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Top Chef: Mystery And Disguise

August 18, 2010 09:46 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Top Chef on Bravo, the remaining chefs are in for some mystery and disguise as they are first put to a mystery box challenge, followed by a special CIA disguise elimination challenge. With some surprisingly bad dishes and the fall of Kenny last week, will the other big personalities in the house start to crumble? Keep reading to find out and see who is asked to pack their knives this week, you may be pleasantly surprised!

First up tonight on Top Chef on Bravo, the contestants are put to a mystery box challenge where they must guess the ingredients of their mystery boxes and incorporate all of the ingredients into one tasty dish. Padma was joined by Wylie Dufrense, owner of wd 50 in New York City and previous contestant on Top chef Masters to help the judge the challenge. The winner of this challenge would receive ten thousand dollars, but not immunity this week.

Everyone struggled with their dishes as they received one mystery box after another and had to keep incorporating new ingredients into their dishes, such as hominy, squid, black garlic and numerous other exotic ingredients. It definitely proved to be a tough challenge for some as Wylie Dufrense was not pleased with Alex’s dish or Amanda’s dish, although Alex was not shocked by this. Both Wylie and Padma were however impressed with Tiffany’s fish stew, so much so that she was given the win and the ten thousand dollars!


For the elimination challenge on Top Chef on Bravo, the contestants would have to disguise a dish to serve to the CIA! By disguise, the judges were looking for something creative that did not look like the original dish, but had the flavors of it. Each chef drew a knife to see what dish they would be creating. Angelo, chose beef wellington and made a crucial mistake of buying already made puff pastry, which got one chef eliminated earlier this season. Could this be Angelo’s demise? Angelo had a tough time the entire challenge, I really think watching Kenny go home hit close to home with him as he always claimed that Kenny was his biggest competitor.

Some of the contestants disguised their dishes very well for the CIA, such as Tiffany, Ed and Kelly, who were named the top three of the evening. The judges fell in love with Tiffany’s lamb gyro and gave her yet another win tonight although this time she would be getting tickets to Paris, just in time for her upcoming wedding and honeymoon! On the flip side, some contestants did not disguise their dishes very well, and you guessed it correctly if you assumed Angelo was one of them.

Angelo, with his beef wellington, Amanda, with her french onion soup, and Alex with his veal parmesan were all in the bottom three for lacking of impressing the CIA to say the least. After careful deliberation, the judges decided it was finally time for Alex to pack up his knives and go home since his veal was awful and it was not disguised well at all, no matter how good an idea it was. Personally, it’s about time they got rid of him, he should have been gone weeks ago in my opinion. Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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