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America’s Got Talent: Wildcard Round!

August 17, 2010 08:04 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s acts on NBC‘s America’s Got Talent have all been especially chosen by judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan, to take another shot at moving forward. Once again, America will vote at the end of the show to determine which acts will move into the semi-finals. Read on for all the details from the show!

Piers Morgan’s first choice for the Wildcard show is Bollywood dance troupe, Kruti Dance Academy, who take the stage and perform an incredible routine in purple, green, and gold costumes – mesmerizing and engaging! Piers and Sharon are both very pleased with the act, but Howie isn’t sure there’s enough ‘wow’ factor for this level in the competition.


Sharon’s first Wildcard choice is magician, Rudi Macaggi, who did the shocking act with the circular saw in the quarter-finals. Rudy will be blindfolded tonight and warns that if he falls in the wrong way he could break his neck. Rudi takes the stage and introduces his act called Stairway to Heaven. He will do a backflip, blindfolded, and catch himself in a rope. He does it, catching the rope with his feet upside-down. Sharon thinks his technique and talent were great, but he took too long. Howie disagrees – you can’t rush these things! He comments that it wasn’t as spectacular as his last stunt.  Piers agrees that the danger level was downgraded. Rudi argues that he had to take it down a notch as he was told his last trick was too scary – which is like telling a comedian he’s too funny! The judges applaud.

Howie’s first choice for the Wildcard show is young rapper, CJ Dippa. He comes out on stage accompanied by a bunch of teenage girl dancers and a chopper.  He raps about k-i-s-s-i-n-g, and even dances, but Piers hits the buzzer toward the end. Howie tells him this performance wasn’t as polished as it could be – he feels someone needs to work with him, but America loves him. Piers is impressed with CJ’s attitude, but tells him his act was a bit gimmicky tonight. Sharon urges him to keep working at it – she thinks he’s wonderful.

RNG, the hip hop dance group, are the next to have been brought back. Sharon decided that they belong in this competition.  They do a very intense routine to Outta Your Mind and have edited in Howie’s words about it being like a dance recital from the last audition! Sharon is impressed and warns Howie and Piers not to mess with her girls, who tell the judges straight up that they don’t do flips and stunts, they just dance. Howie thinks they’re fantastic, but isn’t sure it’s enough without the stunts. Piers says he thought it was a bit disorganized, but adds that the attitude reminded him all of Sharon!


Piers has brought back Harmonica Pierre, not only due to his talent, but because he’s a great character.  Pierre hits the stage to do a cover of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Howie buzzes before he even starts!  Pierre is accompanied on the stage by a couple who do a latin dance.  Howie says he and Sharon made a plan to buzz to get back at Piers for all his buzzing, but she ditched him!  Everyone laughs and they get to the judging. Piers praises Harmonica Pierre, but Howie reiterates that he’s not sure he could be a headline act in Vegas even though he’s phenomenal. Sharon seems to agree with Howie, but Piers interrupts and time runs out.

Sharon’s next Wildcard selections is illusionist Michael Grasso. He comes prepared to do an trick involving fire, spikes, and girls.  It’s a very good illusion which even has some in the audience standing up! Sharon tells him it was slick, and the delivery was perfect! Howie says it was the first performance of the night worthy of this level of competition.  Piers says he performed a brilliant magic trick and proved that Sharon knows something about talent. He thinks Michael has just thrown the competition wide open!

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers have returned courtesy of Howie Mandel.  They ditch the props that distracted from their act the last time, but they come across as a little dull. Howie tells them it was muddled at times and it wasn’t spectacular. Piers, who buzzed, agrees that it was boring, and they even got out of step. Sharon tells them that one of them needs to be the star – it can’t just be four of them doing the same thing.


Comedian Doogie Horner is asked to return – surprisingly – by Piers Morgan! Doogie runs out onto the stage and makes like he is going to leap through a flaming hoop, but doesn’t. He cracks jokes about the show, including, “I’ve got more jokes than CJ Dippa has girlfriends!”  He is quite funny.  Piers calls him the funniest comedian of the season.  Sharon tells him he’s a weird little man, but he’s great! She liked his material tonight. Howie compliments him on being in the moment – he thinks America’s going to like him!

Connor Doran, the epileptic young man who flies kites indoors, has been invited back by Howie Mandel.  Dressed all in white, Connor takes the stage with a white kite and when the music peaks, pulls up a double kite – the song is Raise Me Up.  He gets a standing ovation, which prompts Howie to say, “Need I say more?” Connor tells Piers how amazing this feels. Piers comments that he brings out the kid in all of them.  Sharon asks how he does it without wind. Connor tells her it’s about motion – he creates the wind. She states that he creates magic.

Anna and Patryk grace the AGT stage again with their dancing thanks to Piers. Tonight they do a bit of a flamenco dance tonight with a funk/hip hop influence.  Piers tells them they are brilliantly talented and he doesn’t understand why they didn’t get through the last time. Sharon agrees, and tells them she is glad they are back. Howie also agrees, but has issues with 12 year-olds dancing what should be a seductive dance. Piers bickers.


Sharon has brought back Ashleigh and Michael, the aerial acrobats who who do dangerous split-second catches in mi-air. They messed up the last time, but have won another chance.  They do some amazing acrobatics in the air and then Ashleigh falls with a scream! The judges all leap out of their seats and silence falls over the venue. Suddenly the acrobats rise up into the air together and the relief is palpable! Sharon tells them it was intense, edgy, and very clever! Howie says they got the blood flowing and it was amazing. Piers is very relieved that Ashleigh is not dead! He compliments the trickery and admits he was wrong to question Sharon for bringing them back.

Swing Shift Side Show is brought back by Howie and their sword-swallowing, cringe-worthy act gets the buzzer from Sharon and Piers. Howie remarks that he loved it because it was shocking and weird. Piers tells them they are utterly revolting. Sharon appreciates it as an art form, but it’s not her thing.

LeAnn Rimes and Criss Angel will be on tomorrow night’s results show!

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