010 07:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


Just as we left off on Thursday night, the battle was still spinning as the contestants on Big Brother 12 were left competing for Head Of Household.  Attached to the sides of a large spinning paint can, the remaining competitors were fighting to hold on as long as possible.  But tonight’s episode didn’t only offer us a new HOH, but a big new power was unleashed — the diamond Power Of Veto.  What does it do?  Read on to find out more…

The Power Switches Hands

As the spinning continued in the backyard, Kathy took one for the team at 13 minutes and dropped out of the competition first.  That made her the only person in the house for the whole week labeled as a Have-Not, but in a confessional, she claimed her plan was to keep the rest of the house thinking that she’s weak.  All of the guys were really struggling as Rachel sat on the side and cheered Brendon on annoyingly.  After 26 minutes, Enzo fell off next.  “My bad guys,” he said.  Matt thought Enzo was being selfish and lazy to the Brigade for giving up so easily.

10 minutes later, Brendon fell off next.  Rachel rushed over to him with a towel and asked if he was OK even though she was very upset with the situation.  In a confessional, Rachel revealed she was very disappointed with Brendon because he hasn’t done anything competitive recently to keep them safe.  At the 46th minute, Lane was out next as the rest struggled to hang on.  Britney and Hayden dropped off next leaving only Ragan and Matt.  The two guys who lasted the longest during the first endurance competition were left squaring off yet again.  As the platform continued spinning, Ragan kept saying how proud he was of them both for lasting as long as they did.  Moments later, Ragan fell off giving Matt the power of HOH yet again.

Excitement & Disappointment

After the competition went in favor of their alliance, Matt, Hayden and Enzo gathered in the storage room to celebrate their success with the Brigade.  It was a much different story between Brendon and Rachel.  As the two sat in their bedroom, she was visibly upset with him, but she kept on saying everything was OK.  As usual, Brendon sucked up to her and got down to his knees to tell her how sorry he was for losing.  This truly is getting disgusting.  These two have become so formulaic and predictable.  Rachel gets upset and starts crying or acting angry as Brendon starts to offer up apologies and ridiculous sucking up.


Pandora’s Box Brings Diamonds

Shortly after winning the power of HOH, Matt encountered Pandora’s Box.  Standing outside of the door with a question mark, Matt read a letter that warned him opening the door could cause some problems for the rest of the house while becoming beneficial for himself.  That’s when the diamond Power Of Veto was offered to Matt only if he opened the door for Pandora’s Box.  Without knowing what the diamond POV would do for him, Matt walked into the room without hesitation and accepted temptation.  He walked away with the new POV, which must be kept a secret.  The new necklace allows for Matt to remove himself or any other player from elimination during the next two weeks, while also giving him the opportunity to choose who the replacement nominee will be.

To try and warn the other houseguests about the misfortune that may be heading their way after he opened Pandora’s Box, Matt concocted a lie.  He admitted that he fell for their offer, which ended up only being $1.  So much for being a genius — nobody believed his load of crap.

Saboteur Rises Again

In the Diary Room, Ragan was offered up the role of saboteur for the next two weeks after America voted for him to take on the task.  If he can uphold the job by committing three sabotages per week, he will be given $20,000.  Ragan was stunned that America would vote for him to be the next saboteur, and after a short hesitation, he vowed to take on the job.


After a short fight erupted between Rachel, Ragan and Brendon that is way too complicated and worthless to try and explain, the saboteur made his triumphant return.  As the screen fizzled on in the living room, the houseguests rushed out and sat on the couches as the disguised contestant delivered a new message.  “I want to thank Matt for opening Pandora’s Box and releasing a new saboteur in the house.”  As the houseguests started speculating about the new saboteur, Ragan was very nervous about the fact he was the new rat and hoped he would be able to keep everything a secret.

Pukefest Targeted

At the Nomination Ceremony, there was once again no big surprise.  As the power shifted back to Matt’s hands this week, he targeted both Rachel and Brendon for eviction.  Thank goodness!  Maybe one of the putrid pair will finally be sent out of the house!


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