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Work of Art: The Finale

August 11, 2010 08:01 PM by Rebecca Ford


It’s finally time for the Work of Art: The Next Great Artist finale! Peregrine, Miles and Abdi are the final three contestants. They’ll create their art at home, and show their final pieces to the judges. Only one will win. Who will walk away with the solo show at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum and a generous cash prize?

For the finale, the artists were given three months and $5,000 to create a full gallery show for the competition. Simon de Pury, in proper Tim Gunn style, travels to the homes of the remaining three contestants.

He first goes to visit Peregrine. He meets her husband, a jazz musician. As for her collection, she has a piece of twin fawns that aren’t born yet. She says she wants it to feel like a carnival. She is doing both sculpture and painting.

He then goes to Pennsylvania to see Abdi. He also meets Abdi’s mom, who has always encouraged his art. He says his collection explores the human figure. Simon says he really needs to dazzle the judge.


Next he goes to visit the always-eccentric Miles. He says he doesn’t have a plan, but is playing with digital photos that he took at White Castle. Simon says he has to make sure to display emotion. They then go to Miles’ parents house. As music teachers, they are very supportive of his art.

The contestants then return to New York for the final competition. All the contestants are very excited to see each other again. Simon then drops by to tell them they will meet in the morning at the Brooklyn Museum.

Miles has never been to the Brooklyn Museum of Art, so he’s very excited the next day when it’s time to go there. Simon and China Chow greet the artists. She, of course, has one last surprise for them! Simon says he has decided to include one work of the winning artist into Simon’s Phillips de Pury auction. It’s a huge honor for the winning artist.

The artists get busy setting up their gallery shows. Peregrine is very emotional about her fawn piece. She says she did not have the money to make that piece until this competition. Abdi’s paintings are finished, but he has a lot of work to do on the sculptures. He ends up breaking the hands of the sculpture, which means he has even more work to do.


Miles is struggling with where to hang his pieces. Abdi gets his limbs attached, but has to spray paint the pieces. Abdi’s big basketball player sculptures look really amazing on the floor. The artists take a look at each other’s pieces. Miles is very impressed with Peregrine’s pieces, and Abdi loves Miles work.

The next day is the big day! The judges arrive at the show. Their guest judge is David LaChapelle, one of the most famous photographers in the world. Eliminated contestants also arrive for the show. Sarah Jessica Parker, an executive producer of the show, also attends the event. The judges struggle with Miles’ pixilated pieces.

Peregrine’s show has a theme of overindulgence and competition in a fair theme. Her work is interactive, includes cotton candy and really transforms the space.

Abdi’s show is about the beauty of humanity, and how it has been covered up. David LaChapelle is brought to tears by one of his pieces. Sarah Jessica Parker also loves his pieces.

After the show, it’s time for the final critique. Miles explains his pieces. He took pictures of elderly people in the security cameras. He also reveals that the one elderly man had died. The judges like that he’s exploring death, and call him a “real artist to the core.”


Abdi is up next, and he says he hopes to give people a different view. The artists love the narrative he created. As for Peregrine, the judges love her exploration of death and innocence.

The judges talk about the pieces, and then invite the artists back to announce the winner.

They first tell Miles that he was not the winner. They say that his work felt like a work in progress. So, the win is between Abdi and Peregrine. They praise Peregrine that he week is deeply personal. They tell Abdi that he is amazing technically, but that it was his heart that really impressed them.

China Chow announced that Abdi is the winner of Work of Art! He is overwhelmed with emotion, as are the judges. He says he’s going to give his mom the money, and let her give some of his money. He’s so grateful for her support. He hopes to continue making beautiful art.

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