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Project Runway: Philip Treacy Hat-Inspired Challenge

August 19, 2010 08:18 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of Project Runway, the 13 remaining designers are looking above for inspiration! When they’re tasked with creating garments inspired by the outlandish and avant garde hats of designer Philip Treacy, the contestants struggle to design outfits to complement the massive head adornments. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s challenge…

Tonight’s new episode of Project Runway begins where last week’s left off: with Ivy passed out in the hallway surrounded by paramedics. Gretchen and Valerie are “so worried” about Ivy’s health and well-being. Yeah right, they’re probably already clearing off her bed to make room for themselves. At 3am, Ivy returns to the apartment after being diagnosed with dehydration and cleared by her doctor to stay in the competition.


The next day, the remaining designers join Heidi Klum on the runway to learn about the next challenge. Their models take the runway donning wild and eccentric hats created by Philip Treacy, hat designer to the stars. Their challenge is to design a garment that complements the hat. The designers are given the opportunity to choose the hat and corresponding model that they want to work with. In a totally undramatic fashion (that is so atypical of this show), everyone keeps their own model.

The designers head to the workroom to sketch ideas before heading to Mood for fabric. Kristin’s flower-inspired hat is already causing her trouble before she even begins the challenge. Ivy’s design, on the other hand, is inspired by the curtains at the hospital cause nothing says high fashion like hospital decor.


After a trip to Mood, the designers return to the workroom to sew their outfits. Casanova is considering quitting the competition after his harsh critique last week. Valerie freaks out when she realizes she forgot to buy a zipper for her dress, but Ivy comes to the rescue with an extra one she can borrow. Meanwhile, Kristin is still struggling to design a dress that works with her orchid hat.

As the day progresses, Kristin starts feeling inspired by her “sexy flower.” She decides to create a romantic dress to complement the orchid hat. Michael C. is struggling with his floor-length formal gown, unsure of which direction to head with it. Fortunately for everyone, Tim Gunn stops by the workroom to offer feedback and advice. He feels that Valerie’s dress needs editing, Michael D.’s dress looks a bit sci-fi, April’s booty shorts look like a diaper, Michael C.’s dress needs serious work, Christopher’s fabric is beautiful, and Casanova’s little black dress is (gasp!) Donna Karan 1988.


As the day comes to an end, the designers race around to finish. When the finalists head back to their apartments, it’s time for a good old fashioned gossipfest. Casanova’s black dress is well sewed, but not the least bit modern or fashionable. Everyone is shocked that April is planning to send her puffy white diaper-looking shorts down the runway. And no one is sure what to make of Michael D.’s edgy dress that resembles cardboard.

The morning of the runway show, the designers struggle to put the finishing touches on their garments. In addition to completing their outfits, the designers have to figure out hair, make-up, and styling for their models that works with their hats. Since Mondo created menswear for his model, he requests that a fake mustache be added to her face. Once Christopher is done styling his model, he fears she looks a little too “pirate chic.”


At the runway show, Heidi Klum greets the 13 designers wearing a wacky Philip Treacy hat of her own. Joining Michael Kors and Nina Garcia on the judging panel is Philip Treacy himself. Michael C.’s dress is the first one on the runway and he’s proud of the way it looks, especially after he decided to shorten it considerably. Kristin loves how “harmonious” her dress is with the orchid hat, Michael D. can’t handle his own “fabulous” design, Ivy gets emotional when seeing her hospital-inspired outfit, April doesn’t regret her diaper shorts, and Casanova is confident he’ll be safe.

After the runway show, April, Michael D., Michael C, Christopher, Valerie, and Kristin are the six highest and lowest scoring designers tonight. Philip Treacy loves Michael D.’s architectural design and the rest of the judges love the way he manipulated his fabric (to make it look like cardboard?). All four judges agree that Kristin’s dress is messy, contradictory, and poorly executed. Despite the fact that the other designers are confident Christopher will win this challenge, his outfit strikes the judges as heavy, stiff, and over-designed.


The biggest surprise of the night is that Michael C. is in the top three. After stressing out all episode about his gown, the judges love the fabric he selected, the harmony of the entire outfit, and how beautiful his dress is made. Not surprisingly, the judges aren’t fans of April’s outfit and her “triple-layer panty” look. The judges love Valerie’s fun and flirty little dress and jacket that complements her lacy mask/hat, but Philip Treacy isn’t sure he really gets where she’s coming from.

While the judges deliberate, the designers powwow backstage. Everyone is stunned to hear that Michael C’s dress received rave reviews from the judges while Christopher’s outfit got bashed. April is moved to tears as she relives the judges’ harsh criticisms of her outfit.


When the judges reach their decision, the six designers return to the runway to learn their fate. Valerie is safe for another week. Michael C. is named the winner of the challenge, earning immunity for next week. Michael D. and Christopher are also in. Kristin is ultimately eliminated, meaning that April is safe for another week.

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