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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: The Italy Trip Continues, As Danielle Starts The Hunt For Her Mom

August 16, 2010 08:41 PM by Jennifer


As the Housewives make their way across Italy on this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, Danielle is back home searching for her birth mother. Keep reading to hear all about the final days of their trip!

Danielle tells her daughters that she is looking for her birth mom, even though they found that out already. After their conversation,
Danielle asks them if they want to “explode it out” and they put their fists together and then open their hands when they are done. This must be some new spiritual thing. Either that or it is her own psycho version of the fist pump. In some more bizarre behavior, she and her ex-con friend go,out to lunch, and Danielle only goes when he tells her that everyone is in Italy. Danielle is afraid that she will be ambushed in the parking lot of the place. Is she crazy or what? It’s like high school, like she is going to get jumped when she gets out of her car. I think Teresa and Jacqueline have more class than to do anything like that. I get so nauseated at the fact that I even have to write about her.

That night, Danielle goes to meet with an investigator, who was introduced to her by her ex con friend. Then she says if she is addicted to drugs or alcohol, or if she is homeless, she does not want to meet her. I understand the addiction thing, but if you are going out of your way to find her, wouldn’t you want to help her if she was homeless? That is just my opinion. But I also think that there some women who gave up a baby girl 47 years ago that are waiting for a knock at their door right now. Lucky them! The next day, her private investigator calls and tells her that since her birth mom was a minor, it may be hard to get the court records. She is discouraged, but she figures if she waited this long, she wil be able to wait more if need be.


Back in Italy, the families are preparing to go to Teresa and Joe’s hometown for a family reunion. But when Teresa announces that Joe’s family lives on a steep hill, Jacqueline’s radar goes off that this may not be a good idea with strollers and the older parents. As they are driving on the bus, Teresa’s husband Joe is clearly upset about the bills for their hotel stay and their meals, and how many bags she packed. But after he is done yelling, he tells everyone that once they arrive in town, they need to keep it civilized! He is a riot, and has Caroline cracking up! When they do arrive, they make their way up this huge hill to go to Joe’s grandmother’s house. When Teresa introduces everyone, it is so sweet to see how happy they are to see everyone! Then they go to the house where Joe’s parent’s lived, and thankfully there was yummy looking food waiting for them! He even takes them to the place at the house where they killed pigs to eat! As they make their way back down the hill, Teresa tels Joe he better stop yelling. Then they get to see the church where Joe’s parent’s got married.

As the final dinner in Italy approaches, Teresa’s family in Italy gets to meet everyone, and they have a huge family dinner! All of her girls are dressed in these matching puffy outfits! Too cute how they always match!

Unfortunately their trip must come to an end, and they come home jet lagged and ready to rest. Caroline and Albert are happy to be home, and so are Teresa, Joe and their kids. When Jacqueline gets home, but she steps right back into the drama with worrying about her daughter Ashley’s court case against Danielle.

WIll the drama ever end? Judging by the preview of the season finale next week, with Caroline and Danielle coming face to face, I somehow think that maybe Danielle will finally leave them all alone. Will she? See you after the show!!

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