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Dating in the Dark: Season Two Premiere

August 09, 2010 10:59 PM by Rebecca Ford


The second season of Dating in the Dark keeps the same premise as the first season, putting three single men and women in a house. The men and women are separated except when they go on dates—in complete darkness. Is love really blind?

Joey, 31, from South Jersey, claims he’s  a straight shooter and expects that from his future woman. Dave, 26, works in public relations. He says his personality is his strength. Storm is a good-looking guy with amazing facial structure. (The lesson here is if a guy has a badass name, he probably looks amazing). He says he was a player, but is really looking for love.

Natasha, 23, is a pretty swim instructor who has been single for three years. Jessica, 24, is a musician who grew up overweight and awkward. She claims she has “ugly duckling syndrome.” Kym is a waitress who admits that she’s very picky, and that’s probably why she’s single.

For the first date, it’s going to be a group date with all six people. The three women slowly make their way to the table in the dark and wait for the men. It’s a pretty funny scene as the men try to find their seats. The guys are most impressed with Jessica because she plays an instrument. Joey asks a really strange question about how the women will get their figure back after having a baby.


The next day, the guys and ladies get videos from the other groups’ best friends. Jessica’s friend is also Southern, and says she’s sweet. They guys think Jessica’s friend is good looking and take it as a good sign.

Storm’s friend, Big Billy, is a funny guy who makes fun of Storm, but also says he’s a nice guy. Kym’s friend tells the guys that Kym has to have a guy with nice teeth. Joey’s friend says he’s obsessed with his hair, but is really loyal to a woman he likes. Natasha’s friend tells the guys that Natasha is a vegetarian. Dave’s friend tells the women that he’s the comedian of the group, and says that he’s not too sporty.

The men and women then invite each other on one-on-one dates in the dark. Natasha and Dave have their first date. They seem to be having a good time and laughing. Dave is really funny, which is adorable to most women. Dave was then invited by Jessica for a date. Dave seems to feel there’s a spark in the room. They even touch each other’s face! Storm and Kym both invited each other, and find out that both their parents divorced at an early age. For the last date, Natasha invited Joey. Joey is so blunt, but Natasha seems to come on too strong. When he hugs her, he notices that she’s bigger around the middle, and he is not interested.

The contestants go on another round of dates, but there are some problems with the couplings. Kym realizes that Joey is shorter than her, which may be a problem. Then, the ladies and men learn who would be most compatible with them based on interview they took earlier. They then go on dates with these people. Dave and Jessica are first. They admit that they have an instant connection. Dave asks for a kiss, but she only gives him a cheek kiss. Next, Kym and Storm go on a date. They share really personal things with each other. Storm asks to kiss her, and she says he can kiss her on the cheek.


Joey is next, and says he plans on bringing up the weight issue with Natasha. He asks to feel her to get her full-figure. He realizes that she’s not heavy at all. He tells this story about an ex who got really fat and he wasn’t attracted to her. He’s clearly obsessed with weight. Natasha is very turned off, and gets upset. Natasha goes back with the girls and vents her feelings.

Ladies choice is next, so the women get to decide. Kym chooses Storm, and then spend a few minutes trying to cheers, which is awkward. The have a little make-out session on the beanbag. Jessica is up next with Dave. She brings in her guitar and sings for him.

Natasha decides that she’s going to step on Jessica’s toes, and ask Dave out. She tells Jessica, who gets pretty upset. She brings a picnic on the date, to impress Dave with food. Dave isn’t sure what he’s going to do.

It’s reveal day, and the women are so nervous. The participants invite the one person they want to see revealed in the light. They take turns being revealed, so you can’t see the other person’s reaction to your look. Joey does not receive an invitation. He’s completely oblivious to how much of a jerk he was.

Kym and Storm invited each other, and they are first to meet. The lighting ceremony is very strange. Kym is happy that he’s cute, but sees an earring, which bothers her. Storm is also happy with her.


Jessica is up next to meet Dave in the light room. Jessica likes what she sees, but Dave is a little concerned. He wants to see Natasha before he makes any decision. (So basically, he’s basing his whole choice on how the women look, which is really going against the whole idea of the show.) Now Dave is stuck with a tough decision.

The contestants will now head to the balcony if they are interested in pursuing a relationship in the light. Kym decides to meet him, and they decide to try dating in the light.

Because both Jessica and Natasha are interested in Dave, they will wait in separate rooms and Dave will decide which room he wants to walk into, or if he wants to leave with no one. Dave decides to meet Jessica up on the balcony. They have their first kiss, and Natasha has to watch them leave together. Ouch!

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