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Big Brother 12: Rachel Returns To The House

August 18, 2010 07:11 PM by Ryan Haidet


Has your doorbell ever rang and when you answer it the person on the other side is somebody you weren’t look forward to seeing?  That’s the scenario that played out tonight in the Big Brother 12 house as wretched Rachel returned to the game for just 24 hours.  As one would expect, her short stay was too long for most of the houseguests as she brought non-stop drama and arguments while insulting Ragan’s personal lifestyle.

Targets & POV

Before all the Rachel drama, Ragan was devastated to be nominated for eviction.  Brendon said in a confessional that his other nominee — Lane — was only being used as a pawn in an effort to guarantee Ragan’s eviction.  He felt it was time for Ragan to go because he had a hand in Rachel’s eviction.

As the houseguests were sleeping, a person dressed as a robot came out of the Diary Room and woke everybody up.  As the robot was making fun of everybody — even saying Lane has a small brain — it also revealed it was there to host the Power Of Veto competition.


So the participants (Ragan, Lane, Brendon, Hayden, Kathy and Enzo) geared up in goofy robot costumes, and gathered in the backyard to battle for the POV.  It was a puzzle challenge involving balance beams and rotating platforms.  The first person to complete the puzzle, which spelled VETO would win the challenge.  Naturally, Kathy and Enzo were horrible.  Ragan quickly gained a lead and finished the first part of the puzzle before anybody else.  Just as Brendon got the first part of his puzzle done, Ragan pulled ahead again and made it to the halfway point.  Kathy then got herself eliminated from the challenge when she fell off the balance beam.  How on earth did she fall off?  The beam was wide enough for Bigfoot to walk on without any problems.  She truly does suck at challenges.  But Ragan once again proved that he is a tough competitor and finished the puzzle first and won his safety with the POV.

She’s Back!

Up in the HOH bedroom, Brendon was tempted with Pandora’s Box.  He read a letter that warned if he opened it up that he might unleash something bad on the entire house.  He didn’t have any doubts about opening Pandora’s Box because he thought it may give him an opportunity to see Rachel.  Once inside, Brendon grabbed a golden envelope from that said he was about to be whisked away for 24 hours and taken to a private mansion in Malibu for a feast, massages and relaxation.  Holding the letter tightly, Brendon said, “I can’t believe I get to see Rachel.”  He put on a blindfold and walked out of a side door.


Then the front doorbell rang…

Ragan rushed over to open it when Rachel, who was ousted in a unanimous vote last week, rushed inside.  “I’m back bitches!” Rachel shouted.  Jaws dropped as she set foot inside the house again.  “I wanted to throw up all over myself,” Britney said in confessional.  Then Rachel told everybody she was there for the next 24 hours since somebody had opened Pandora’s Box.  “Ragan, guess what?” Rachel taunted.  “I’m still a juror so you have to be nice to me.”  Ragan quickly responded, “No I don’t.”


Rachel was excited at the idea of seeing Brendon so she rushed up the spiral staircase and knocked on the HOH bedroom door.  But Brendon didn’t answer.  That’s when everybody realized Brendon wasn’t coming back until Rachel was gone again — and for most that couldn’t come soon enough.

As Rachel went back to the kitchen disappointed that Brendon was gone, she and Ragan got into a big fight.  “Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you’re gay?” Rachel asked.  As everybody stared in in shock at Rachel’s disgusting remark, Ragan quickly responded.  “No Rachel, I’m not a big bitch because I’m gay,” he said.  “I’m a big bitch because you’re an absolute monster.  You’ve attacked almost every single person in this house.”  Rachel then told Ragan he couldn’t even keep a boyfriend to which he responded by saying she couldn’t even stay in the game of Big Brother.  He told her the game is ultimately about how you treat other people.


Ragan Vs. Rachel

When Brendon arrived at the Malibu mansion, he was hunting for Rachel.  “Come on.  Come out.  I know you’re somewhere.”  He soon found a letter that said Rachel was enjoying a vacation somewhere else.  Although he was bummed out, he hopped on a raft with a drink and enjoyed the pool — and then dinner alone.

Back at the house, Rachel went outside and asked Ragan if he wanted some big, gooey cookies she was about to make.  Ragan felt like she was trying to be a turd and told her that she was nothing but repulsive.  “You’re about as classy as your nasty hair extensions,” he said.  Ragan then said the only thing honest about Rachel were the zits on her chin because her boobs and face are fake.  “You’re a wicked witch.  Why don’t you get on your broom and fly back inside. …  Talking to you is like talking to the most vile, devil child in the world, and I’m done with it baby.  Because I’m done with you because your game in this house is over.”  When he tried to walk away Rachel antagonized even more.  He told her that she needs to learn to treat others with decency and respect.  “You will get what is coming to you, believe me.  Take it as a tip and learn from it,” he said.

Personalized Pretzels

Up in the HOH bedroom, Rachel left a message for Brendon by spelling Matt’s name with pretzels.  She wanted him to target Matt when Ragan uses the POV.  Then Rachel said goodbye before telling Kathy about the special message she left behind.  With that, she walked out of the front door for the second time.  As soon as she walked out, Kathy told Enzo and Hayden about the message of salty sticks.

It wasn’t long after that Brendon returned and told everybody about his experience.  He said it was very nice and relaxing, but he wished he could have spent the time with somebody else.

Saboteur Teases

In the living room, the saboteur was back on the screen with a new message.  “I thought you should know there’s a competition tomorrow that could change the course of the game.  So I recommend you all get some sleep.  Nighty night.”  As the night progressed, the saboteur kept popping on the screen with nonsense messages.  After multiple false alarms the competition was about to begin, the saboteur told everybody there wasn’t really a competition, but was simply trying to keep everybody on their toes.

Matt’s Secret Power Looms

At the POV ceremony, Ragan obviously used the medallion to save himself from eviction.  When he did so, Brendon was forced to name a replacement nominee.  Taking the advice from his girlfriend’s pretzels, Brendon put Matt on the chopping block.  I would put money down that producers started exchanging high fives at this moment.  Why?  Remember, Matt has the diamond Power Of Veto secretly in his possession.  This offers him the opportunity to pull anybody off the chopping block while also having the power to pick who goes on the chopping block in his place.


This is gonna make an awesome live eviction episode!

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