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America’s Got Talent: The YouTube Special!

August 10, 2010 07:59 PM by Candace Young


This week in Hollywood, it’s time for the YouTube Special where twelve finalists who auditioned only online will perform live on America’s Got Talent‘s on NBC! Nick Cannon explains that the winner by votes from YouTube is there tonight, along with eleven others selected by the judges;  Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan! Piers remarks that he is half-excited and half-terrified tonight.  He won’t, however, be lenient with the Xs! Sharon and Howie comment on the pressure on the online finalists to suddenly perform before millions. Read on to see how they handle it!

The first act is a group of a cappella male singers dressed as nerds called PLUtonic. They begin with a traditional sound and then launch into a Flo Rida song!  Lots of talent there! Piers cuts to the quick, saying they are indisputably geeks, and are cheesy, but he liked it! Sharon calls it a really good performance, however she doesn’t enjoy a cappella groups. Howie chuckles at Sharon.

Dylan Plummer, a twelve year-old jump roper is next on AGT.  He will perform with an injured leg. Dylan takes the stage to Spin Me Right Round and wows the audience – great work! Sharon tells him he did a very good job and compliments his technical work. Howie sees a future in an act like this if he perfects it. Piers tells Dylan he was pleasantly surprised!

Pup has hit Hollywood. He is a dog who plays the accordion! His master is a little concerned that the audience and stage will overwhelm him.  The man begins singing an old western song on his guitar, but the dog only plays the accordion for a few seconds. Piers buzzes, but the crowd begins to clap along. Howie is thrilled that it worked out the way it did – he thinks it’s phenomenal that the dog gets his master to play the guitar.  Piers thinks it might have been sensational had the dog not stopped playing. Sharon feels pup should get another chance because his strap broke!


Nick Cannon announces that Evolution of Dance and Quick Change will perform on tomorrow night’s results show.

Singer Cam Hodges is the next YouTube sensation to try his luck in front of the live audience and judges.  Cam has a very nice-sounding voice and looks a bit John Meyerish. He sings Break Your Heart and the crowd seems delighted.  He’s pretty darn good! Piers chuckles when Cam says this feels incredible. Piers tells him there were parts of the performance that reminded him of James Blunt and were very good – he should be proud. Sharon is also impressed, and remarks on his confidence – she enjoyed it!  Howie likens him to John Meyer and thinks he has a shot to go farther!

A plumber, Ryan Rodriguez, who only wants to dance, had his video submitted by his wife. He is set to show America that plumbing’s not his only talent. Ryan hits the stage in a warrior costume and performs to Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas. Piers buzzes just as the back up dancers appear, but the show continues with Ryan doing some pretty impressive acrobatics. Sharon tells him he’s a great dancer and has lots of confidence. She suggests he get some other movers and shakers to join him to make an act. Howie tries to figure out what Ryan did, because it wasn’t just dancing. Piers agrees – he calls it stunt-like stuff, and thought it was a little boring for Vegas.

Austin Anderson, a comedian/auto mechanic has come from Nebraska to try to make the judges and audience laugh.  Austin does a rant on FaceBook which has some funny moments. Howie thinks he could have chosen a more relatable subject. Piers thinks he’s just not funny, which causes an uproar, and Sharon agrees with Howie that it his choice of material could have been better.


Booker Forte, a hip hop dancer from Virginia is up next. He must show that he can take his considerable talent to the big stage. He performs to Oh My Gosh by Usher. Piers buzzes partway through. He explains it was a nice job, but he stayed in a tight area and some of the back up dancers were better – he played safe.  Sharon agrees that she’s seen all the moved before – it didn’t have that something special. Howie said he needed to explode tonight.

Pizza Patt from Columbus Ohio tosses pizza for a living. He is bringing extreme pizza-tossing to Hollywood! In a kitchen set-up, Patt begins his act, which soon launches into tossing pizza dough to 911 Fire Burning on the Dance Floor – he even tosses dough on fire! Sharon thinks it’s a new form of juggling. Piers argues that he’s just playing with food. Howie thinks the fire takes it to another level, but essentially he’s seen it before.

Kristina Young is a 22 year-old singer from South Dakota. She will face the judges in Hollywood now.  She come out in an edgy, punk outfit and sings a Carrie Underwood country song about cheating – she’s actually not too bad! Howie tells her she looks great and she was good. Piers doesn’t feel she has a good enough voice to win the competition, but it wasn’t a bad performance – he enjoyed it. Sharon thought it was very good – she has a strong voice – and did very well!


Maestro Alexander Bui, who has been playing classical music on the piano since he was four years of age has come to play in Hollywood from YouTube.  Perched up high on a lighted platform, Alexander plays his heart out, but he gets buzzed by Sharon before he’s half done.  Sharon thinks he’s a magnificent pianist, but it was boring for her.  Howie says his ability is amazing especially for his age. Piers says this is a talent show and he is the most naturally talented person they’ve seen all year. Piers tells him he’s brilliant.

Dan Sperry is ready to show Hollywood the darker side of magic. He is prepared to leave America speechless tonight.  A natural performer, punk-looking Dan proceeds to eat a lifesaver, pretends to get it stuck in his throat – and flosses with dental floss through the skin of his neck! The ‘eaten’ lifesaver reappears whole on the dental floss! The used floss then goes flying toward germaphobe Howie Mandel, who leaps from his seat in a panic! Sharon is convulsed with laughter. Howie tells Dan he liked his act until he came over there. Piers gives his approval of the act, but Sharon is still overcome with laughter at Howie and can only nod that she liked it!

The final contestant to perform tonight was voted through by America on YouTube.  She is ten year-old singer, Jackie Evancho.  The young girl takes to the stage and sings in the voice of a seasoned opera singer! It’s wild and almost unsettling!  She gets a well-deserved standing ovation! Nick gapes, saying he’s waiting for the lady to come out who was really singing that! Jackie giggles. Howie says this is the moment, and she is the star! Piers asks if she’s actually thirty, and calls it one of the most extraordinary performances he’s ever seen. He says when we wake up tomorrow America will be going crazy for her. Sharon agrees that it’s absolutely amazing and compliments her beautiful mature voice. Jackie feels like she’s going to cry – and she does!

America now votes – results tomorrow night! Which four acts will go through to the semi-finals?

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