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Flipping Out: Salon Makeovers And Restaurant Renovations

August 17, 2010 08:03 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo, Jeff Lewis deals with high-maintenance clients, low performing staff members, and a bunch of cat poop. The obsessive-compulsive designer works on juggling his new roster of clients which include his first-ever restaurant renovation and a hair salon demolition. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

Tonight’s episode of Flipping Out starts with a classic Jeff Lewis patronizing moment. This one’s directed at his assistant, Sarah who gets into the car with Jeff, but doesn’t have the address of where they’re going. Because of their weird family connection (Sarah’s sister is Jeff’s real estate agent and sister-in-law), Jeff is more “patient” with Sarah than anyone else despite the fact that she’s a total ditz. And by patient I mean that he yells at her, criticizes her, speaks condescendingly and then follows it up with a weak explanation about training her to become a better employee. To her credit, Sarah’s lack of intelligence seems to allow her to have a completely relaxed, laid-back attitude about Jeff’s harsh criticisms.

Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis and company are still working with celebrity hair stylist, Chaz Dean, on a three bungalow renovation project that has been going on for over a year. The first and second phase which involved building and designing a retail store and hair salon are already completed. The third and final phase is another salon and executive offices for Chaz. When there’s a question about the window placement, Jenni doesn’t hesitate to climb onto the roof which almost results in her demise. I have a feeling if Jenni were accidentally killed onsite, Jeff Lewis would somehow manage to scream at her corpse and hold it responsible.

Jeff has another appointment at Casa Vega regarding his first-ever restaurant remodel. He’s meeting with his client, Christy, and her father, Mr. Vega who Jeff is hoping to impress. With so much history at stake, Jeff is nervous about the restaurant remodel. Fortunately, Mr. Vega is a bit of an old perv who has a little crush on Sarah and, as Jeff says, he’s not above whoring out his employees for business.


The next day, Jeff and Jenni meet with Christy to find a new front door for Casa Vega. Since the restaurant is so popular, Jeff doesn’t want to close it down for the remodel so he’s planning to renovate in stages. At the door shop, Jenni tries to use her skintight outfit to get a discount. Jeff, on the other hand, is worried that Jenni’s ovaries are showing through the painted-on clothing. Jeff and Jenni join Christy for a free lunch, which is becoming a weekly routine.

While Jenni’s sexing it up in her hot new wardrobe, Sarah is vying for the title of Worst Assistant Ever. She fails to get clients’ phone numbers, forgets to write anything down, and messes up every phone call she makes. She also takes Jeff’s credit cards home by accident on a regular basis. As punishment, Jeff sentences Sarah to spending the day wearing a horrible white smock (that looks like a jumpsuit made out of cheap paper towels) all day.


Jeff is struggling with Chaz Dean and the hair salon remodel as they start phase three. Chaz is hesitant about committing to too much and Jeff is desperate to make him see how much he needs to make big changes. Next, Sarah and Jeff head over to Citrus, a five-unit property he owns with a partner. When they’re visiting one apartment to make repairs, they discover that a tenant has left his cats unattended for a week. Naturally, Jeff decides that he and Sarah should empty the overflowing and disgusting kitty litter box. While they’re carting the box outside, they leave the door open and the cats escape. Fortunately, they manage to find them and return them to their home.

Jeff and Sarah have another appointment with Christy about the Casa Vega remodel to discuss the lobby renovations. Since the lobby will be the first phase of the restaurant redesign, Jeff is feeling the pressure to nail it so that they Vegas will let him continue. Before departing for the meeting, Jeff and Sarah make a pact  that they’re going to turn down Christy’s offer for free lunch so that she doesn’t catch on to their free-loading ways. Christy is noticeably surprised that Jeff doesn’t stay to eat, but he and Sarah plot on the drive home how often they’ll be able to eat there for free everyday once the construction actually begins.

Flipping Out

Jeff finally gets the green light from Chaz Dean to do demolition work at the salon. When he and Jenni stop by to talk to the contractor, there’s no one on site. Somehow the contractor’s absence becomes Jenni’s fault and leads to a major freak out from Jeff and yet another lecture on how he refuses to tolerate mistakes from the staff.

Christy from Casa Vega calls for Jeff to schedule a meeting alone with him. She emphasizes twice on the phone that she wants to meet with Jeff, and only Jeff, at the meeting. Naturally, he’s nervous about the mystery meeting and assumes the worst. Is Christy unhappy with his performance? Is she planning to fire him? Has Jeff Lewis made a major mistake? Tune into Bravo next Tuesday night at 9pm to find out!

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