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Big Brother 12: Rude Rachel Rants

August 11, 2010 06:57 PM by Ryan Haidet


It’s amazing to watch people when the tables are turned in the Big Brother house.  Rachel was so disgustingly arrogant and cocky last week when she was in power as Head Of Household.  At one point she even challenged Hayden and Kristen to “bring it on” while warning all floaters in the house to grab a life jacket.  But now that she’s sitting on the chopping block next to her boyfriend Brendon, Rachel can’t take any of it.  All she did tonight was whine and cry about being one of Matt’s nominees this week.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she essentially tried to force Kathy for an apology in tonight’s episode, which sparked a small war of words.  But that’s not all, America’s sweethearts Jeff and Jordan made a return to the house!

Give Me A Break!

In the kitchen, Rachel showed everybody her frustrations with being nominated for eviction as she cut up food in the kitchen.  Britney asked Rachel to go talk about things, but Rachel wasn’t having any of it.  Instead, she went to her bedroom with Brendon to chat about the never-ending drama.  Brendon has become such a wimp.  How can anybody on his swim team take him seriously when he returns home at the end of the summer?  He got next to her and said he wanted to win the Power Of Veto so he could save her this week.


In preparation for an upcoming challenge, the houseguests gathered in the backyard to practice the giant game of backyard bowling.  But as Ragan politely asked Rachel if she wanted to take a turn, she rushed into the house in a fit of tears and hopped into bed.  Moments later, Brendon (barf) joined her in the bedroom and tried to comfort her.  “I can’t do it,” she sobbed.  Brendon tried to convince her that she has what it takes to keep going strong.  “I won’t let you quit,” he said.

When she was done being a baby about things — at least for a few hours — Rachel went to the backyard and practiced bowling all night long.  The rest of the house was fast asleep as Brendon and Rachel worked to become their best in the challenge as they practiced until nearly 5 a.m.

Bowling Battle

Instead of the usual six competitors, this POV competition included seven players — the HOH (Matt), the two nominees (Brendon and Rachel), the Veto ticket holder (Ragan) and three other players by random draw — Kathy, Britney and Enzo.  Moments later, the doorbell rang and the houseguests were thrilled to see last season’s Jeff and Jordan bursting in.  The goofy duo, who also starred on the Amazing Race, were back in the house to host the POV competition.  The challenge involved knocking single pins down on the bowling lane everybody had been practicing on all night long.  Playing in head-to-head elimination rounds, the last person standing at the end of the battle would take victory.  In the first round, Rachel was eliminated first when Kathy beat her by one pin.  Kathy cheered and whooped for herself after doing well in the competition as Rachel sat on the elimination bench.  She was really bummed out and wiped tears away from her face as she felt Kathy acted without class when she beat her.


Brendon didn’t do very well as he set foot on the lane next only hitting four pins.  Rachel was far from impressed with his performance.  “I feel like a monkey could probably knock over four pins,” Rachel said of Brendon in a confessional.  When Britney took her turn next, she knocked Brendon out of the competition by blasting away five pins.

After the Ragan-dubbed “gruesome twosome” were out of the competition, nobody really even seemed to care who won.  In the final round, Britney claimed her third POV victory of the summer by whomping on Matt.  “I am Veto royalty,” she said in a confessional.  “I control what happens this week, and I couldn’t be happier.”

No Apology Here

After the challenge, Rachel asked Kathy to join her for a private chat.  As soon as Kathy sat down, Rachel started asking her for an apology for cheering when she beat her in the POV competition.  Kathy wasn’t going to have any of Rachel’s garbage and walked out of the room.  Rachel followed her to the kitchen and kept bugging her for an apology.  “Apologize for rubbing it in my face,” Rachel begged angrily.  Kathy said she was simply cheering because she won the challenge and was excited about it.  “I’m not going to apologize.  I won,” Kathy said.  As Kathy walked away, Hayden told Rachel that she is guilty of the same thing after winning competitions on her own.  Rachel argued that she always offered an apology after acting out in excitement.


Upstairs in the HOH bedroom, Ragan and Britney were both stunned and disgusted with the way Rachel was acting.  They thought she was a huge hypocrite.  Britney said, “Kathy if you apologize to her, I will slap you in the face.”

I haven’t unleashed a rant in a while, so here we go.  Rachel, I hope when you get home and watch this all for yourself that you take a good, long look at how you act and treat other people.  It truly is embarrassing to watch you every week, and I’m starting to feel bad for you because I bet you have no idea how you are being perceived outside of the house.  If you’re worried about the way the other houseguests are treating you for the short time you’ll be spending there, just imagine the way America is going to act until your reality stardom fizzles out — which might not take very long.  You are the most selfish person I’ve seen in the house since Ronnie last season.  You’re only happy when things are going your way, but when the tides turn and the waves start crashing down hard, you flip out and turn into a super turd.  Yes, a super turd.


Ragan’s First Sabotage

Ragan went to the Diary Room to get his first task as the new saboteur.  The idea from a Facebook friend suggested Ragan turn Brendon and Rachel against each other.  Later that day, the screen in the living room flickered on as the saboteur’s identity was hidden in shadow once again.  “Rachel, I have a message for you.  Brendon has been throwing competitions hoping to advance his game at the expense of yours,” the disguised voice uttered.  “But don’t worry, the two of you can discuss this at the jury house.”  Rachel didn’t take anything negative by the message, but it did elicit thoughts from the rest of the house.  They were all starting to think that Rachel is the saboteur and using the message to try and target Brendon for eviction.

POV Drama

Rachel went and asked Britney to use the POV on her — even offering her the $5,000 she won in a previous competition.  Britney told Rachel there was no way she could accept the offer because all it would do is make her a major target next week.

At the POV ceremony, Brendon made a move to try and spare Rachel from eviction this week by working to turn the house against him.  During his plea, Brendon rose to his feet and told Britney that she is a spoiled brat and selfish.  He said she was a double talker and playing both sides of the house.  As he sat back on the nomination chair, Britney laughed at him.  She obviously decided not to use the POV and kept the nominations the same.  So this guarantees that the other showmance in the house is about to be split.

Bye bye super turd!  I smell a flush coming on…


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