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Dance Your Ass Off: Hollywood Week

August 09, 2010 11:57 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week, the Dance Your Ass Off competition goes Hollywood. The final four contestants get pampered, and then revisit their most difficult dance from a past week. They are challenged even more when they have to do their first solo dance.

The contestants walk up to a mansion at the top of the Hollywood Hills. Mel B greets the final four, and asks them what was their most challenging week. They each name their most challenging weeks, and then Mel B reveals that they’ll be re-performing their dance styles from their most challenge week.

The contestants got acupuncture, spray tans and to try out a new workout with strange boots. Then they rushed into rehearsals, and then to the gym. They get a nice surprise prepared meal.

The contestants continue rehearsing their second-change numbers. Latoya gets frustrated, and is especially worried because she’s competing against all guys.

The contestants head back to the Hollywood Hills, where Mel B surprises them by telling them that they’ll be doing their first solo dances. The pressure is on!

It’s time for the show! Mel B greets the audience and judges. Latoya is up first. She is revisiting Latin week for her dance. She says she’s been focusing on her weight loss. She dances the Cha Cha to material girl in a hot pink dress.
She still seems uncomfortable with this dance, but makes it much sexier than the last time. The judges say it could have been sharper, but she brought the sexiness this time. She gets an overall score of a 9.

Michael is up next. He says he’s much happier with his body now, but he’s not ready to go home yet. His dance is much better than the last time. The judges say he definitely shined this week. They say it was a very smart performance for him. He gets an 8.7 overall.

Corey is up next, and he’s trying to revamp his pop-jazz routine. He has a lot more energy that in his previous performance but does some strange skipping at one point. It’s not macho enough of a routine for him. He comes off as just a cheerleader. The judges say his technique was still off, and he gets pretty low scores. He gets a very love 5.7 overall.

Adamme is redoing the week he was in the hospital. His routine is smooth and sexy. It’s full of new tricks and lots of movement. The judges, as usual, gush about his routine. He gets a 10 from all of the judges! He’s shocked. He gets a perfect score of 10 overall!
The contestants then prepare for their solo dancer. Latoya is really excited about it. Michael is up first. He says he isn’t going to let Latoya’s experience get him down. His performance is a little pose-y, but he has improved a lot. He brings out the scarves because he loves them! They say his pirouette was the best he’s done. He gets an overall score of an 8 for his solo routine. He’s at 16.7 combined with his partner score.

Corey is up next, and he tries his best, but it’s clear at this point that his skill just isn’t as high as the others’. He tries some hard tricks, but they don’t always work. He’s so graceful even when his scores are lower, proving his personality is amazing. His overall score is  a 6.7, and combined with his partner score is 12.4.

Latoya is up next, and her solo dance is obviously going to be amazing because she’s technically trained. She can spin for days. She also looks really happy to be dancing. It does seem unfair, however, that some contestants can have so much experience at dance. It’s like a singer an American Idol having already had a singing contract with a label. It seems a bit unfair. The judges give her a perfect score of 10, and she gets a 19 overall.

Adamme’s solo is pretty amazing. He does the splits! He is so light on his feet. The judges say his performance was great, but some of his floor work could have been better. He gets a 8.3 for his solo, and a 18.3 overall for the two dances.


It’s time for the weigh-ins, and Mel B reminds the contestants that it’s not just about the dance, but also the weight loss. Adamme lost 6 pounds this week. Latoya lost 5 pounds, which means she is officially going to the semi-finals because she beat Adamme’s score.

Michael is up next for the weigh-in. Michael lost more than 9 pounds. It’s not enough for him to beat Adamme, who will now be dancing next week. It all comes down to Corey, who has a really low dance score. He would have to lose a ton of weight to make up for that. Corey lost 6 pounds, which is not enough, and he is going home. It’s too bad that someone without any formal training doesn’t have a chance in a competition that should be more open to amateurs. He’s lost a ton of weight, and in his flashback, it’s very clear that his life is changed forever.

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