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America’s Got Talent: Semi-Final Round Begins!

August 24, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


It’s time for the semi-finals to begin on NBC‘s America’s Got Talent! For each of the two semi-final shows, five of the twelve contestants will move on, producing a top ten. Host Nick Cannon explains that if all three judges – Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel – buzz an act, they must stop, although viewers can still vote for them. Sharon feels that the performers must come out like stars tonight if they want to succeed. Read on to hear about each of the live performances…

Anna and Patryk, the young pair of ballroom dancers, take the stage first tonight. They hope to show a new and different side for the semi-finals – they do the Paso, beginning traditionally, and then lending the dance a modern, funkier edge with Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. They are brilliant to watch. Piers says they acted like stars.  Sharon calls it perfection, as always. Howie agrees that they are technically fabulous, and says tonight he wasn’t creeped out!

Christina and Ali, the singing sisters with cystic fibrosis, are up next on America’s Got Talent. They sing an inspirational song about moving mountains, miracles, and believing. They definitely make you smile, but vocally, aren’t the strongest in the competition. Sharon thinks their performance is stronger that previously – they’re lovely.  Howie agrees they are getting stronger and hopes it was good enough to get them back. Piers says it wasn’t great, but they are incredibly likable.


Antonio Restivo says his bank account is tapped out so all he has left to offer the audience is his heart and soul. Tonight he attempts the hardest trick he’s ever done. Amid plenty of fire, Antonio is wrapped in chains and closed into a casket-like box which is then set aflame. Restivo emerges at the top of a separate staircase! The illusion is great, but his act is a little over-the-top – makes you laugh. Howie calls it a Vegas-y, campy act. Piers chuckles and tells Antonio he thinks he’s the big showman – he like the act! Sharon talks about him being a pyromanic and wonders what a BBQ is like at his house!

Hip Hop dancing kids, Future Funk, perform live.  They’ve been practicing a lot and say it’s time to get serious! Future Funk begin on a high platform, rapping, then jump down and dance like little maniacs with some pop and lock, funk, and hip hop! Piers buzzes them, but they continue with some flashlight choreography in the dark. The boys get the audience chanting their name! They are very energetic and cute, and certainly have talent as well. Piers tells them they are cute dancers, and they will be great in the future, but it’s not going to be good enough now. Sharon calls them little bitty babies and says they are fantastic. She thinks that they need their own TV show. Howie feels they may get through on cuteness!


Singer Taylor Matthews, who began on AGT so nervous that he was ‘shaking like a dog’, is up next. Taylor plays piano tonight in hopes of showing something fresh, noting that he’s outside of his comfort zone. He does a great performance of Show Me What I’m Looking For, and looks adorable doing it. I’m thoroughly entertained.  Sharon says she really enjoyed it – he’s very natural – very well done! Howie wasn’t wowed, but Sharon pipes up to say she was! Piers tells him he’s very talented, but needs to relax his nerves and have fun to progress.

Connor Doran, the indoor kite-flier, takes the America’s Got Talent stage.  Connor is feeling the pressure to amp up his act. He really works the beautiful kites to Fireflies, but it is much like his previous auditions, and Piers hits the buzzer.  Piers thinks it lost something because of the song selection – tonight he didn’t feel the magic. Howie agrees with Piers that it doesn’t go with pop music. Sharon tells him he was fabulous, and she thought the different type of music helped shake it up a bit.


Super-creepy Dan Sperry is up now. The shocking, dark magician plans to push America over the line of comfort tonight.  Nick assists with the act. Dan explains this is how he gives an autograph as Nick gets something wrapped around his arm and is blindfolded. Sperry then makes it look like he is sawing off Nick’s arm and writing on it. At the end, Nick’s arm actually has Dan’s signature on it. Piers, who buzzed in the middle of the act, calls it a pathetic trick. Sharon loved the robot lady who pushed the cart. Howie wanted to see more of Dan’s character.

Kristina Young, who came from the YouTube round of the quarter-finals,  tries her luck in the semi-finals. She begins her act atop a piano singing a smoky, lounge version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.  All three judges buzz and she must stop singing.  Sharon says she shouldn’t have attempted such a huge song. Howie thinks it was almost funny. Piers acknowledges that she took a risk, and tonight it didn’t work out, but says she shouldn’t quit.


The judges and audience must move to another studio to see the next act, ArcAttack! Once again, their act is mesmerizing and, well, electric! They use an eerie theme with a zombie woman in a cage to er, amp things up.  Howie tells them after, that what they do doesn’t play well on television. If people were there in person, they’d vote. Piers says they are fresh and original and he thinks they could be very successful. Sharon calls them a weird group of geeks, and encourages them to use more performance art.

Michael Grimm, who suffered from dehydration right before the performance, appears and takes the stage to do his rendition of Joe Cocker’s Leave Your Hat On. In spite of his setback he sounds fantastic! Piers can see he really wants to win, and has the talent to back it up – great performance! Sharon loves his soulful voice and says he engaged tonight, which pleased her. Howie has been waiting for a ‘moment’ all night, and that was Michael!


AscenDance, the unique act which incorporates dance and rock-climbing, tackles the semi-final round. Sharon is looking for it to be more ‘show biz’ this time. AscenDance is now four dancers/climbers and they perform a really well-choreographed routine with excellent synchronization, but it’s not overly-exciting. Piers hits the buzzer. Sharon tells them that she didn’t like the song choice, and it was lacking spark. Howie thought the sexy, slow beat was what did it for him previously. Piers chimes in that it was boring, he was expecting more dancers, and the song wasn’t good – he wasn’t feeling it tonight.

Prince Poppycock is the final performer in tonight’s semi-final round.  He sings Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, in an all-new costume and story. Such a great act! Howie tells him it’s his night! Fabulous! Piers laughs that he out-camped Freddy Mercury!  Sharon asserts that he is the male Lady Gaga, and deems him a superstar! Prince Poppycock declares it to be cocktail time, with champers for everyone!

Kylie Minogue performs on the results show tomorrow night!

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