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Hair Battle Spectacular: Cocktail Inspired Styles On The Series Premiere!

August 10, 2010 09:24 PM by Jennifer


Holy hairdos! Get ready for a brush with fantasy on the series premiere of Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen! As ten contestants create outrageous and colorful hairstyles inspired by their favorite cocktails, one of the contestants gets booted out of the competition for the $100,000 prize. Who’s style didn’t make the cut? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s meet the crazy contestants, who each goes by a nickname. First we have Jasmaine, who goes by Minista, from Brooklyn, NY, who went on tour with Madonna; Nate, nicknamed Tsunami, from Hollywood, CA who works in a salon to get girls; Moira, aka Fingaz, from Toledo Ohio, who has been doing hair since she was eight; Valerie, aka Valley Girl, from Burbank, CA; Bryson, aka Boss, from Los Angeles, CA, who thinks he is the best stylist around; Josh, aka Roo from Las Vegas, NV who has a beard and a curled up mustache; Keleigh, aka Malibu from Laguna Niguel, Ca who looks like Malibu Barbie; Lexi aka Sexi Lexi from Denver, CO; Tara, aka Cajmonet from San Jose, whose nickname stands for cash money, and last but not least, Jerome aka J-Rok,from Atlanta, GA.

As the ten contestants ponder what their future holds on Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, in walks Brooke Burns, host of the competition. She first introduces them to Derek J, their first judge, who has appeared on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! She tells the stylists they will be competing for $100,000 on this season of Hair Battle Spectacular. She also gets them up to speed on how the competition works! Each week starts off with a short challenge called “Check Up From The Neck Up” they need to create a fantasy hair design that defines them There is a twist,,, they were asked to bring two items from home, and they must incorporate them into the design. Each stylist must draw a numbered spray bottle, and that determines the order in which they choose their model. They have one hour to create a spectacular fantasy hairstyle. It is crazy watching the things they add to the hair, like Styrofoam, chicken wire, and bubble wrap. But I think some of the stylists are second guessing the two items they chose to bring from home, because these are pretty outrageous styles, and some of them have some crazy items, like a diaper or a ceramic bear bank.


As the clock ticks down to zero, time is up and Derek J starts to their outrageous creations. First he starts with Malibu, who used a pink stuffed dog and a large fake diamond ring. Minista was next, and she made headphones out of hair and a large gold chain. Then he approached Fingaz, who had a huge ball on top of her models head that she said represented a pregnant belly and the birth of her career. That was a little too crazy for me. Cajmonet used a soccer ball and a hair pin she made, Roo did a huge style using goggles, and then he went to Boss. The problem with Boss was that he had a beautiful style, but he still had his two items in his hands, so he did not finish.

Derek J picked Roo, Cajmonet, Lexi and Fingaz to come up, two of them being the best and two the worst. First he tells Roo his style was a mess,. and tells Lexi that hers is just as bad. He loved Cajmonet’s hairstyle which icluded feathers, and he also liked Fingaz style but she had some wires exposed which was bad. But he ended up choosing Fingaz as the winner, and she wins an advantage for their big challenge, called The Glam Slam. Each week they are responsible to put on a live show for their three judges. The designer who shows the least amount of promise gets eliminated. After Brooke tells them about the Glam Slam, she lets them go sit at the bar in the salon and order a drink, which they thought was to calm them down. But you have to know on these competition shows are never what they seem. So Brooke breaks the news to them that they must stop, and the drink they have in their hand is what their hair creation must be based on. There hairstyle must also be able to hold a drink, as they will have to pour a drink into the hairstyle they design at The Glam Slam in front of the judges, and they must go head to head with someone else in the competition.

Since Fingaz won the challenge on Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, she was told that as her advantage, she not only gets to choose who she goes head to head with, but she also gets to choose everyone else’s competition. She picked Malibu to compete with, and everyone thought it was because Malibu is the least threatening in the competition. As she chooses an opponent for each stylist, no one looks happy. After that is done, they all go to the apartment where they will be staying, and they sit down and start talking about their work. Boss likes to brag to the others that he is the best stylist in the room. This is not the way to make friends.

As the morning of the Glam Slam arrives, models walk into the room and each choose a stylist’s name out of a bowl. They also have a stylist and a makeup artist for this challenge, because the judges are going to judge the total package and not just the style itself. As each stylist checks out their competition, Malibu stops buy to check on Fingaz, and she is told to get back to her station! Fingaz didn’t want to be bothered! Ouch!!


Minista presents her Watermelon martini inspired hair, which is up against Sexi Lexi who had a Manhattan. The three judges, Derek J, stylist Lindsay Albanese and mixologist Grady Purtle, critique everyone’s looks. Minista’s style, which I think looked like a huge red peacock, was received well, while Sexi Lexi’s looked like a salad bowl made out of hair. The judges like Minista’s style, so Sexi Lexi is the first one up for elimination. Next was Roo, who had a Bloody Mary, with a hairstyle that looked just like it, versus J-Rok and his apple Martini inspired style. Derek J told Roo his style looked too much like a lampshade. But J-Rock put a glass on top of his style, which was a little too easy as far as pouring a drink into the style was concerned For this one, they chose J-Rok as the winner of that battle.

Next was Boss versus Valley Girl. As Valley girl poured her drink into her mojito inspired style, it leaked all over! Boss’ Bellini inspired creation was very much fantasy with alot of orange bubbles, but Derek J pointed out that Boss had a huge track of hair in front of his style. But despite that, they chose Boss to join the Hair Do’s section. Next was Cajmonet, who’s Mai Tai inspired style was great complete with an umbrella. Tsunami’s Whiskey sour looked exactly like a huge glass of alcohol! But the judges chose chose Cajmonet as the winner of that battle. For the fifth and final battle, Fingaz made a Strawberry Daquiri style, which was in the shape af a huge strawberry! Malibu did a pina colada style, which I have to tell you actually looked like a huge coconut with a straw, I thought it looked great and you could tell exactly what it was! But when it came down to judging, Malibu was definitely a Hair Do!

As the Hair Do’s make their way onto the stage, they face judges to find out the overall winner of the first Glam Slam, who gets to choose the opponents for the next one. I didn’t think it was a surprise that the judges picked Malibu to win this first Glam Slam. Then they brought back the five Hair Dont’s, Sexi Lexi, Roo, Fingaz, Tsunami and Valley Girl. It was a tough choice, but the judges decided that in this first episode of Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen that Roo must go!

I must say this show totally reminds me of Shear Genius, with a wacky colorful twist!

Who will win next week’s Glam Slam? Tune in next Tuesday at 10 p.m. to find out! See you after the show!

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