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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Season Finale: Caroline Manzo And Danielle Staub Go Head To Head!

August 23, 2010 09:15 PM by Jennifer


Holy cat fight! On the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, Caroline Manzo has had enough of the drama that Danielle Staub has put her family through. So what happens when she texts Danielle so they can have a private meeting, and finally put all the garbage behind them? Keep reading to hear the unbelievable details of what happened!

As the families returned from Italy, they realize that basically they have just stepped right back into the drama that only Danielle Staub can bring! As the Laurita, Manzo and Giudice families sit down for a nice dinner at Teresa’s house, Caroline asks Jacqueline how her daughter Ashley is holding up since she received court papers for pulling Danielle’s hair. As Jacqueline responds, Caroline realizes that Danielle is clearly trying to cause unnecessary trouble for Ashley, by pressing charges for pulling her hair. Caroline has really been the only one who hasn’t been a target of Danielle, probably because she knows Caroline would tell her to go scratch. But being the voice of reason, Caroline asks the group if they are willing to sever all ties and never speak Danielle’s name again if she meets with her and Danielle agrees to do the same. I can say that I am not the only one who was probably sitting here thinking that Caroline is too optimistic, because you know Danielle is a little too out there and will not just bow down and say okay.

Each family agrees that it is a good idea, they have wasted too much of their time on her drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo. So Caroline texts Danielle right then and there and asks her to meet. So of course in true Danielle fashion, she first tells her daughters about it, who in my opinion are too young to get involved to begin with. Secondly, she goes to her old standby, her ex con friend, who tells Danielle he thinks Caroline is the “puppetmaster” and the ringleader for all of the families that Danielle is having problems with. Is he serious? He acts like he has been around since all of this started and knows everything. Where the hell did this guy come from anyway? Actually, we do know where he came from.. behind bars.


So after being scanned by her energist Danielle agrees to meet with Caroline, and she comes not only with a driver but also a bodyguard, who she brags have guns. Is she kidding? Why does she think that because she got her hair pulled that she is going to get ambushed wherever she goes? That victim card that she is playing is as bent and twisted as she is. Caroline arranged for a private room in a restaurant where they could talk. As Danielle walks into the restaurant with her bodyguard on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, she is greeted with a hello from Caroline. After Caroline thanks her for coming, she gets down to why they are there. Caroline would like Danielle to drop the charges against Ashley. Caroline says she does not understand why Danielle is out to get Ashley by pressing charges against her, when Danielle has a criminal past herself. If Danielle is in this love and light phase, why can’t she just drop the whole thing, not utter a word about any of them again and move on. That would be too easy. Danielle agrees with the things she says at first, but then it escalates when Danielle claims that all of this started with Caroline’s family.

Danielle says everyone has done things to her, and Caroline tells her to name one thing that she or her kids have done ot her. Of course Danielle was speechless because there is nothing for her to mention. She also pointed out that Danielle has two beautiful children, and no one has done anything to them or said a bad word about them at all. Danielle starts in about how Caroline doesn’t know her and that this is the first time they have ever spoken alone. Caroline did not raise her voice, but of course Danielle had to say that what Ashley did was illegal and she should be punished. I think that Danielle was expecting some kind of apology like when she met with Dina in a previous episode. That pretty much backfired in her face, and by the looks of this conversation, she shouldn’t hold her breath anytime soon. Caroline tells her that everyone agrees to keep Danielle’s name out of their mouth, pretend she doesn’t exist if she agrees to do the same. Of course she doesn’t and starts to say that Caroline can’t tell her what to do. Caroline tells Danielle that she is a clown! So Danielle tries to fire back saying that Caroline is the clown with red hair. Hey, at least Caroline’s hair is all her own! This is where Caroline calls her garbage again! Right to her face! That is where Danielle gets up and starts to walk out.

As she is leaving, Caroline tells her she is just trying to talk to her, and that Danielle is running away. Caroline tells her to have a nice life, and Danielle just leaves, telling Danielle to have a nice life. All Danielle can say is that she does have a nice life. Does she actually watch the episodes, because from what we see, her life is just a little screwed up. Danielle returns home and actually brings the gun toting bodyguards into her home and makes her girls thank them for bringing her home safe. I get that they are her only family, but her kids are way too young to have to be exposed to that, especially when they obviously didn’t want to talk to these guys and she had to ask them twice.


While Caroline is meeting with Danielle, the rest of the three families are sitting to a nice dinner at the Brownstone waiting for Caroline. Jacqueline decides to talk about the Ashley situation, and Ashley walks out because she feels like she is hearing about it constantly when she just wants it to be over. She heads downstairs to the bathroom and refuses to come out until Caroline’s daughter Lauren tells her to keep her head up and not fight with her mom anymore about the whole thing. So she returns to the dinner, and on the advice of her boyfriend Derek she apologizes to her mother. Soon after, Caroline returns to the dinner and tells everyone it is over. The charges may not have been dropped against Ashley, but they will no longer speak of her or even think about her. Their lives are much better without all of her drama!

This season has been crazy, with the hair pulling, Dina Manzo leaving the show, and Kim G. realizing what kind of person she was trying to befriend, and also new additions to the Giudice and Laurita families! What type of drama will the next season bring, and will there be housewives that don;t return for another drama filled season? Only time will tell. But for now, I am excited to see what the reunion shows bring next week, and judging by the previews, they get physical!! See you next season!!

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