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Survivor: Is Ethan Zohn Taking Over For Jeff Probst?

August 16, 2010 10:38 AM by Christine McDow


Former Survivor castaway, and real life cancer survivor, Ethan Zohn, announced on his Facebook page this morning that he is going to be on CBS’s The Early Show tomorrow morning.  We then heard that Ethan was going to be on the Early Show with an announcement that could change Survivor.  That is it, no other information.  So we are speculating what could it be.

One, Ethan is going to be narrating maybe a documentary following his cancer battle?  He has lots of fans out there and millions of supporters that were rooting and praying for him.  It is definitely a special that would be watched.


Two, Ethan might be hosting a new show about “survivors”, whether it be cancer, accidents etc.  Honestly though, I don’t want to watch cancer patients fighting to live…whether they live or die.  When you have had a friend or relative die of cancer, it isn’t something you want to relive.

Or three, the one we think is most likely, Ethan Zohn is taking over hosting duties for Jeff Probst starting in season 23 of Survivor.  Why do we think this is a possibility?  Months ago it was being speculated that Jeff Probst did not want to return and then he did sign on again, but only for two more seasons which takes him through the next version of “all-stars” which should be already filming, or starting to film very soon in Nicaragua.  After this season though, his future was up in the air.

What do you think?  Could Ethan be taking over Survivor duties from Jeff Probst or do you have another idea for what the announcement could be?  Let us know!

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