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Big Brother 12: Takin’ Out The Trash

August 12, 2010 06:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


Day 41 in the Big Brother house arrived with the second showmance of the season facing eviction.  After Brendon spoke and attacked Britney during the Power Of Veto ceremony, Ragan was very angry calling him a neanderthal.  Brendon’s plan was working so far — to turn the rest of the house against him with hopes they might vote him out this week instead of Rachel.  What a tool.  The live Head Of Household competition at the end of tonight’s episode was a cliffhanger once again, leaving us at the credits without knowing who won.  But we’ve got the scoop for you.  Just moments before publishing this article, the new HOH was crowned.  Find out who at the end of this story!

Brendon’s Battle

Ragan was up in the HOH bedroom telling Matt that it might be time to change their plans.  Even though the original target has been Rachel all week, Ragan was ready to turn the tides and take out Brendon.  In the backyard later that night, Rachel talked privately with Britney and Ragan to try and be friendly to save herself from eviction.  Ragan politely stopped her from talking and explained his feelings saying she has been the source of most of the trouble in the house.  “I am saying that I don’t think you’re a good sport,” Ragan said.

Rachel stood up, started to cry and apologized before walking back in the house.  “She does not live on this planet,” Britney said.  As she stormed off, Brendon walked over and angrily questioned them about what they had said.  Neither of them backed down as Brendon kept acting like an idiot.  Britney even used her dry wit and started mocking the way he walks as Brendon went back inside.

Another Sabotage

In the Diary Room, Ragan was given his next duty as saboteur — create paranoia that the voted-out person isn’t actually leaving.  With his mission armed and ready, the screen flickered on in the living room once again as the disguised saboteur offered a message.  “Worried about the eviction?  Don’t sweat this decision too much.  It doesn’t matter which person you vote out because they might not really be gone.  True love does conquer all.”  Brendon and Rachel were thrilled and the rest of the house was really paranoid.  It worked.  “I love it,” Ragan said in secret.  “Now I’m one step closer to the $20,000.”


During the live portion of the show, host Julie Chen asked a very interesting question — who does everybody think is the most underestimated player n the house?  Ragan got four of those votes — including one from himself.

Brendon’s Ex

Shortly before the live eviction, Brendon’s ex-fiancee weighed in on his showmance with Rachel.  His ex said they had been together for two years and engaged for nearly six months.  She said she eventually canned him because he tried to change her too much.  She said that everything he has been telling Rachel is the same garbage she heard numerous times during her relationship with him.  His former fiancee and her family said they are all happy the relationship stopped, and everybody laughed at Brendon’s comments toward Rachel — especially when he called himself a knight.

Flushed Away

As the voting was set to begin, Rachel and Brendon both spoke to the house.  Each of them spewed their love for one another, and Brendon compared the situation to being a witch in Salem since he has felt wrongly persecuted.  He then vowed to avenge Rachel’s eviction if they decided to vote her out.

And that’s exactly what they did.  The vote was unanimous, too, by 6-0.  Rachel was taken out of the house.  Ahhhh.  Relief.  Super turd is long gone down the drain!

When Julie announced the final vote, Rachel stood up quickly and only offered a hug to Brendon.  She didn’t say goodbye to anybody else in the house as she grabbed her bag and walked outside.  “You better be ready,” Brendon warned everybody with Rachel now out of the house.  “All of you.”


I would give this space to now discuss Rachel’s exit interview with Julie, but like much of time she spent in the house, her comments were worthless and contradictory.  The only moment worth mentioning from this part of the show came when Julie was ready to send Rachel off to the jury house.  That’s when Julie teased that it might not be the last time Rachel has seen the Big Brother house.  Does this mean they’re bringing back one of the evicted jury members?  Or will they return to play a goofy game later on?

HOH Cliffhanger

It was time for the live HOH competition with each contestant attached to a rope.  A challenge similar to one we’ve seen on Survivor in the past, the players had to untangle themselves from the rope in a tightly wound course.  The first contestant to reach the end and buzz in would win HOH for the week while also getting to choose three people to be Have-Nots for the week.  But once again we were left hanging as the credits started rolling without knowing who won HOH.

But at the time of this writing, the HOH competition recently came to an end.  What to know who has the power this week?  If not, this is your warning to turn away.  If you want to know, just continue to read below the image.



Apparently his promise to avenge Rachel’s eviction will come true — at least this week — as Brendon has won HOH.

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