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Hell’s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay Crowns A Winner In Season Seven Finale!

August 10, 2010 05:58 PM by Lisa Princ


This is it folks, the moment you have been waiting for on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX when Gordon Ramsay will crown the season seven winner tonight! Will it be Jay Santos or Holli Ugalde who takes it all? Keep reading for all the details!

The season seven finale of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off tonight as Gordon Ramsay starts by asking Jay and Holli to create their menu’s. Once they have finished, he gives them their final challenge: cooking five dishes in one hour to be judged by five of his executive chefs in front of a live audience….nothing like pressure huh? Their first four dishes had them tied and with one dish left, their future boss was the last judge on their meat dish. While he loved both and even told Chef Ramsay that he would put both dishes on the menu, he wound up choosing Jay’s dish as the winning dish.

Next Jay and Holli were surprised in the kitchen when some former contestants showed up to help aid them in their dinner service. By winning the challenge, Jay got to choose first, in which he chose Ben, followed by Holli choosing Autumn. With Siobhan, Fran, Jason, and Nilka left, Jay chose both Jason and Fran leaving Holli with Siobhan which pleased Jay immensely. Before they started cooking though, Jay and Holli were called up to Chef Ramsay’s office with yet another surprise from Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay was sending them both to Australia after the competition for some good food and wine and then he handed them both their executive chef jackets for their final dinner service. Meanwhile, their restaurants were being designed and set up downstairs.


Next up it was time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX and immediately both Siobhan and Fran were making mistakes for both teams. Fran bounced back from her burnt scallops though and appetizers started to fly out of Jay’s kitchen, while Holli’s team was still struggling. With Holli holding her composure throughout her team finally manages to get their appetizers out while Jay’s kitchen takes a turn for the worst as Jason sends up undercooked lamb not once, but twice.

Back in the red kitchen after finally getting out all their appetizers, Holli moves her team on to dinner service and Nilka tries to send out venison that felt like rubber. But that was not Holli’s only problem as Autumn, who was cooking on two or three stations to make up for what Siobhan could not handle was starting to get backed up. When Holli asked that someone help Autumn, Nilka tried but Autumn pretty much told her to get lost that she could do it on her own. Meanwhile in Jay’s kitchen with Ben’s help they had the kitchen under control were slowing pulling ahead of Holli, despite a few setbacks from Jason.


By the end of the final dinner service on the season seven finale of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX both teams managed to finish all of their dishes on time. Then they said goodbye to their teams and went to relax while Chef Ramsay went through all the comments cards of the evening. A short while later they were both called upstairs to stand in front of their doors to see whose door opened. After being counted down by Gordon Ramsay, the chef whose door opened and who would become the new executive chef of The Savoy restaurant in London is Holli! Congratulations to Holli and best of luck to Jay, you were both great!

Season Eight of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX premieres on Wed, 9/22 at 8 pm EST, be sure to tune in! Also, remember to catch Gordon Ramsay‘s newest show MasterChef at 9 pm EST!

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