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Exclusive Interview: Big Brother 8′s Evel Dick Donato

August 10, 2010 09:00 AM by Neal Damiano

Evel Dick Host

Evel Dick Donato is one of the best known and most remembered contestants to ever play the game of Big Brother. He was the winner of Big Brother 8. Freelance journalist Neal Damiano recently caught up with Evel Dick and got the scoop both on Evel Dick’s time on the show and his life since the show. Below is the interview, which is exclusive for Reality TV Magazine.

Reality TV Magazine: How did you get cast for Big Brother Season 8?

Evel Dick: An open casting call at CBS over by The Grove. People were going in & out really fast, and with me I seemed to stay. The two casting agents, I had rolling with laughter on the floor. I just knew they were going to pick me from the very first interview.

Reality TV Magazine: Did you have a strategy for playing the game beforehand?

Evel Dick: I knew I had to make alliances with everyone so I spread myself out and talked with everyone. But these people had no idea how to play the game. I made deals with everyone and tried to win competitions.

Reality TV Magazine: You were very harsh most of the time in the house, did you think at any point because of that you would be sent home?

Evel Dick: I aligned myself with every single person in that house minus the first three that got sent home. I even aligned myself with Jen at one point, all the stuff she talked about me but she still kept me in the house. I did whatever I had to do to stay in there.


Reality TV Magazine: Lets talk about the cigarette incident with you and Jen, what happened?

Evel Dick: She had gone after my cigarettes twice. I had a feeling she was going to go for them again so I put them in my Big Brother dufflebag, and I put them under Danielle’s bed. I had three packs that I left in a drawer and Jen found them, crushed all three packs and broke every single cigarette. So I took all of her clothes and threw them in the pool and all over the place. She knew she was going home so she lost her mind.

Reality TV Magazine: Were you surprised at how many POV’s Danielle won?

Evel Dick: That was one of the amazing points for me, just how much heart she had. She won five POV’s and one HOH. I was blown away by her consistently competitive spirit. But during the trash bag competition, Danielle was worried about how she would look on TV. I’m like who cares, this is for $500,000.00 dollars.

Reality TV Magazine: Were you surprised that you won the whole show?

Evel Dick: I always thought the person who plays the game the best should win. I’m amazed at some of the past seasons where some of the players were called back and played the same exact game. You would think they would change their game up. I don’t understand why they thought they could win playing the same strategy. So did I think I could? I thought I should have it in the bag. If you really looked at my game I was playing for two people. It was hard enough playing for one person, let alone two people. So I had a hard game from the get go.

Reality TV Magazine: What was your favorite experience playing the game?

Evel Dick: Besides the money, sharing something like that with Danielle was huge. We had an amazing time helping each other play the game and keeping our alliance together strong. The fact that I haven’t gone out in public one day in three years without someone recognizing me, it’s a weird experience. No one has ever done what we did within the first hour of being there. We decided we’re going to play for each other not just ourselves.

Reality TV Magazine: How are you dealing with the fame?

Evel Dick: Fame’s a weird thing, I always call it some degree of celebrity. When I think of fame I picture movie stars. For me it’s more like notoriety, it’s 15 minutes, it comes and it goes.

Reality TV Magazine: What projects are you working on now?

Evel Dick: I’m just living life. I’ve been pitching a couple of shows to some of the networks. The thing is now if you have an original idea nobody wants to touch it or is scared to do it. I had an idea for this show involving some charity work to it. The show would be a cross between Extreme Makeover and Rockstar Supernova. We would create a band competition looking for singers and when they cut a single on iTunes, proceeds would go to the charity. I’m just floating some concepts for shows around. We’ll see what happens.

On a side note: Dick was nice enough to record some video of a show I (Neal Damiano) came up with right after interviewing him. I called it “Conversation with Evel Dick.” He had some pretty interesting stuff to say on an array of topics. Hey, maybe the networks would want to pick that up for airing.

You can find Evel Dick on myspace.com/eveldick and current news on Evel Dick Alliance website.

About Neal Damiano: Neal Damiano has been writing on Reality TV for over ten years. He started out at the young age of 24 with  his own show on public access tv where he worked closely with MTV’s The Real World interviewing several  castmembers from all different seasons. Neal went on to host The Reality TV Convention panels for Reality TV Magazine  in 2006 down in Nashville, TN. He wrote episode recaps for The Real World: Key West and Real World: Austin on Reality TV Magazine. He has contributed several interviews with reality stars from all different shows  to Reality TV Magazine over the years. He  was event coordinator and host of  Norman Korpi’s (Real World:New York) Indie film “The Wedding Video” screening in Long Island at the Bellmore Theater. Neal has been featured on VH1′s The Greatest Moments in Reality TV. He hosted an internet radio show called  Real talk in The Real World for Buddy TV. You can contact Neal at nd30@sbcglobal.net for any questions.

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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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  1. Neald Says:
    August 17th, 2010 at 10:45 am

    I had a fun time interviewing Evel Dick. He was very accomodating & a funny guy. If anyone has any questions send them my way.

    If you would like to request a specific reality star that you would like to see me interview for the magazine please send me an email. I will try to get the interview.

    Neal Damiano
    Pop Culture Journalist


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