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Big Brother 12: Matt Uses Diamond POV

August 19, 2010 07:21 PM by Ryan Haidet


With the diamond Power Of Veto in Matt’s hands, tonight’s eviction brought lots of dropped jaws as he pulled himself from the chopping block.  But that’s not all, a big game of Simon Says — Big Brother style — determined the new Head Of Household.

Brigade Concerned

The members of the Brigade were very upset that Matt was now up on the chopping block after Ragan used the Power Of Veto to save himself.  That put two members of the still-secret Brigade up for eviction with Matt sitting on the couch against Lane.

Knowing that he’s safe from eviction anyway with the diamond POV in his hands, Matt used this as an advantage and asked Hayden and Enzo if they would be courteous enough to tell him if they’re planning to vote against him.  Remember, with the diamond POV, Matt has been given the opportunity to save anybody — including himself — from eviction.  To top it off, he also gets to choose the replacement nominee.

The Secret Is Out!

In his next act of sabotage, Ragan was tasked with leaving a letter for somebody in the house that says, “I know your secret.”  He quickly went and secretly stuck the letter under Enzo’s pillow.  And when Enzo found it, he was very nervous about the situation.  Instead of keeping any secrets from the rest of the house, Enzo showed everybody else the letter.  Enzo was becoming suspicious of Kathy because she had offered to make his bed earlier in the day, which he felt like was the perfect opportunity for her to have placed the message.  Everybody was started to think Kathy was the saboteur.  With that, Ragan’s final sabotage of the summer was a huge success.


Jaws Drop

Matt and Lane were each offered the opportunity to plead for safety as usual before the live eviction.  Matt went first, and as he attacked Brendon by calling him a big dummy, he whipped out the diamond POV.  Everybody looked completely shocked as Julie explained what Matt’s power holds.  Ragan was brought to tears of joy as Matt saved himself from eviction.  And within a few seconds, Matt placed Kathy in his place as a nominee.

After both Lane and Kathy spoke to the house, the live voting began.  Ragan and Britney couldn’t contain their excitement as they walked into the Diary Room and voted to evict Kathy.  They were thrilled that their buddy and ally, Matt, was still alive in the competition.

When all of the votes were tallied, Kathy was evicted 5-0.


Amazing.  Within a few minutes, Kathy went from being safe to sent packing.  Showing her true character, Kathy stood up, smiled and gave every single person in the house a big hug.  As she walked out of the door without a bag, she took the elimination well as she high-fived fans in the live audience.  In her exit interview, Kathy said being voted out hurts mostly because she didn’t really get her chance to have a real goodbye.  She said she’s not upset with Matt’s decision, either.  It’s odd to have such a stand-up personality in the house.  Congrats, Kathy.  Although you were terrible in competitions, you will be missed.


For the live Head Of Household competition, it was Big Brother‘s version of Simon Says.  The entire day before, Big Brother was giving them orders — like having a giant group hug for two minutes or howling at the moon.  Those orders became the basis of a series of questions for the HOH competition.  After a couple of those questions, Britney beat Enzo and won HOH.

Next Thursday brings a special double eviction.  Hard to believe, but we’re less than four weeks away from crowning our winner.


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