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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: The Housewives Take A Trip To Italy!

August 09, 2010 08:41 PM by Jennifer


What better way to steer clear of all the drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo than to get away? As Teresa and Joe Giudice deal with the fact that Joe was in an accident, the housewives decide that it is the perfect time for a big trip to Italy! Keep reading to hear all about it!

Danielle Staub seems thrilled when her ex con friend meets her for coffee on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, and tells her that Teresa’s husband Joe was allegedly arrested for drunk driving. She actually insinuated that her husband was at a strip club! Little does she know that Teresa’s husband was driving late at night and was tired and yawned and had an accident, and before the police arrived, he had a few shots at a friends house to calm him down, not thinking that he should have waited until after seeing the police. So what does Danielle do? She says he should have been home with his wife and kids at the time of the accident. Like Danielle is Mother Theresa. Excuse me, but every time I see her children eating a meal in any of the episodes, they are in the diner! So much for Danielle’s whole theory of karma coming back to hurt them, because if that were true, I think Danielle is a bit deeper in the karma hole than any of the other housewives!

To get away from all the drama, Teresa decides that they should all take a trip to Italy! So the Manzo’s, the Laurita’s and the Giudice’s, along with all of their parents and the kids, take off for Venice to catch a cruise to where Teresa’s family is from for a family reunion. Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley stayed behind, to work to pay for the lawyer for her court case with the nutjob Danielle. As the morning of the trip arrives, everyone gathers at Teresa’s house, and before they leave, the kids are fooling around and you hear a loud crash! Teresa runs in yelling “oh no” to see what happened, and sees one of her 6 foot vases broken on the floor! But it wasn’t the kids who broke it, Jacqueline’s mom accidentally walked into it! You can tell from this point on, with 20 people going, it was going to be a crazy vacation!


It was definitely a very eventful trip on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, , as Teresa desperately looked for Chanel, which ended up being closed for lunch, the guys just wanted to head to the cruise ship. Once they arrived on the ship, Teresa and Joe needed a little alone time and left their girls in the care of Caroline & Albert. Then in the evening, Jacqueline and Teresa had one too many mojitos and started to entertain the crowd at a bar on the ship with their dancing. But when it came time for dinner to celebrate Teresa’s daughter Milania’s fourth birthday, Jacqueline felt so sick she could not get out of bed! between the rocking boat and the drinks, she couldn’t get the covers off of her head!

As the cruise continues, Jacqueline still doesn’t feel good, and seems to be getting seasick. But the rest of the families enjoy the birthday dinner for Milania, and they also discuss how the women are able to act like their old selves again now that they are away from the drama. As Jacqueline tries to get better, the cruise ship makes it’s way to the town where Teresa’s family is originally from. What will the next leg of their crazy huge multi family vacation bring? Tune in next week after the show to find out!

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