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Dance Your Ass Off: And Then There Were Three

August 16, 2010 11:59 PM by alison.bills


With only three dancers left on Dance Your Ass Off, the competition is very tight, and tension runs high between some of the contestants. With a group number and two solo numbers to complete, the contestants will be pushed to their limits this week.

The contestants head to the gym to do their circuit workouts. Adamme and Latoya get into it because Latoya feels that he left the machine sweaty. Michael lets them argue and stays out of it.

Next, the dancers meet Mel B at the beach. She informs them that will have three dances this week: a group dance (that won’t be judged), and two partner dances (a hip-hop and a trick challenge). The two winners will face the ultimate challenge. They will go home for one month to take care of their own fitness and return for the finale.

All the contestants work out very hard during rehearsals. Adamma and Latoya continue to talk smack about each other.

At the house, there’s a note for the contestants. Mel B invites them to dinner, so they put on their new clothes and head to dinner. But before they arrive, Mel B has another surprise for them. Adamme’s twin brother, Michael’s best friend and Latoya’s mom walk through the door. The emotions are flowing as the family and friends are very happy to see the changes.


The next day, the contestants continue their workouts and rehearsals. On show day, the contestants are excited and anxious! The final three first dance as a group with their partners. This dance will not be judged. They do look very good compared to the beginning of the show. It’s a short dance.

Latoya is up first with her hip-hop routine. She’s not completely comfortable with hip-hop and it shows a little because she doesn’t seem as free as she usually does. It’s more of an act than her normal dancing. The judges praise her routine, as usual. They say she is very sharp and has great musicality. She gets an overall score of 9.7.

Michael has been sprinting his ass off in the gym. His hip-hop routine is probably the best it has ever been, but it’s always a little show tunes. The judges say the lift was a little slow, but that the rest of the routine was really fun. He gets an overall score of an 8.

Adamme’s hip-hop routine is very fast, but he can handle it. It has some fun ballroom dancing in it, also. The judges love it! They say because he’s lost so much weight that he can really move now. He gets a perfect 10!

Next, it is on to the challenging three challenges dances n which the dancer must use a prop, do partnering work and do  spin combination. Michael is using a table as his prop. His spins look much better than they ever have. The judges say the routine for perfectly suited for him. They say his elevation could have been more, but it was a good routine. He gets an 8 overall. That means combined with his first dance, he also has an 8 overall at this time.

Latoya’s prop will be a mirror. She is much more suited for this dance. She is such a light dancer on her feet. She can do leaps forever. She falls out of her final spin, and her partner gets a strangely long solo, but it’s a nice routine. The judges loved how she used the prop. She gets a perfect 10! Averaged with her first dance, she is at a 9.9 for her dance score.


Adamme is hoping to repeat his perfect ten from earlier tonight and last week. His routine involved chairs and is as energetic as usual. He has a lot of difficult tricks in it. The final partner lift is a little awkward. The judges praise him for effort, but say that the turns fell a little short. He doesn’t get his perfect 10s from all the judges. He got a 9.3 for that dance. Averaged with his first dance, he has a 9.7, putting him between Michael and Latoya.

It all comes down to the weigh-ins. Latoya goes first, and she’s lost 1.5 pounds, which isn’t much. She gets an averaged score of 10.8, and is worried that won’t be enough. Adamme steps on the scale next, and he lost 10 pounds! Wow! His total score is 14.1 and he is definitely going to the finale! It is now between Michael and Latoya for the final spot.

Michael does not lose enough weight, and Latoya’s mom jumps up for glee at a completely inappropriate and sad moment. It’s classless. Michael is very graceful and grateful for his experience. However, he clearly says that Adamme deserve to win, without naming names. This finale is going to be fierce!

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