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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Is Back In The Season 4 Premiere!

August 10, 2010 07:57 PM by Nancy Floyd


Bravo‘s hit reality show Flipping Out is back tonight for season four! Neurotic house flipper and interior designer, Jeff Lewis, has returned with a new staff, a new attitude, and a ton of new clients. With his former partner, Ryan Brown, out of his life for good, Jeff Lewis’ business is booming and his flip outs are going to a whole new level. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s season premiere…

The last time we saw Jeff Lewis, the economy was hurting his house flipping business, causing him to start a design company, and he was on the outs with his former partner and best friend, Ryan Brown. Season four of Flipping Out returns to Bravo tonight and a lot has changed in Jeff’s life.

There’s been no reconciliation between Jeff Lewis and Ryan Brown since their failed attempt at a televised reunion and, as a result, Jeff’s business is growing more than ever. His foray into designing has worked out quite successfully, packing his schedule with home remodels, design consultations, and business renovations.


Executive assistant Jenni has found success of her own in the dating world. She’s got a new boyfriend named Jonathan and although Jeff won’t stop pestering her with questions about him, he’s worried that her new relationship status will affect her work.

Jeff’s first job of the night is a home remodel/renovation in Sherman Oaks, California. This is only phase one and it includes new floors, kitchen built-ins, interior doors, kitchen countertops, exterior doors, and dining room built-ins. And that leaves what exactly for phase two? I’m stumped. During the visit with the client, Jenni gets to hold the woman’s baby and Jeff fears she might try to steal it.


Back at the house, Jeff Lewis is ready to fire everyone on his staff when he discovers a small speck of dust above one of his doors. It turns out his assessment that his work stress has ended his run as “a fun gay” is pretty accurate, although I’m struggling to remember a time when Jeff Lewis would’ve ever been referred to as fun. Or gay for that matter. I jest.

Jeff Lewis’ pets are nearly as neurotic as their owner, as evidenced by the cat Stewart’s decision to poop in the bathtub. Of course, Jeff doesn’t hold Stewie responsible at all, instead blaming his maid Zoila for forgetting to close the bathroom door. As punishment, Jeff makes Zoila clean the poop up without using gloves because cat feces under her fingernails will serve as a good reminder. His words, not mine.


Jeff and his new assistant/design associate, Sarah (who also happens to be his sister-in-law’s sister) head out to another remodeling project. Even though Sarah is a total ditz, Jeff has more patience with her because he trusts her. Jeff is working with a client named Deborah on a home rebuild who got screwed over by a previous contractor and lost $170,000.

That evening the staff enjoys cocktail hour, a courtesy that Jeff allows his workers on their late nights. Jett, the house manager, pulls double duty as the waiter/bartender, taking everyone’s orders and preparing the drinks to their specifications. Jeff’s new design assistant, Trace, is particularly fond of cocktail hour since Jeff doesn’t really allow anyone to eat dinner. I’m pretty sure large quantities of booze is the only way any sane person could survive working for Jeff Lewis.


Jeff and Jenni hit a snag on their way to see their next client about a restaurant remodel. The gig is a pretty big deal to Jeff who has never worked on a restaurant before. Unfortunately, he’s running late and when he goes to call the client to apologize, he realizes they don’t have her phone number. You can imagine how well that goes over. Jenni makes the mistake of saying something as seemingly innocent as “mistakes happen” which causes Jeff to threaten to drive the car into a brick wall. Overreaction much?

As always, Zoila has to put up with more of Jeff Lewis’ crap than anyone. He expects her to train his out-of-control pets, he wants her to make his martinis, then rebukes her for having bad presentation when she doesn’t deliver the drinks on a tray, and lastly, he forces her to disclose her whereabouts at all times which, on tonight’s episode, includes a bikini wax. Um, that’s more info than I ever needed to know about Zoila.


Jeff and Jenni meet with a lesbian couple, Nancy and Emily, who are way too involved in their home remodel. Jeff worries about handling the new slew of clients he’s taken on and overseeing his growing staff. In a particularly heartwarming chat with design associates Trace and Sarah, Jeff notifies them that there is absolutely no job security working for him. What a relief! In Jeff Lewis’ world, if you aren’t putting money in his pockets, you need to be removed from his payroll.

Tune into Bravo every Tuesday night at 9pm for more flip outs, mess ups, freak outs, and bleeped out expletives!

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