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Big Brother 12: Kristen Defends Showmance With Hayden

August 09, 2010 02:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


On Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 12, Kristen was the latest housemate to be evicted. The vote came down to her and Hayden, her sorta boyfriend on the show, and ultimately, Kristen received every vote except one. Although Kristen has a boyfriend at home and had absolutely no desire to start up a showmance with anyone in the house, she ended up falling hard for Hayden. Despite being evicted, Kristen defends her decision to get romantically involved with another player and isn’t sure what to do next…

At the beginning of Big Brother 12, Kristen Bitting had no desire to be distracted by any romantic relationships in the house. For starters, she has a boyfriend at home. Beyond that, she wanted to keep her eye on the prize, literally, and not be swayed by a showmance. That didn’t last long and she was soon involved with Hayden. Despite the fact that she was targeted because of the relationship and ultimately evicted, Kristen defends her feelings.

“I knew that a showmance would be a huge distraction, and it definitely was not on my list of things to do in the house,” Kristen says. “I thought Hayden and I could take each other further in the game and I know you can’t trust anyone in the house, but when I first met him I felt like he was somebody that I could at least confide in and that we would make a good team. Then I started to develop feelings for him and it all happened really, really fast.”

Although Kristen now knows about Hayden’s involvement with the Brigade, she still doesn’t regret their relationship.  ”I actually don’t think aligning myself with Hayden was a bad thing. I should have just been more aware of what he was doing when I wasn’t around,” she says. “I don’t hold it against him that he was doing something without me. I really think that, even though he wasn’t telling me everything, he was still looking out for my best interests … He did say that if he had to choose between the alliance and me, that he would have chosen me.”

Now that her time in the Big Brother house is finished, what will Kristen do now? She admits that she still has strong feelings for Hayden even though she has a boyfriend back home. “If I were completely single and I met [Hayden] on the outside then I think 100 percent we would have a future,” she says. “But because we met under the circumstances we did, I question whether he felt the same way that I did. There’s a lot of clearing up that needs to be done with him, and a lot of clearing up that needs to be done with my boyfriend.”

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