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Last Comic Standing Season Finale: The Winning Comedian Is…

August 09, 2010 08:08 PM by Nancy Floyd


Season 7 of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing comes to an end tonight! Last week, the top five finalists had one last chance to perform their hilarious stand-up routines in an effort to win America’s votes. Tonight, four of them will be eliminated and one will win the title of Last Comic Standing and the $250,000 grand prize. And that’s not all…there are also hilarious performances from Kathy Griffin, Iliza Shlesinger, Greg Giraldo, Natasha Leggero, Andy Kindler, Craig Robinson, and Tom Papa. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s Last Comic Standing season finale…

Tonight’s season finale of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing starts with the five finalists being lowered from the ceiling onto the stage. Looking quite dapper in matching black suits, the top five comics are joined by an even more dapper Craig Robinson wearing a fancy tuxedo who takes a moment to introduce the judges, Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo.

Wasting no time, Craig Robinson very dramatically delivers the first of the results from last week‘s voting. The first comic who is out of the running of the title of Last Comic Standing is Myq Kaplan. It’s a bit of a surprise that of all the guys remaining, Myq Kaplan came in fifth place but I didn’t think he was going to win anyways so what’s it matter?


Before any more results are delivered, it’s time for a standup performance from the reigning champ of Last Comic Standing, Iliza Shlesinger. In her final routine as the Last Comic Standing, Iliza is funny, upbeat, and uses her nasally girl voice. She even falls on the ground in the end, not a small feat considering the minidress and high heels she’s wearing.

Next, Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo take the stage to pay tribute to the Last Comic Standing host, Craig Robinson. After a brief video montage of some of Craig Robinson’s funniest moments from the show, he has a chance to perform for the crowd. Sitting at his keyboard with a full band as backup, he starts to sing I Will Survive, but can’t make it through the first line. Fortunately, Gloria Gaynor happens to be backstage, wearing a sequinsy outfit, and comes out to sing her disco classic. Is Gloria Gaynor the most relevant musical guest the show could book? That’s a little sad.


After the musical stylings of Gloria Gaynor and Craig Robinson, Andy Kindler grabs the mic to prove his worthiness as a Last Comic Standing judge. The crowd and fellow judges love Andy Kindler’s standup routine. I’m not blown away. After Andy’s performance, it’s time for another comedian to be eliminated. The comic who finished in fourth place is….Mike DeStefano.

In a little cross-promotional stunt, the next performer to entertain the audience is The Marriage Ref‘s host, Tom Papa. Not surprisingly, his entire routine is centered around the hilarity of marriage and it’s actually really funny. I’m beginning to understand why Jerry Seinfeld gave him his own show.


Natasha Leggero is up next, performing for the crowd. Her routine is hilarious and she definitely out-funnies Andy Kindler, but I’m so distracted by her horrible outfit that I can’t concentrate on her jokes. Who told her that a ill-fitting gold frock would look good with baggy gold satin gloves?!

Craig Robinson returns to the stage with his band, the Nasty Delicious (or Delicious Nasties; something like that), to perform another song. This time, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Craig Robinson is dressed as an old man and singing a song called I Want To Be About It. For a comedy show, there’s a lot of stuff happening tonight that’s just not funny.


In an effort to waste even more time before announcing the winner, the judges present an award to the funniest joke of the season. The winner is semi-finalist Kurt Metzger for his bit about Michael Jackson’s death. After he accepts the fake award, Greg Giraldo takes the stage to perform.

After Greg’s routine is finished, it’s time for another elimination. Craig Robinson brings the remaining three comics to the stage to announce which one finished in third place. The next comic eliminated is….Roy Wood, Jr., which means that either Felipe Esparza or Tommy Johnagin is going to be the Last Comic Standing. It better be Tommy Johnagin.

Kathy Griffin, star of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, is the next comedienne brought out onstage to fill some time in tonight’s season finale. She’s hilarious as always and doesn’t shy away from making fun of Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the cast of Jersey Shore.


To remind viewers why they voted for the top two comedians, the two guys are each given one last chance to perform for the crowd. Felipe Esparza’s standup routine is first. His routine has some really funny parts, but overall it’s not one of his strongest. He seems a little out of it and nervous.Tommy Johnagin is up next. His routine feels a little bit off as well, but all in all, he’s hilarious. The judges love both Felipe and Tommy and have nothing but praise for them.


After their performances, it’s time for Craig Robinson to (finally!) announce which of these two guys has earned the title of Last Comic Standing and will walk away with the $250,000 cash prize. The winner is…Felipe Esparza!!! Felipe seems about as stunned as I feel. How did Tommy Johnagin not win!?!? Maybe I should’ve voted more. Or voted at all, actually. In any case, congratulations to Felipe Esparza!

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