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Bachelor Pad: Insiders and Outsiders!

August 16, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, the new reality series with nineteen past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who come together to live in the Bachelor Pad, compete to win money ($250,000!), and maybe find love, continues with seventeen contestants remaining after Michelle and Juan were eliminated last week.  Melissa Rycroft and Chris Harrison co-host this gathering of the most notorious and memorable contestants ever! Read on for the highlights from the second exciting episode…

As the episode begins, Natalie and Jesse B still can’t keep their hands off each other, and Jesse Kovacs continues to talk strategy with Elizabeth. He needs to minimize the damage he did last week by hurting Elizabeth pretending that they weren’t in a relationship.

It’s time for a challenge! Some division is already becoming evident as the ‘outside’ girls plot to team up to win the challenge against the ‘inside’ girls. The inside girls are those who have been on the reunion trips and know, and have dated, some of the guys.

The competition is a pie-eating contest. Krisily takes herself out of contention as she cannot digest fat since having her gallbladder removed. The girls go first, and Elizabeth says the pie tastes like when you throw up a little in your mouth. Tenley whines vocally, and soon it’s time for the buckets – the girls all start vomiting as the guys look on in amazement! Disgustingly, they keep eating – even after throwing up a bit in the pie.


All of the girls give up except Gia and Tenley.  Gia wins, ensuring immunity, which makes her very relieved considering she has a serious relationship back home and is very worried about being voted out. Tenley is the vomit-y runner up. Kiptyn gives her props as she hangs her head over the bucket.

The guys are nervous going into the pie-eating contest after seeing how sick it made the girls. It becomes evident fairly quickly that the guys suck! They whine about the thick crust, Craig M soaks up pie filling with his hair, and Jonathan the weatherman, of all people, takes an impressive lead!  Wes shouts, “I can’t do it!”  The weatherman is licking it off the tablecloth – he wins! The other guys are in disbelief.

Gia and Jonathan each get a rose, and are told they will do dates. They will get the details when the date cards come – after they all shower.  Craig M is the most worried about being eliminated. Gia and Jonathan have a little meeting to identify the ‘insiders’ and work out how to break them up.


The date cards come. Jonathan chooses three ladies – Gwen, Peyton, and Ashley.  Kovacs notices that he chose girls who haven’t hooked up with anyone in the house – a strategic move.

On the date, Jonathan and his three girls encounter Melissa, who says they will get to explore their artistic sides – using their bodies!  The weatherman dons a speedo for the second time (first time was on The Bachelorette), and this time he is much more comfortable. The girls get into bikinis and everyone starts rolling around in the paint! Jonathan is a happy guy.


Back at the house, Krisily, Gia, and Nikki are in their beds as the others party hardy outside. Krisily is convinced she is in danger due to the big division in the house.  The ‘outsiders’ decide that keeping Craig M in the game is key.

After the body painting, Jonathan chats with Peyton one-on-one. They agree the house is splitting. Jonathan confides that they need to get Kiptyn out, and says that he discussed this with Gia.

Elizabeth, Natalie, and Kiptyn have a chat on the terrace at the house. They are surprised that Jonathan appears to have a strategy. Elizabeth warns the others not to underestimate Ashley.

Jonathan chats with Ashley alone next. He broaches the subject of breaking up the power base in the house. Ashley is reluctant to go against her girlfriends, but also wants to do what it takes to win.


Gwen comes over and Jonathan goes off with her with romantic intentions – she is the girl he is most likely to date. They learn that they have a lot in common and Jonathan offers her the rose.  Gwen, however, tells the camera that her and Jonathan will not happen in a million years! Ouch!

It’s soon time for Gia’s date. She fits in a little time with Jonathan and warns him that most of the people are against him. She tells him he needs to align with Craig M whether he likes it or not. Gia also lays into him for taking Ashley on his date, saying it was naive – she makes fun of him in the house!

Gia chooses Wes, Craig M, and pretends to write all of the guys names on paper to choose the last one out of a bowl – but she writes Jesse Beck on all the papers!  She feels she needs to get him on their side.

For their date, they head to a gazebo in the center of the city.  Gia plans to convince Jesse that he needs to align with the outside guys, and explain to Wes that he will actually benefit by her giving Craig M the rose. She tells Craig M that she is giving him the rose – he trusts her and is relieved.


Gia gets with Jesse and they do henna tattoos. She tells him her theory about who he should align with – he agrees with her and says he won’t tell Natalie,  nor will he be upset to see her go when the time comes, even though she’s a cool chick. Jesse is there for the money.

Wes and Gia exchange hand massages. He claims to have no strategy on the show, but tells her he is crazy about her and wishes her circumstances were different. He really lays it on thick – even saying he loves her! She tells him he’s very sweet. In spite of her promise to Craig M, and the other outsiders, Gia gives Wes the rose!

The insider girls whisper intensely by the pool back at the house. They realize that if they can’t get Craig M out the outsiders will outnumber the insiders. Nearby, Jesse Kovacs tells Elizabeth he is logically the next one for the girls to get rid of if Craig M gets the rose.  Soon the talk stops and things get steamy. They head behind a shower curtain and get busy.


Gia comes back to the house and the insiders are both stunned and relieved to see Wes wearing the rose. David cockily tells the camera that Craig M and the other weak link guys now need to go so the big boys can play ball. Ugh.  In the hot tub, David listens to Jesse S who tells him the old cast have aligned against them.  He promises to stick with her and they wind up kissing. Krisily spots them and decides that Jesse is a snake who is totally using Dave and playing both sides.  She goes to Kiptyn with the idea to vote Jesse S out because she’s hurting people.

Jesse B has decided that Gia is a super cool chick. He also like Natalie, but thinks Gia is more girlfriend material. He talks to Natalie about rumors that she’s been with some of the other guys in the past.  He lets her know they should just be friends – she’s upset, but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Gia, meanwhile, has come up with a new plan to save the outsiders in light of the fact that she messed up by giving the rose to Wes instead of Craig. She aims for a tie vote, explaining that she will get to break the tie because she holds the rose.


Chris Harrison announces that it’s time for the elimination. As with last week, the girls will vote off the guys and vice-versa.  It becomes clear that there is a great deal of trust issues in the group. Chris says he can see that everything has changed. Gia, Jonathan, Wes, and Gwen are all safe – it’s time to vote.

The outsiders are aiming to get Kiptyn out, and the insiders will vote out Craig M.  David confronts Jesse S about being in cahoots with Craig M and playing both sides. She denies it.  Dave isn’t sure he believes her, and says he has to go do work to convince the guys to keep her.  She goes in and votes for Craig to go home. Dave appears to sway the guys to keep Jesse and vote Krisily out instead.

The insider guys confer and decide they need to try to swing Nikki to their side. Kiptyn confronts her, and she cries that she doesn’t want him to feel like she’s backstabbing. He tells her to go with her gut. Nikki is torn – hating to send a good guy like Kiptyn home, but not wanting to go back on her word to the girls.

At the Rose Ceremony, roses go to Tenley, Jesse B, Peyton, Nikki, Ashley, David, Elizabeth, Natalie, Jesse Kovacs, Krisily, and Kiptyn. Craig M and Jesse S are going home tonight! Gia shoots a sidelong glance at Nikki who obviously voted for Craig when she promised to vote for Kiptyn. Gia wishes she’d given Craig the rose. Nikki feels totally alienated.  David is upset about Jesse S leaving since he had feelings for her. In the car, Jesse wonders if she really found love with Dave, or if it was all strategy.

Next week: Will Gia make out with Wes?!

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