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Real World: The Roommates Build A House, Knight Breaks A Heart

August 11, 2010 09:48 PM by Jennifer


Knight does the unthinkable on tonight’s episode of Real World on MTV. Keep reading to find out about his behavior, and how the roommates volunteer their time to help those in need!

The roommates are aware of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, but they had no idea that alot of the homes in the area are still in need of repairs. So McKenzie decides what better way to help out than to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and help build a house for a woman with twin boys. But as the roommates help, Preston feels out of place because he does not know how to work the power tools, and he goes back to the car upset. Jemmye follows, making him feel better by telling him that he is no less of a man for not knowing those things, and that he is more of a man just for showing up to help, which Ryan did not. He stayed behind because he said he doesn’t build houses, he does hair, and wants to help in his own way.

Back at the house. Knight seems to be pushing everyone’s buttons on tonight’s Real World on MTV, as he makes some negative comments about Preston when he dresses in makeup and a bra for a Lady Gaga inspired party. Although Preston seems pissed, he knows that Knight is just a guy from the Midwest that doesn’t know any better.


But Preston isn’t the only one on Knight’s hit list. McKenzie suggests that the roommates go out to a club, and while they are there, Knight innocently flirts with her. When Jemmye finds out, it totally gets her jealous side going, and she gets upset about it. After they get home, McKenzie and Knight are in the confessional, and Jemmye comes in and sits next to them. Then Knight asks Jemmye to leave so he and McKenzie can finish talking. This sends Jemmye into a tailspin back to her room, where she calls a friend of hers back home crying and very upset. The roommates try to comfort Jemmye on tonight’s Real World on MTV, telling her that Knight treats her like crap anyway by the way he calls her names. When Knight comes out of the room, he asks Jemmye what her problem is and she ignores him and doesn’t say anything. So when Sahar tries to stick up for Jemmye, Knight starts insulting Sahar, bringing up the fact that Sahar recently found out that her boyfriend cheated on her. This is bad because Jemmye is the only one who knew this, so Sahar gets pissed at Jemmye.

As Knight tries to redeem himself by saying that Jemmye knows that he is kidding when he insults her, the roommates stick up for Jemmye, saying that it is verbal abuse, but Knight doesn’t want to hear it. It does seem like Knight jokes around with her when he says all these things, and you would hope that is true because he had said in the last episode that abuse against women was the thing that bothered him the most. Knight spends the next day trying to get Jemmye to talk to him, but she tells him that the reason she is crying has nothing to do with him, that it is about other things going on with her which wasn’t true. So the next day, Jemmye decides to go with Ashlee to a Domestic Violence Shelter and volunteer their time. She also starts to talk to the counselor about what happened to her in her past, and that she did not seek help because she was afraid.

Knight was able to speak to Sahar and make up with her, because she understands that he was only joking with her, but Jemmye is another story…

WIll Jemmye be able to trust Knight again and continue their relationship? I hope they can work things out, because tension in the house isn’t good for any of the roommates! Judging by the preview for next week’s episode, Jemmye hits rock bottom and it doesn’t look good!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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