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Big Brother 12: Last Woman Standing

August 22, 2010 06:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


The thing I’ve concluded after tonight’s episode of Big Brother 12 — Lane and Britney both deserve to have their own show.  Their one-liners and commentary from the Diary Room is so disgustingly hilarious that I don’t care what anybody else has to say.  Yes, Britney can be nasty, but I definitely think it’s all just a big part of her dry humor.  Lane is pure gold when it comes to the stuff that pours out of his mouth.   Despite the goofy duo, there was real business handled tonight as Britney — the last woman standing and the new Head Of Household — nominated a pair of competitors for eviction.  Read on to find out who…

Shakin’ Up

The house was still rattled by the live eviction on Thursday when Kathy was ousted after Matt removed himself from the chopping block at the last minute with the diamond Power Of Veto.  Hayden and Enzo were especially worried because they had each gone to Matt about an hour before the eviction took place to tell him there was nothing they could do to save him.  The diamond POV not only provided Matt safety, but he got to see the true positioning of the rest of his alliance.


Brendon was hopeful that Britney would stick to the deal she made with him last week — especially since he held true to his word and didn’t nominate her for eviction.

Britney’s Boyfriend & Damage Control

I don’t usually spend a whole lot of time writing about the reveal of each HOH bedroom, but tonight’s is worth it.  When Britney opened the door to her HOH room, the pictures Big Brother provided were awesome.  There was a creepy one of her from a dance when she was a teen.  But the best photos featured her boyfriend.  She had been talking about how althletic he is and how handsome he is.  But Lane and Hayden thought he looked like a wimpy nerd they would have picked on in school.  They couldn’t believe the guy in the photos was the dude Britney had been bragging about.

After the HOH bedroom reveal, Enzo was working on damage control while chatting with Matt about their alliance.  Matt vowed he was still fighting to take the Brigade to the final four, but later said in confessional that he was going to re-evaluate the situation.  He also said it’s time for Enzo to start watching his back.


In the backyard, Matt, Ragan and Britney were talking about their plans for the week.  Britney said she wasn’t sure who to nominate against Brendon yet, but Matt had an idea — he started pushing for her to target Enzo.  “Enzo has never been on the block,” he said.  “He needs a taste.”

Unleash The Beast & Grab A Shirt

Killing some spare time in the backyard, Lane wanted to prove that he’s strong.  The guys gathered every single weight they had in the house and put it on one bar.  At 325 pounds, Lane bench pressed the weights a couple of times before standing up and celebrating like he had just lifted a bowl of marshmallows.  But the most amusing part of his self-made challenge came during Lane’s session in the Diary Room when he had to explained what it was like.


Later that night, Matt told Britney and Lane that he had a dream about shirtless Hayden.  Matt said the dream was about him getting evicted from the house and when he got home Hayden was there with his parents — and not wearing a shirt.  Matt said this is proof that the game is screwing with his mind before affirming that he truly does love his wife.  Is this a new bromance brewing?


Chug It

For the Have/Have-Nots competition, the house was split into teams of two with Matt, Lane and Ragan on one side and Enzo, Brendon and Hayden on the other.  The backyard was decorated like a saloon for the game, which involved drinking nasty shots with a mix of strategy.  After four rounds, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo lost the challenge and were punished as the Have-Nots for the week.  In addition to cold showers, sleeping in the gross bedroom and chowing on slop, America voted to give the Have-Nots broccoli and bean dip to enjoy for the week.

Sitting outside in the hot tub, Hayden, Enzo and Lane were talking about Matt’s position in the Brigade alliance.  Enzo argued that Matt was more worried about himself and not the Brigade.  Moments later, Britney asked the three guys to join her in the HOH bedroom.  Once inside she asked them who should be nominated against Brendon, and they all told her Matt.  Although Britney listened to their advice, she was worried that targeting Matt wasn’t a good move for her personally.  So she went and grabbed Matt for a chat in private.  He strongly argued that Enzo is a better candidate to be nominated against Brendon.  But she still asked if he would be OK with going up on the block as a pawn.  At that point, Matt was very worried and begged for her not to play him as a pawn.

When the Nomination Ceremony arrived, Britney revealed her targets for the week — Brendon and Enzo.  Should be a fun week.

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