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Bachelor Pad: Kissing Contest and New Hook-Ups!

August 23, 2010 07:00 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, fifteen past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette remain in the Bachelor Pad, competing to win money ($250,000!), and maybe find love.  Melissa Rycroft and Chris Harrison co-host this gathering of the most notorious and memorable contestants ever. The exits of Jesse S and Craig M last week seemed to have left the ‘insiders’ with an advantage, but will the kissing contest on tonight’s episode cause rifts? What about Gia and Wes – is something going on between them? Read on for the answers to these questions and more!

Tonight’s show picks up after last episode’s Rose Ceremony, where Nikki went against the agreed plan and voted out Craig M instead of Kiptyn. Nikki and Gia argue in front of everyone.  Gia is convinced that Kiptyn, David, and Kovacs will try to vote her off because she wanted to vote off Kiptyn. She hopes to win a contest for immunity.

Chris Harrison says there are two roses up for grabs at the first competition today – one for a girl, one for a guy.  Melissa explains that it will be a kissing competition. She directs them to go get blindfolded – they will all be kissed and then vote for the best kissers!

Jesse B is feeling confident going into this contest. Gia is very nervous about whether or not she can do this, seeing as she has a boyfriend back home.


Elizabeth is up first, and Kovacs observes as the other guys kiss his girl. She ends up voting for Kovacs, and then worries about the girls kissing him. Gwen takes her turn, but Ashley backs out because she’s a teacher and doesn’t want to lose the respect of her students. Natalie, Nikki, and Krisily all go behind the blindfold and all seem to like kisser number two – David.  Tenley really liked number three – who was Kiptyn! Gia prepares to go now – all the guys give her respectful pecks.

The guys are now blindfolded. The guys get deep, passionate kisses from all the girls – Tinkerbell Tenley is really gung-ho! Gia just pecks them and cries. She ends up quitting part way through and goes to her bed to sob it out.

When it’s the Weatherman’s turn, he’s stoked! Natalie and Elizabeth really give it their all, causing Jonathan to wish for a cold shower! Wes, who is a bit of a germaphobe, has to go last – he’s not thrilled.


Chris announces that the man who is the best kisser in the house is…David! The best kisser from the ladies is…Peyton!

The doorbell rings – it’s a date card for David, and says, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”  Natalie and Krisily are really hoping to be chosen. David picks Nikki, Krisily, and Natalie – who vows to do anything it takes to get the rose!  David tells the camera that his game plan is to thank Nikki for not voting against Kiptyn, get Krisily over to his side, and to have fun with Natalie.

The group heads to The Mirage, where they go to a topless pool. Krisily decides she won’t take her top off in spite of the hot blindfolded kiss she and David shared. Natalie is up for absolutely anything. Krisily chats with Dave and asks him who he voted for in the contest – he pretends not to remember! Natalie bounces past and distracts him.  He takes one-on-one time with her next.  Later, in the pool, Natalie is the only girl who goes topless. Krisily tells the camera that Dave may find Natalie amusing, but he wouldn’t bring her home to mom.

At the Bachelor Pad, Peyton gets her date card, which says, “Gentlemen, start your engines!” She chooses Kovacs, Kiptyn, and Jesse B.  Peyton tells the camera that picking sides last week did nothing for her – she needs to have some new conversations. Tenley is upset to see Kiptyn going on a date.


Back in Vegas, David and his ladies are in evening wear. A rose and card materialize. He has to choose one lady to have dinner with, and the other two will have to return to the mansion immediately. David  offers the rose to Natalie.  Krisily is really disappointed that she didn’t tell him how she feels sooner. Natalie and Dave head into their villa. When they sit down to eat, they are offered the opportunity to forgo their separate suites and stay together in a fantasy room. It’s a no-brainer for them both.  In the limo, Nikki wonders to Krisily if things might be different if they’d gone topless!

When they return to the house, David and Natalie are a couple, but have made a decision to hide it from everyone else as part of their strategy.  Jesse B starts wondering if there will be a fantasy suite on his date with Peyton! Tenley is worried about Kiptyn going on the date, and slips into his bed to chat. Kiptyn is uncomfortable with it and makes it clear that she should leave. Tenley feels rejected.  Natalie tries to reassure her.


Peyton takes her men for their date – it’s at the drag strip! They all get a chance to drag race against Peyton.  They have a blast! After, Kiptyn and Peyton spend one-on-one time. They discuss Tenley, and Kiptyn says he isn’t ready to jump into anything with Tenley. He tells the camera that he lied to Peyton in an attempt to get the rose – he really does want to look into things with Tenley, but the timing is just off.

At the mansion, Tenley and Elizabeth worry about Kiptyn and Kovacs being with Peyton. Elizabeth fights to keep her mind off it, but says it’s eating away at her.

Peyton has a chat with Kovacs, who tells her she’s a cool chick. Peyton asks if he plans to take Elizabeth to the end, or is he playing fair. Kovacs gives a roundabout answer, and worries that Jesse B has the advantage because he’s not hooked up.  Peyton gets alone time with Jesse B next. She asks about Natalie.  Jesse tells her he’s not into her. They kiss. No surprise – Jesse B gets the rose. He is super excited! Peyton and Jesse find the card for the fantasy suite back at the house – they agree to take it.  Jesse closes the door and they are left alone with a jar of body paint!


Kovacs sits with Elizabeth and whines to her about how difficult things are for him as her boyfriend. She laughs, obviously relieved that he is back.  Wes is with Gia, who tells him that she wants him to be the last guy there with her. Wes thinks the prize money would give them enough money to go on a vacation together.  They worry about the other guys voting her off.  They hug, and he serenades her on guitar.  She gets all choked up and they go cuddle in bed together. Wes tells her he is hers. She tells the camera she’s confused.

In the morning, Jesse B and Peyton wake up in a tangle of sheets. Jesse chuckles that they got rough last night!  Everyone gathers and checks out the others as the Rose Ceremony looms. Wes begins a campaign to break up couples in hopes of saving Gia. Natalie is more determined than ever to hide her connection to Dave.  Wes advises Gia to pull the guys aside and talk to them.  Gia sits down with Kiptyn, who confronts her about trying to vote him out last week.  She claims she was only the messenger.


It’s clearly between Elizabeth and Gia for the girls, but no one knows which guys are on the chopping block.  Jonathan thinks it’s between him and Kovacs.

When Chris Harrison commences the voting, David, Jesse B, Peyton, and Natalie are safe.  Elizabeth and Natalie whisper to each other about voting off the Weatherman.  Several of the other girls vote for Kovacs.  Wes gets busy, pulling out all the stops to get rid of Elizabeth – he even tells Kovacs that he’ll be gone next week if he doesn’t vote her off! He also approaches David and Kiptyn.

Receiving roses tonight are…Ashley, Kiptyn, Tenley, Nikki, Gwen, Wes, Krisily, Kovacs, and then there is a tie between Elizabeth and Gia. David, as the winner of the kissing contest, must decide the between them. David, not at all surprisingly, votes to keep Elizabeth.


Jonathan the Weatherman and Gia the swimsuit model are the two going home this week. Gia tearfully leaves Wes with an ‘I love you’.  Jonathan is bitter in the limo ride home.

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