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Hair Battle Spectacular: A Wedding Inspired Challenge Exposes A Cheater!

August 17, 2010 08:33 PM by Jennifer


It’s another crazy night of head to head competition on Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen! As the designers face back to back wedding inspired challenges, one of them is revealed as a cheater! Keep reading to find out who thought they would get away with it!

Cajmonet attacked Lexi telling her that she should have been the one sent home last week, and not Roo. So Minista starts to chime in saying she is going to win the competition, while Tsunami gets fed up with all of their negative garbage. As they walk into the salon for their challenge, Brooke points out that Malibu is not there, that there is a medical problem and she needed to leave! What a bummer! This Check Up From The Neck Up challenge involves them making a fantasy hair bouquet for a weddingusing flowers! Then in walks Derek J, who tells them they better use some imagination with this challenge. They have two hours to create an outrageous look. These are not your normal run of the mill styles only using the models hair, but crazy colored hair extensions and materials.

With 20 minutes left on the clock, Fingaz is having a hard time keeping her models hair up. Everyone was running around complaining that two hours was not enough time on this episode of Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen! . Fingaz didn’t even get to finish. But when time is up, they must stop working and be judged by Derek J. Lexi got judged first, with yellow hair extensions to resemble flowers, which Derek J said was awful. J Rok made a great bouquet with a huge fan of hair in front of it. Minista made a style hanging off the side of the head with two red and yellow balls. Cajmonet had a huge pink track of hair hanging off her model’s face with some flowers on top. Boss tried to make an arm holding a bouquet with wires sticking out, but Derek J said it was still a beautiful piece. Fingaz had green, purple and yellow extensions just hanging on her models hair.


Derek J calls Cajmonet, J Rok, Fingaz and Minista out of the designers group. He criticized Minista and Fingaz, saying he would have thrown Fingaz’s style into a wood chipper. He liked J Rok’s design, and also Cajmonet’s, but he named J Rok the winner. He receives a freeze pass for the Glam Slam Challenge, which means he can freeze another designers work for an hour!! That can really hurt them in this competition.

But all of a sudden Fingaz says there is a rat in the room on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen! One of the designers cheated and bought a bridal magazine at the store the night before! This is totally against the rules. So Boss says that the person who did it should just step forward and admit it, and e steps away. The second person to step away was Cajmonet, and as soon as she did, the others started to look in disbelief, and Cajmonet starts denying it even before they accused her of anything. To me that proved she was guilt right there! So Minista steps up and says she saw Cajmonet with a bridal magazine that she tucked under her shirt. Sneaky!! So Brooke and Derek J tell them that they will look into it, and there will be serious repercussions to the cheater.

So now it is time for the Glam Slam, which involves a wedding cake. They have a guest judge, celebrity wedding planner Jess Gordon. She tells the designers they better look at every angle when they create a wedding cake fantasy design style. Since Malibu won last time and is gone, the runner up from last week gets to select partners. This happens to be Minista. After she picks everyone’s opponents, the designers go back to the house to rest up for the night. On the morning of the Glam Slam, the designer start their creations, using things like Styrofoam. Then J Rok busts out the Freeze Pass, which makes one designer have to stop working for one hour. So he decides to freeze Cajmonet. Could it be in revenge for the magazine incident, or was he threatened by her? The other designers just sit back and laugh. Then in walks Derek J, who tells them that they discovered Cajmonet purchased the magazine, and they penalized her for an extra hour, making her sit out for two hours! So she yells at Valley Girl, calling her a liar and a whore, and storms out of the room crying! Then she walks back in, and has to sit there staring at Valley Girl during her two hour time out.


As the clock winds down, Derek J walks in and tells Cajmonet her two hours are up and she can start working. But she said she works well under pressure, and thinks she will be done. The first battle is Fingaz versus Cajmonet. Fingaz had a red and black style that looked just like a cake, but Cajmonet’s model looked a little trashy, and the judges, made up of Lyndsay Albanese, Derek J, and Jess Gordon, picked Fingaz as the winner. Making Cajmonet up for elimination. Next was J Rok versus Sexi Lexi. J Rock did a traditional three tiered cake. Lexi made a red and white striped cake with yellow flowers. It kind of looked like a kids birthday cake to me. The judges chose J Rok as the winner of that battle. The third battle was Tsunami versus Valley Girl. Tsunami had his model under a table, with her head only sticking out as the cake. Valley Girl had a red and ivory tiered cake. The judges picked Tsunami to win that one. Minista is facing off against Boss, and just when she thought her male inspired cake was the best, the whole top of the style fell off the model’s head as she walked away! But they still picked her to win the battle! Unbelievable!

Tsunami, Fingaz, J Rok and Minista are all in the Hair Do category, and Derek J announces that Fingaz is the winner of this Glam Slam. Now the desgners up for elimination, Boss, Cajmonet, Valley Girl and Sexi Lexi. But before they announce who is going home, Boss mouths off to Derek J, saying that he keeps bashing his work. It escalates into a yelling battle, and Brooke stops it and says the elimination must go on. Cajmonet and Valley Girl are told they are safe this week, and the judges tell Boss that he has lost this battle, and he is eliminated. I don’t think anyone is surprised, after all he did yell at Derek J!

Who will be the next designer sent home? Tune in next Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST. See you after the show!

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