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Bachelor Pad: Series Premiere!

August 09, 2010 06:58 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, a new reality series kicks off, with nineteen past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette coming together to live in the Bachelor Pad, competing to win money ($250,000!), and just maybe finding love!  Melissa Rycroft and Chris Harrison co-host this gathering of the most notorious and memorable contestants ever! Read on for the highlights…

Many on the contestants already know each other from the periodic reunions that are held, so some are super excited! Arriving by limo initially are Tenley, Jesse, Natalie, David, Gwen, Jonathan, Nikki, and Juan. Jesse and Natalie have an instant connection, Jonathan worries about Craig M showing up, Nikki and Juan experience awkwardness because they had a one-night stand, and Jesse thinks Gwen looks like a ‘mom’!


Next to arrive at the house are Wes (who confirms he is single!), Jesse, Krisily, Elizabeth, Jesse K, Kiptyn, Ashley, Peyton, Michelle, Gia, and Craig M! Jesse K and Elizabeth have been hooking up, but she has more feelings than he does, Kiptyn and Tenley have an attraction going, Gia gets all the guys’ attention, and Jonathan is very unhappy about Craig M’s presence!

Chris Harrison calls them together after they’ve had a chance to compare notes. He explains that each of them has an opportunity to find love…and to win $250,000! He explains that they will be voting each other off every week – guys will be voting girls off and vice-versa. There are more girls than guys, but the numbers will be evened up at some point. Chris introduces Melissa Rycroft Strickland as his co-host.


They go to see their big bedroom full of bunkbeds as they consider the ramifications of the rules.  They waste no time in hitting the pool – or in beginning to strategize. The girls as a group decide that Craig M should be the first to go.  Melissa calls them to come to the front of the house for their first competition.

They all want to win the competition to get immunity from elimination, as well as to get to host a date!  A giant Twister board is what they find at the front of the house. Chris says the winner will get a rose, and will have the chance to choose three people to date.  The girls are focused on making Craig M lose!  The game commences with bikini-clad body parts in the guys’ faces as they contort to reach the spots.  Jesse from Canada is the last girl left on the board. Elizabeth calls Craig M out as he holds his pose, saying they want him to lose because he’s mean!


It comes down to Craig M and female Jesse – Jesse mistakes her left hand for her right and Craig M wins! Jonathan groans!  Craig M gets the immunity rose and must choose three women for a date – he will then give one of them a rose and they will also be safe.

Back in the house, Craig M prances around because he’s immune from elimination. He asks Elizabeth to talk to him alone. She tears herself away from Jesse Kovacs and tells Craig M that she was very serious about him being a mean person. She challenges him to win her over.

After the first night in the bedroom, the guys speculate that someone hooked up in the night – they think it was Craig M and crazy Michelle making out! Michelle hears the rumor and is upset.   The date card arrives just then. Craig M will take Jesse (who finished Twister with him), Gwen (who he wants to get to know better), and Elizabeth (to swing her vote).  Elizabeth accepts, telling the camera that Kovacs knows she’s not into Craig and has to do what she must to stay in the game.


The foursome take a limo to the beach where they run into the surf!  During the date, Elizabeth confronts Craig about the way he treated Jonathan. He asks her not to hold that against him.  Craig tells Jesse that she won’t be eliminated, he’ll see to it.

Back at the house, Jesse Kovacs worries about Elizabeth claiming him as her own, so that the other girls won’t invite him out on dates.  When dusk falls, the partying picks up. Natalie and Jesse get cozy, and Krisily tells Juan that she’ll do whatever it takes to win, unlike the others who want to make friends. Gia and Juan speculate on the Natalie/Jesse pair up. Juan makes it clear he’ll vote his friends out for money.

Craig M’s date continues, with the four heading to an empty theater. Melissa is there with a rose. She says at this point, he can only choose one lady to continue on with him.  Craig M offers Jesse the rose – she accepts.  They watch a private concert by Alex Band from The Calling on a couch in front of the stage. Elizabeth and Gwen head back to the house. Elizabeth confides to Gwen that Craig almost won her over, but he didn’t give her a rose, so buh-bye!


When Elizabeth arrives back at the house, Jesse K takes her aside for a conversation.  He tells her that it’s bad for him to have her tell the other girls that they are exclusive. Jesse says this is a competition. Elizabeth admits that she told the girls she’s in love with him, but she doesn’t think he feels the same way.  They end up in an argument. Elizabeth warns him that if he treats her badly, it could have negative consequences for him.  Jesse leaves her sitting alone, and goes to vent to David.  Elizabeth cries, telling the cameras that she knows he doesn’t feel the same way she does.

Craig and Jesse return. Many of the women are jealous – particularly Michelle, who blames Tenley’s rumor for her not getting asked on the date. She confronts Tenley in the washroom, yells, and won’t let her out. When she finally emerges, Tenley cries to Elizabeth that she’s scared of Michelle. Elizabeth tells her they will let the guys know that Michelle has to go.

With the rose ceremony approaching, Juan decides to try to smooth things over with Nikki, who he dumped after a one-night stand. She listens, but thinks he’s insincere. Meanwhile, when Krisily suggests to the girls that they keep Jonathan around (because he’s easy to manipulate) and vote off David and Jesse K because they are strong players, Natalie goes to warn David. As a result,  David decides the guys should vote off Krisily instead of Michelle.  Elizabeth also warns Jesse K and makes some suggestions as to what he should do. They end up arguing, and Jesse realizes just how bad a spot he’s in!


Chris Harrison calls them together for the first rose ceremony. He explains that one at a time they will go into the deliberation room and put someone’s picture in the ballot box to go home.  Some of the girls are shown voting out Jesse Kovacs because he pretended to be single and it hurt Elizabeth.  Juan also gets votes from a couple of women who hate how he treated Nikki.  Craig M votes Michelle out and then lies to her face when she asks him about it!

Chris and Melissa face the gathered contestants. Chris explains that he will call the names of those who are safe and they can accept a rose from Melissa. Craig and Jesse are already safe.  Chris calls Gia, Jesse B, Peyton, Kiptyn, Tenley, Nikki, Ashley, David, Natalie, Wes, Gwen, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Krisily, and Jesse Kovacs.  Michelle and Juan are the first contestants going home! Juan blames Nikki, and Michelle blames Tenley for turning the others against them.

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