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MasterChef: Onions And Eggs Leave Fourteen Standing!

August 10, 2010 07:43 PM by Lisa Princ


Masterchef on FOX is brand new tonight and the competition heats up when the contestants are put to two daunting challenges by Gordon Ramsay and his fellow judges. We’ll see thirty contestants battle it out over onions and eggs, but who will have what it takes to make it through to the next round? Keep reading for all the details!

First up tonight on Masterchef on FOX, Gordon Ramsay and the gang put the contestants to their first challenge. Gordon shows them how to properly slice and dice an onion because after all when cooking, knife skills are critical. Each contestant must then slice dice onions until the judges tell them to stop. After numerous finger slices, Gordon eliminates the very first two contestants whose onions he and Graham inspect. But then quickly many are sent through with perfect onions, such as our 22 year old hopeful Whitney, and home cooking queen Avis.

A few more cuts came, and am not talking finger cuts this time and a few more folks were sent through, such as David who I am still unsure whether he is cocky or just confident in his cooking. Most amazing was ridiculously some of these onions were sliced and diced when Darrell, who we met during auditions was able to perfectly slice and dice his onions with only three fingers on each hand. Needless to say Darrell made it through another round and we were left with two contestants, one of whom would be staying and one of whom would be sent packing. Holly and Faruq had been at it for almost ninety minutes when Gordon finally asked them to stop chopping. After reviewing their diced and sliced onions, Faruq was sent through to the nest round while Holly was sent packing.


The next challenge on Masterchef on FOX would include the simple egg. Each contestant was given one, and only one egg, but Gordon wanted nothing simple about it. They had thirty minutes and an abundance of ingredients to create an egg dish that was tasty, elegant yet focused on the star of the show, the egg. Honestly, I was surprised that no one dropped their egg as they scrambled to get their ingredients and get to their stations. All the aspiring chefs created unique dishes but not all of them were tasty and would make it to the next round.

This, unfortunately was where the road ended for some of the early favorites such as Darrell, who I think many were routing for simply because he had a disadvantage due to his birth defect. Also sent packing was Tamar, whose emotions ran high last week as she was asked to come back by Graham…too bad she would not be asked to come back this time. Some of the early favorites that would be moving on to the next round were Whitney, David, and Jake, remember him with the tattoos and all? Faruq, Adeliz and Avis all impressed the judges with their egg dishes and would also be moving onto the next round. All in all, sixteen hopefuls were cut this week and fourteen remain to continue to the next round where the competition gets serious! Make sure to tune in next week to see if your favorite makes it through another week!

Next week Masterchef on FOX moves to Wednesday at 8 pm EST and we will get 2 fun filled hours!

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