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MasterChef: Mystery Box, Chinese Food And The Marines

August 18, 2010 08:03 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on two brand new back to back episodes of Masterchef on FOX, Gordon Ramsay cuts the remaining fourteen contestants down to eleven. The contestants must deal with a mystery box, Chinese food and the Marines, causing one judge to lose his cool…and it’s not Chef Ramsay! Which contestants will have what it takes to impress the judges with their creativity? Keep reading to find out if your favorite had what it took or if they faced the chopping block tonight!

Masterchef on FOX kicks off tonight with a mystery box challenge. Gordon Ramsay gives each contestant a box filled with ten ingredients and they must come up with a delicious and creative dish from the ingredients. They would not have to use all the ingredients, only the ones they wanted to and the judges would only be tasting the three most appealing dishes, giving the winner and advantage in the elimination challenge.

Some of the ingredients of the mystery box consisted of double cut pork chops, apples, lemons, cognac, cinnamon, and chocolate, along with a few others. Most of the contestants went with a pork dish, but Sheena decided to go with a chocolate mousse instead which proved to her advantage as she plummeted to the top three for her creativity. Some contestants such as David tried to go over the top with way too many things going on the plate, while others played it simple. And simple seemed to win it for the judges tonight as they selected Whitney’s southern pork and sweet slaw, Jake’s rustic pork chops with apples and cabbage along with Sheena’s mousse as the three top dishes in the mystery box challenge.

After tasting all three dishes on Masterchef on FOX, the judges agreed that Whitney’s dish was the best and she was deemed the challenge winner. For winning the challenge, Whitney got to choose the main ingredient in the elimination challenge. For the elimination challenge, the theme was Chinese food and the choices for the main ingredient were duck, mandarin oranges and Chinese mushrooms. Whitney chose the mandarin oranges for the main ingredient and she was also given five minutes alone in the pantry to select the remainder of her ingredients, while the other contestants had only two and a half minutes to do so, with everyone else along side them.


For the Chinese food challenge, I was thinking that would we see both Slim and Mike in the top with their asian backgrounds, but that only proved the case for one of them. Slim’s dish was extremely disappointing to the judges as was Whitney’s even though she chose the ingredient and had an advantage….maybe her age and inexperience are starting to come out? Mike, however proved me correct and wound up winning the challenge with his nutty orange chicken that was cooked so well it left Gordon Ramsay craving more. Unfortunately that was the not the case with all the dishes, however and it was starting to wear on Joe Bastianich, who blew up in a tantrum over the ridiculous dishes that were being served to him.

After tasting all the dishes on the Chinese challenge on Masterchef on FOX, Avis, Sheena and Faruq failed to impress the judges with their Chinese meals. Gordon Ramsay asked Avis to hand in her apron but encouraged her to keep cooking…I think her cooking style was just too old school for this competition, although I would love to taste it! But that was not it as Gordon then announced that one more person would be leaving the competition tonight. Faruq, who was sure it was him due to his overstuffed and overcooked chicken was completely shocked to tears when it was announced that Sheena was the next person leaving.

Finally, the contestants were given their final challenge of the night, cooking for 400 Marines and their families in two groups. Since Mike won the Chinese challenge, he was given the advantage to choose his teammates. He choose Jake, Tracy, Lee, Tony and Sheetal which comprised the blue team. That meant that David, Faruq, Whitney, Jenna, Slim and Sharone would be on the red team. The blue team decided to go with stuffed pork loin, corn salad, mashed potatoes and puff pastry for the Marine challenge while the red team went with barbecued skirt steak, scalloped potatoes, roasted vegetables and apple turnovers. Both teams would be judges by the Marine’s reactions as well as by the judges. The losing team would have to face another challenge to determine who would be going home.


While both teams made great meals and everyone was impressed by the homemade barbecue sauce on the red team, the unfortunately did not cook enough food for the Marine challenge and that lead the judges to grant the win to the blue team. Because they lost the Marine challenge, the red team members would each have to go through a taste test and whoever guessed the least amount of ingredients correctly would be sent packing. Graham brought out a big pot of texas chili for the elimination taste test and Whitney immediately got twelve correct ingredients.

Faruq followed with nine, but when it was Jenna’s turn she missed one and that left her at seven correct which surprised most people since she is from Texas. Jenna still had a chance she thought with three people still waiting to start guessing. David and Slim quickly passed Jenna to move on, and then it was Sharone’s turn. Sharone guessed seven correct and just when we all thought he was about to guess and incorrect ingredient, he didn’t but instead he guessed an eighth correct ingredient leaving Jenna packing up and going home!

Good luck to Avis, Sheena and Jenna! Be sure to tune in next week to Masterchef on FOX on Wednesday at 8 pm EST for another 2 hours of cooking fun!

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