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Real World: Jemmye Finally Faces Her Past

August 18, 2010 08:32 PM by Jennifer


As St. Patrick’s Day rolls around on this episode of Real World on MTV, Jemmye celebrates a little too hard, and makes a tough decision. Keep reading to hear all of the details!

Jemmye, Knight and McKenzie decide that they would rather go out and get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day then serve food at the local mission with the other roommates. As Jemmye and Knight lose track of McKenzie, Knight loses track of how much Jemmye has had to drink. Jemmye decides it’s the perfect time to ask knight if he wants to sleep with other girls, and of course Knight says yes. He also says he wants to sleep with her that night! Talk about mixed signals! He also points out to Jemmye that she should not ask these questions while they have been drinking. When they leave the bar that night, they get into a cab and can barely get out of it when they get home. In fact, Jemmye slither out of the cab onto the ground and stumbles up the steps to the house. When they get inside, the phone rings, and when Jemmye answers it, she rips it right off the cord. Then she falls to the floor. She ends up in the shower, where Knight goes to see her, and she keeps telling him to stay away from her and that she wants to go home. She curls up on the floor crying, and Ashlee and Sahar walk in. They help Knight get Jemmye into bed, and when he gets in with her, Jemmye starts saying that she is scared that “he” is going to come and kill her. I am assuming she means a guy from her past who was abusive with her.

Knight ends up getting sick of her crap on tonight’s Real World on MTV, along with the other roommates, and he sneaks out of the house. Jemmye starts kicking and throwing things in the house, and then says she is going home and walks out of the house. She takes off like a bat out of hell down the street with the other roommates chasing after her, and Eric finally carries her home into her bed. Sahar and Ashlee start to talk about what has just gone down, and that Jemmye must have some kind of mental problem. Then they hear a piano playing in the background, and it is Jemmye. Knight finally ends coming back to the house, and Jemmye seems to have sobered up and confesses to Knight that she thinks about her past and her abusive relationship when she is drunk. But Knight tries to tell her that she is the only one who can overcome her past. But she thinks she cannot do it without him.


After all of the ruckus ends, McKenzie walks in with a guy she met at the bar. But he cannot call a cab because Jemmye ripped the phone out of the wall. But who needs the cab, because they end up making out all over the house! When Jemmye finally settles in to bed, Preston gets home, and Sahar fixes the phone. Sahar tells Preston about everything that went down, ad even he says she needs help! Ryan asks Knight where he is going to sleep that night, and of course it is not with Jemmye! The next morning, they are all talking about the day before, and Jemmye walks in. She goes out to the store with McKenzie, she explains that when she drinks, the memories of her past all come flooding back, and she realizes that she needs therapy. Knight is happy that she is admitting she needs help, he even agrees to go with her, even if he only sits in the car.

The next morning on Real World on MTV, Jemmye goes to the Domestic Violence Shelter, and sits down with the counselor that she met with once before when she wanted to volunteer. Jemmye tells her that she met this guy in 2008, and at first it was casual. But then the relationship started to get really abusive, like stabbing her with pencils and hitting her in the head. It is horrible to hear how he treated her. They agree that she should come weekly to talk. Hopefully she will be able to get her feelings out and be able to get past it and move on with her life with men who aren’t jerks and know how to treat women. When she gets back home, she decides that it is time to call her mother and let her know what has happened to her. Her mom had an idea that something went on, but she was never sure about it. In the end, the roommates all hig around her as she cries some long awaited tears. What an emotional episode! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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