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Top Chef: Restaurant Wars!

August 11, 2010 07:45 PM by Lisa Princ


Top Chef on Bravo in brand new tonight and restaurant wars are back! How will our teams fare in this tough challenge? What will happen when our two huge personalities battle it out? And will a certain someone finally be told to pack their knives? If you think you know how this one ends, you might be in for a shock! Keep reading for all the details!

First up on restaurant wars on Top Chef on Bravo tonight was the quickfire challenge. In this challenge each team would create one dish. Each team member would have to work on the dish in a limited amount of time as the others stood there blindfolded. When time was up, the next team member would remove their blindfold and try to continue the dish where the last person left off. This was definitely a tough challenge and who better to join Padma for judging the dishes but Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of The House. The prize for winning this challenge would not be immunity since it was restaurant wars, but ten thousand dollars to the winning team.

On the red team we saw Angelo, Tiffany, Ed and Alex, who was there by default because no one really wanted him…big surprise there. The blue team consisted of Kenny, Kevin, Amanda and Kelly. The blue team did a sauteed shrimp dish over angel hair pasta that they seemed to execute and finish off nicely. The red team did a red snapper over wilted greens which came together, but was not necessarily good. Alex decided even though he was only the second team player to go up to season the fish when it should have been left for the others, so needless to say the fish was very salty. Despite Angelo’s best efforts to rid the dish of it’s salt, it did not go over well with Nancy Pelosi who hands down voted for the blue team’s dish, giving them the win and the ten thousand bucks.


Next the restaurant wars really began on Top Chef on Bravo as the teams devised their menu’s and we could quickly see who was taking over the executive chef role on each time. I am sure it will come as no surprise that the executive chefs were Angelo and Kenny. Both Kelly and Alex were to be at the front of the house while the others cooked, but they were still to have their hands in the creation of at least one dish. Alex’s team did not trust him or his ability however, so they went with their own ideas instead of his. Angelo actually had to prep all of Alex’s poor butchering work as well so the food would actually cook properly.

In the blue kitchen during restaurant wars, service ran smoothly and Kelly had a good grip on her duties up front, while in the red kitchen, surprise surprise, Alex was struggling with muttering out any words, let alone making sure the guests were happy. The diners were happy for the most part with their meals, aside from a few send backs of beef in which Amanda did not cook properly, but in her defense she did have some issues working with a different grill….wait a minute, I thought chefs were supposed to be versatile? Both teams needed to make sure their food tasted great as the judges were being joined tonight by Frank Bruni, one of the harshest food critics of all, from the NY times.


Angelo’s team on Top Chef on Bravo decided to name their restaurant “EVOO” for extra virgin olive oil as they were going with a Mediterranean theme, while Kenny’s team went with Twenty One 21, because that is the number of the Top Chef house. Both teams seemed to fare good and bad with the judges as they had a few dishes from each team that they liked and a few that they did not like from each team. Kenny’s team seemed extremely confident that they had won this challenge so they were surprised when Angelo’s team was called into the judges table room first.

At the judges table for restaurant wars, the red team was informed that they indeed were the winners and the best dish of the night, and winner of the challenge was Ed! Ed received some free wine and tickets to a vineyard for winning the challenge. Still unsure how Alex once again slid by, Kevin unleashed on him as the blue team waited to hear their fate. Kevin held nothing back letting Alex know he should have been the one to go home since his team did not even allow him to create a dish, and he and Kenny also made sure the judges knew this. The judges however said that no matter what happens if the team wins the team members must be safe so someone from the blue team would still be sent home. Padma then asked Kenny to pack up his knives and leave, despite the fact that he did a good job as executive chef, his dishes were so bad that they hurt him in the end. Best of luck to Kenny, we will miss you!

Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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