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Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List: Maggie Griffin Exclusive Interview

August 16, 2010 03:31 PM by Jennifer


We all know her as the co-star on her daughter Kathy’s show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.  But did you know that Maggie Griffin also came out with her memoir, called Tip It? We spoke to Maggie about her book, and found out her inspiration, as well as some helpful advice! Keep reading to hear all about the witty mom behind the D-lister!

RTVM:  I read your book, Tip It! and I absolutely loved it! What inspired you to write it?

Maggie Griffin:  Well, thank you, that’s always good to hear. Well, you know actually, when they first approached me, I kind of didn’t want to do it, because I’m not a writer. I’ve never written anything but essays and letters. Then they asked me a few more times, and I couldn’t refuse the offer, that’s the way it turned out.

RTVM: On your daughter Kathy’s show, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, Kathy often refers to your love of wine. Why do you prefer boxed wine to bottled wine?

Maggie Griffin:  Well, it isn’t that I really prefer boxed wine, it’s funnier. It’s funnier to bring up the boxed wine thing. Alot of the audience I don’t think even knew about boxed wine, so it’s of funny and I’d always have to have that ubiquitous glass in front of me, and kind of attached it boxed wine, and that caught on, so that’s just how it kind of came up.

RTVM:  I know you were married to your husband Johnny for over fifty years. What are your secrets to a long and happy marriage?

Maggie Griffin:  Oh my gosh, you know it’s so hard when people ask me that because I think everybody sets out to have a happy marraige, you know, and I think along the way, with me it’s always been that I am not a fighter and my husband and I didn’t like to fight. My husband was very funny, oh, he was the funniest guy I have ever known in the world, and I love to laugh. It releases any tension and stuff, and I think that if it’s any secret it would be that we always had fun together, we always related real well, and we were pretty careful about fighting or saying nasty things and we just kind of enjoyed ourselves and family and friends, honest to God.

RTVM:  I know it takes alot of patience to raise kids, as I have two of my own and go out of my mind sometimes. Any advice to parents whose kids want to be in the spotlight like your daughter Kathy?

Maggie Griffin:  The only thing, you know, Kathy, thank God, didn’t want to do this until she was out of high school. I’m really not to keen on little kids being in show biz, because I think it’s very difficult., So to go into it with Kathy, it wasn’t that hard, we were very very supportive of her, she loved it and we enjoyed being with her and seeing her and all that, and I think also the fact was good that Kathy did not become famous too fast too soon. I think it must be awfully hard for these young kids to keep a level head, pampered and spoiled making tons of money and have all of the hangers on around them. Kathy was lucky, that we were always there and she lived a normal life. Just keep all of those other people away when kids are getting into this business. But that is kind of hard to do.That’s the only thing, she always had our support, and the rest of the family, and she kept her feet one the ground, if you can kind of help your kids do that, I think that is the secret to keeping them okay.

RTVM:  Has Tip It! become your motto, live life to the last drop?

Maggie Griffin:  You know it has evolved kind of odd, you know when we would serve the boxed wine, and people would say “It’s empty” and then you would say “Oh no, you’ve gotta tip it and you’ll get the very last drop of the wine. So that became our thing, you know when the wine was going we’d say just tip it! And it has kind of evolved a little but that it is kind of working in you life really, just like if you tip it a little bit more, maybe things will work a little better in you’re your life. They get a little more out of this. Tip it and laugh instead of crying. tip it and and just do it and except responsibility and not feel sorry for yourself. I don’t know, now that’s kind of the way I’d like it to be.

RTVM:  Any future plans or or projects that you have going on, or will we see you on another season on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List?

Maggie Griffin:  This was the last season which I love and I think it’s really great to be on, I have alot of fun on that show,, you know, and I I don’t know what the plans are, I really don’t. I am just here, Kathy is here, you know that’s her life, I love it and I have fun, it’;s been a great ride. She has given my husband and myself a great retirement, alot of laughs, great people we have met, so So I don’t know what is going on. I just hope I keep going , enjoy things and enjoy people, and that’s kind of all I ask. I am really lucky enough to get that.

Thank you so much for speaking with me Maggie!

I have to say that she is one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to, and if you have the chance, read Tip It! I hope we will see more of her in the future!

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