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The Next Food Network Star: Aarti Sequeira Interview

August 17, 2010 04:29 AM by Lisa Princ


Sunday evening on Food Network Aarti Sequeira won the hearts of millions as she was crowned The Next Food Network Star. After the show, Aarti dished about her experience and her upcoming Food Network series, Aarti Party. Keep reading to hear all the details!

Aarti Sequeira sat down to share some of her thoughts after the finale of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network with her fans. Here is what she wanted to share.

Question: How does your food differ now from when you first started The Next Food Network Star?

Aarti Sequeira: Over the course of the show, I realized what I had to offer in terms of my food point of view. I did not want to be referred to as just the Indian chef. Some Indian dishes I do really well, but my other passion lies into integrating Indian flavors into American foods. You can just throw in a few Indian spices and have a whole new dish.

Question: Do you feel that your unique culinary point of view gave you an edge over Herb and Tom?

Aarti Sequeira: By the time we got to the finale, I didn’t think culinary point of view was as important anymore. Each of us had an amazing point of view and something different to offer. Herb has this energy about him which I thought would benefit him, and each one of us had something unique to offer. I won the most the challenges out of everyone in house and I feel like that pushed me over the finish line.

Question: Do you feel your background in reporting helped you on The Next Food Network Star?

Aarti Sequeira: I do. You have to stay calm and focused when reporting and I think helped me a lot on the show. You also have to be organized and deal with the high stress well, which helped as well.

Question: Were you starstruck by anyone on The Next Food Network Star?

Aarti Sequeira: Yes when I met Paula Deen. I love that she overcame so many fears to live out her full potential. I love her personality and I just adore her the way she handles things. You know, on her show something will go wrong on camera and she stays calm and goes with it. I loved meeting her and serving her my food, she is adorable.

Question: Will you continue your online cooking show and blog now that you have won?

Aarti Sequeira: I definitely want to keep blogging and we will see about the cooking show. I enjoy it and I get so much joy out of it.The blog got me here and gave me a sense of who I am and what I am supposed to be doing. My fans would be really disappointed if I stopped blogging.

Question: What would be the perfect Indian starter dish for those who aren’t familiar with Indian food?

Aarti Sequeira: You can start with any American dish and add a few Indian spices to make it less intimidating for you to start out with.

Question: How will you come up with ideas for your new show Aarti’s Party?

Aarti Sequeira: My husband helped me come up with episode ideas, we think of some kind of theme, or event based episode. I would think what would I make for this person or that event. It is so helpful being a food blogger because you have all your recipes right there and I don’t have to search for them.

Question: What will you do to celebrate the premiere of Aarti’s Party this Sunday?

Aarti Sequeira: This is going to be such a busy and amazing week, so this weekend I think I am gonna keep it really chilled, and do something old school. Maybe an old fashioned slumber party with some friends. We will wake up at noon and watch my show.

Question: What can we look forward to on Aarti’s Party on Food Network?

Aarti Sequeira: I will have my own show on food network, I can’t get over saying that. It’s me incorporating Indian spices into American dishes. I don’t do it blindly, I will be explaining all the spices I am using….I try not to use more than three or four per recipe. And I will be explaining them, how they taste and what I am using them for.

Thank you Aarti, we look forward to your new show! That wraps up this season of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network.

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