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Big Brother 12: Revenge Begins

August 15, 2010 07:55 PM by Ryan Haidet


I bet some of you who are pasting your eyes to this article fell victim to extended golf coverage on CBS tonight and your DVR wasn’t likely ready for it.  After a delay of more than 75 minutes tonight, Big Brother 12 finally arrived as the Head Of Household competition continued from Thursday night’s episode in which the contestants had to untangle themselves from a long rope course.  Enzo, Ragan and Kathy all struggled to make their way through as Brendon pushed forward while mumbling how much he wanted to win the contest for Rachel.  He wanted to seek revenge for her eviction just moments before the HOH competition began.  Even though he had a huge lead, Lane was closing in.

Shouts & Tears

Brendon pulled through and reached the end of the course first and took his first HOH victory.  “Rachel that one’s for you!” Brendon shouted out.  His first task for the week was to choose three people to be Have-Nots, which he did immediately by naming Ragan, Britney and Matt.  “You guys would’ve been better keeping Rachel, she probably wouldn’t have won that one.”


Back inside the house, Britney went and gave Lane a hug with fears she was going to be nominated for eviction.  Everything about the situation was breaking Britney down.  Later on that day, Ragan was brought to tears as he joined Matt and Britney in the Have-Nots bedroom.  Ragan was devastated at the concept that one of them would likely be going home, but Matt wasn’t too worried about anything since he has huge power this week with the diamond Power Of Veto.  In case you forgot, the diamond POV offers the holder the choice of removing anybody from the chopping block and having the opportunity to pick the replacement nominee.  He still holds the secret power, but it must be used by this week’s eviction or the option via Pandora’s Box expires.

A New Deal?

To try and secure their safety shortly before Rachel was evicted, Hayden and Enzo offered a deal to the duo — whichever one of them survived the eviction would be the third person in an alliance they wanted to take to the end.  Naturally, Brendon and Rachel, who have been on the outside the entire summer, nodded in agreement with everything Enzo had to say.


Later on in a private discussion, Hayden and Enzo thought Matt was becoming less trustworthy than Brendon.  They wanted to take Britney and Ragan out next before rebuilding the Brigade alliance with Brendon as their newest member.

Another Sabotage

Ragan was given his next task as saboteur, which was to tease the fact that there is a secret alliance in the house.  As the screen flickered, they all gathered in the living room.  “Looks like you were unsuccessful in getting me out of the game, but I have more bad news,” Ragan’s disguised voice and image uttered.  “You have also not been successful in locating or evicting the life-long friends.  Sometimes the least obvious pair is the most obvious.  Here’s a hint — one is male and the other is female.  Happy hunting.”  As the screen turned off, the houseguests were questioning the saboteur’s message.  Kathy and Britney, the only two women left in the house, and both promised extensively that they have no pre-game bond with anybody.

Pleading For Safety

Ragan went up to the HOH bedroom and tried to cut a deal with Brendon.  He promised Brendon that he would never target him and keep their alliance a secret, which would be perfect for them since everybody knows they haven’t been getting along.  After that chat, Brendon went and grabbed Britney and asked her to come to the HOH bedroom to talk in private.  He asked her what she would do to stay in the game.  Although she admitted in a confessional that she was offering him false promises, Britney told Brendon everything he wanted to hear — even saying she wouldn’t target him if she won HOH.


At the Nomination Ceremony, Brendon officially nominated Ragan and Lane for eviction.  “This is the toughest decision I’ve had to make since I’ve been in this house,” Brendon said.  “I want people to fight to the end, and I want the last two people standing to be the two people who deserve to be here.”  This was just his way of reiterating the strategy he and Rachel shared all season in targeting all floaters in the house.

As the credits rolled and the show came to a close, the announcer teased another twist with Pandora’s Box.  If you haven’t been following the live feeds and want to know what this twist is, read below the image to find out.



Remember last week when host Julie Chen teased that Rachel may not have seen the end of the Big Brother house despite her eviction?  Well, when Brendon is tempted with Pandora’s Box, Rachel returns to the house for 24 hours.  Yes, she’s back already so start popping the nausea medication now so you’re ready for Wednesday night’s disaster.

Why couldn’t golf run late then?

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