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Dating in the Dark: Season Two, Episode Two

August 16, 2010 11:00 PM by Rebecca Ford


On the second episode of Dating in the Dark, six new singles, including an international supermodel, look for love in the dark. But will their connections survive when the lights turn on?

Three single men and three single women move into a house to find love in the dark. For the men, (from left to right in photo below) Michael, 25, is a handsome marketing director. Joshua, 28, is a paralegal who admits that he’s been dating girls instead of women. Christian, 30, is a radio host. He admits he has a “face for radio,” and hopes his voice will help him win.


For the women (from left to right in photo below), Karolina is from Poland, and she’s  a salsa dancer with an accent. Becky, 23, is an entrepreneur. She’s looking for passion! Finally, the brunette of the group is Summer, who is an international supermodel! She’s definitely has the looks, but she’s not going to be telling people that she’s a model. (I’ve actually met Summer at an LA nightclub because she’s a mediocre DJ, and that’s what she plans on telling the other contestants that she does for a living.)


The contestants meet the host, Rossi, who gives them information on the program, and tells them that their first date will be a group date in the darkroom. In the darkroom, Christian commands the conversation, and Karolina likes it. Michael is impressed with Becky because she owns her own business, but Summer is also impressed with Michael.

The contestants invite each other on dates based on their first impressions. Karolina and Christian invite each other. They have a funny time together. Next, Becky is invited by Michael. Becky feels they have a lot in common. There’s hand holding! Summer invited Michael, so he went on another date. She brings him beer, so she can act like one of the guys. Michael is not convinced that they have a connection. Becky and Christian invited each other, and then even dance in the dark. Becky feels she had a better connection with Joshua.

Next, the daters are asked, in the light, to dress a mannequin as they would like their ideal date to be dressed. Then, they switch so the women get to see the men’s choices and the men get to see the women’s ideal.

Based on the mannequins, the daters choose to go on dates again. Joshua chooses Karolina. He wants to woo her right away, so he busts out poetry. Karolina says it was too over the top. Becky gets upset when she hears that Joshua was kissing Karolina.


The next day, the host lets the daters know who their most compatible person should be based on their interviews and surveys that they filled out before they got there. Michael is most compatible with Summer, Karolina is most compatible with Christian and Joshua is most compatible with Becky.

They then go on dates with their most compatible partners. Becky calls out Joshua for “getting frisky” with Karolina. She decides to end it, and focus on Michael. Christian and Karolina again have a funny time because they both have good senses of humor. However, Karolina says she often goes for taller guys, and Christian gets a little worried. Michael and Summer differ on where they see themselves in five years. Summer is concerned about that, but also feels that she connects with Michael.

The daters then invite the person they want to see the most. Karolina and Christian invite each other. Karolina wants to see a deeper side of Christian. They share a kiss. Michael and Becky also invited each other. They sit closely together on the floor.  They also share a kiss. After, Summer gets jealous when she finds out that Michael kissed Becky.

When Summer goes on her date with Michael, she decides to resort to a new trick. She asks Michael what he would do if the person he picked was not physically attractive. Michael thinks she was trying to tell him that she’s a beautiful girl, which she was.

Next, the contestants are given a sketch artist. They can describe their dates, and then the sketch artists will draw them. Then, the sketches are traded so the ladies can see what the men thought they looked like and vice versa. Joshua is bummed that he didn’t get a picture back. Michael is impressed how accurate Becky’s picture was. Summer is upset that she was not given a picture. She feels confident that when Michael sees her, he will change his mind.


Finally it’s time for the big reveal! Joshua decides he’s just going to leave without the reveal because he didn’t have a connection. Karolina and Christian invited each other, so they head for the reveal first. The reveal is always a strange moment because they don’t talk to each other, but both seem happy. Karolina thinks Christian is adorable. Christian also thinks Karolina is really cute.

Michael and Becky asked to see each other, so they are up next. Michael looks a little concerned when he sees Becky. He tells the guys that she’s cute, but not “hot.” Summer invited Michael, so he returns to the darkroom to meet Summer. Michael is really happy when Summer is revealed, of course. Summer says she thought Michael was cute, but a little young. Michael tells the guy that Summer was really hot. Michael has a tough decision to make.

It’s time for the final decisions. If the dater is interested in continuing the relationship in the light, they must go to the balcony. If not, they can simply walk out the front door. Karolina goes out to the balcony, and waits for Christian to hopefully show up. He does show up, despite his fears of rejection, so they leave together.

Summer decides to leave without meeting Michael because he seems too young. Basically, being an “international supermodel” made her too good for everyone. Michael has the tough decision. He doesn’t know that Summer has left, so he can either meet Becky on the balcony or Summer in the piano room. Becky is waiting on the balcony. Michael decides to go to the balcony! This is the second week in a row that a man has had to choose between a really hot girl and an average girl, and he picks the average girl. Time to change it up? I think so.

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