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The Real Housewives Of DC: Are Michaele’s True Colors Starting To Show?

August 19, 2010 07:36 PM by Jennifer


On an all new episode of The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, Michaele goes to Paris with Stacie, while Mary is back home planning a party for her friend Ted Gibson when she finds out an shocking thing about Michaele! Keep reading to find out what she did!

Stacie and her husband head out for a trip to their friend’s winery, which happens to be the only African American owned winery. While they are there, this huge white limo pulls up, and Michaele and her husband get out, dressed way too fancy for the occasion. As the couples are wine tasting and touring the vineyard, Stacie asks them what they think of President Obama. Michaele starts to give her opinion, and says so much mumbo jumbo that no one understands what she is saying.

So they decide to change the subject, and Stacie tells them that her brother in law has the number one sing in Europe, and they are attending the album release party. They also invite Michaele and her husband to go to Paris, and they actually say they may take them up on the offer. Little do they know that Michaele and her husband have actually planned to come on the trip with only three days notice. I think Stacie thought they were just kidding, and hopes that they realize what kid of event they are going to. When they arrive in Paris, they really are surprised that Michaele and her husband have shown up. They attend the concert where Stacie’s brother in law performs, and they have the time of their lives and certainly don’t act like a stuffy, flashy couple.

Lynda on the other hand, is donating models to a store for a charity event on tonight’s The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo. In walks Mary and asks what happened between Lynda and Michaele, when Michaele found out that Lynda was making comments about her being too skinny. Lynda tells Mary that she thinks Michaele is totally controlled by her husband, and that before she met him, she was a great person and about ten pounds heavier. Lynda also meets with Cat, and she is intrigued that Cat is writing a book and Lynda is more than willing to help her work on her book cover look. She is writing a book basically about her past and all of her experiences, including past lovers. With her husband being a White House photographer, he is not too pleased that his wife is going public with her private life. But Cat is not too pleased with him either, because he is often away working and now he is leaving for a week, and he has no time to shoot the photo for the cover of the book. He is also leaving her alone and she has a book deadline and is taking care of the kids.

But she must meet her deadline, so she has another photographer do the shoot, and the picture os her her all glammed up holding alot of shopping bags. I guess her book is about all of her baggage from her past maybe? Just then her husband surprises her and showed up, and he brings her to a different place and shoots the photos himself.


The one common thing you notice about all of the housewives and their husbands on The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo is that they all agree that Michaele and her husband are very flashy and like to command the room. Paul Wharton asks his publicist what the buzz around town was about the party that Michaele threw for his Birthday. He is totally shocked to find out that Michaele allegedly had her lawyers send his publicist a letter to sign saying that Michaele and her husband want it in writing that they were not going to pay for the party! What a set of balls those two have, huh? I guess Michaele is not Paul’s true friend after all! Mary calls him and asks how he is, and he tells her what he found out about Michaele. Mary is thrown off, because the invitation she received said that the party was being hosted by Michaele, and according to her, proper etiquette would have meant that if you host it, you pay for it. Apparently Michaele has not heard of that little tidbit of information.

Meanwhile on The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, Mary tells her husband that she is going to throw a get together for famous stylist Ted Gibson, to introduce him to many of D.C. important people. She assures her husband that she thinks there will be no drama at the party… we’ll see about that. As Mary is getting ready for the party, the other ladies, who are all back in town, arrive at the hotel to get their hair done by Ted Gibson’s team for his dinner party. Mary is told by one of the stylists that Michaele’s husband actually went up to people at the party and asked if guests were enjoying themselves, because he spent alot of money on the party! Can you believe it??? As Lynda arrives for the party, she makes sure that she is sitting far away from them at the table. This is the first time that both Paul Wharton and Lynda have seen Michaele since the birthday party incidents. At the dinner, Cat asks Stacie how the trip to Paris was, Just then, one of Stacie’s friends makes a comment about something that Lynda said about Stacie being Diana Ross if she could sing, and Cat gets up and walks out, because she think’s Stacie’s friend accused her of being a racist! Cat thinks that Stacie’s friend is just jealous of her budding friendship with Stacie. At the other side of the table, Michaele’s husband starts spouting off about how much Michaele eats, and since he met her she has gained ten pounds. Of course he tries to control the whole conversation. Lynda says that Michaele should just get rid of her husband!

It looks like there are some serious cat fights brewing! Tune in next week to see if the claws finally come out!!

Tune in next Thursday at 9 p.m. to see what drama ensues! See you after the show!

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