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Dating in the Dark: Episode Three

August 23, 2010 11:01 PM by Rebecca Ford


What could make Dating in the Dark even better? Throwing in a former reality TV show contestant who was also a Chippendale dancer, of course! Will the dark turn these contestants on to each other?

This week, we meet three new men and three new women looking for love in the dark.

For the men (in the photo below from left to right) we’ve got Brian is a motivational speaker, who has chosen to remain a virgin until he gets marries. Billy is a 33-year-old who was on the show “True Beauty.” He’s also a Chippendale dancer! Jonny, 29, is a sales rep looking for someone who doesn’t play games.


For the women (from left to right in the photo below), there’s Lisa, 25, is a good-looking postal carrier, who says she gets hit on too much. Chelsea, 27, is a wedding planner who is ready to plan her own wedding. Nikki, 28, is a hairstylist who can’t find a guy.


Rossi, the host, lets them know the rules. They are totally separated from the other daters, except for in the dark room. The daters will go on a group date for their first date. After the guys and girls wander around in the dark, they take a seat. The guys are a little nervous when Chelsea starts blabbing about wedding. The women are concerned with Jonny’s accent because it comes off as annoying. Billy stood out to the women because of his deep, sexy voice.

After the group date, the daters are given a chance to learn more about the daters—through their cars. The women get to dig into the men’s cars, and vice versa. The woman find the Bible on CD and shotgun shells in Brian’s car. In Jonny’s car, they find a ton of bling. In Billy’s car, they find a lot of beauty products and mints.

The men check out the women’s cars also. They are impressed by Chelsea’s clean car. Lisa drives a truck, and listens to gangster rap. Billy loves that she’s got nutrition books. In Nikki’s car, there is a lot of junk. She has Christmas decorations and a poncho, and three flashlights that don’t work.

Now, the men and women invite each other on one-on-one dates. Brian and Chelsea go on a date. Chelsea says she doesn’t feel a romantic connection. Jonny invited Lisa, although he thinks she’s Latin, which she’s not. Lisa says he’s a little much. Billy and Nicki invited each other. Nicki says she is just too busy to clean her care. She then feels his head, but tells him he doesn’t have a style. Another missed connection.

Chelsea invites Billy.  Chelsea doesn’t really do a good job of explaining herself. Billy isn’t quite sure she’s right for him. Billy goes on another date with Lisa. Lisa goes immediately to grabbing his body. They feel they have a lot in common.


Next, the men are given the women’s toiletries to dig through, and the women the men’s. The guys love that Nikki has tons of accessories. The guys all now think that Lisa is Latina. The women are concerned that Billy has so much product. After looking through the toiletries, the participants go on another set of dates. Everyone received an invitation except Chelsea.

First up, Nikki and Jonny go on a date. Jonny made Nikki do arm curls and pushups. Nikki goes in for the kiss because she thought the date was so nice. Next, Brian chose Lisa. She grills Brian about the religion. He admits that he’s a virgin. Lisa has to hold in her laugh. Next, Chelsea asked Billy for a date. She hopes to open up to him more. Billy is impressed by it. Finally, Lisa goes on a date with Billy. He tells her that she’s more interested in Chelsea, which is a strange way to go. Lisa gets upset.

Next, the daters learn who they are most compatible with based on questionnaires and experts. They will then go on dates with those people. First up, Chelsea and Billy find out they are most compatible. They have a good talk, again. Nikki and Jonny are also told they are most compatible. She gets Jonny to open up, and feels a good bond with him. They have a great connection, also. Finally, Lisa and Brian go on a date. She wants them to go deeper because she’s concerned with how religious he is.


It’s time for the reveal! The participants invite the one person who they want to see in the light. Nikki and Jonny invite each other. They stand in the dark as one person, and then the other is lit up. The person who is lit up can’t see the reaction of the other person in the room. Nikki thinks that Jonny is cute, and Jonny is also happy with what he sees. However, he says it’s not the usual type of body type that he dates.

Next, Brian and Lisa are up since they both are interested in each other. Lisa thinks Brian is really cute, which he is of course. Brian also thinks Lisa is gorgeous. He’s concerned that she’s a very sexual person.

Finally, Chelsea is up with Billy. She says she doesn’t care what he looks like, but she’s pretty happy when she sees how good-looking he is. Billy thinks she’s good-looking, but is concerned that she is not as fit as he hoped.


Now, it’s time for decisions. If the individual is interested in continuing a relationship, he or she will wait on the balcony. If not, the dater will leave the house. First off, Nikki waits on the balcony for Jonny. He decides to also go onto the balcony. They leave together, and are excited for their relationship to begin.

Next, Lisa decides to go to the balcony to wait for Brian. Brian is worried that their morals are too different. Surprisingly, Johnny decides to walk out the front door, and leaves Lisa. She is very upset.

Finally, Chelsea decides to wait on the balcony for Billy. Billy says he was connected to Chelsea, but is concerned that she’s not “athletic” enough for him. He decides to show up on the balcony!

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